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A Much Needed Change by Ashton

“Wait? What did you say?"
Killian asked with a combination of surprise and amusement. She was standing in an empty field with a friend of hers, the wind was blowing aggressively. He had messaged her earlier to ask for a favour, what kind of favour was unknown to her.

“I said I want you to cut my hair,"
answered Sorren in a monotone voice. He seemed slightly angered by the amusement in Killian’s voice.

Killian answered, this time with less amusement and more confusion.
“I get that much, but why?"

Sorren stared at Killian blankly for a second, mostly because he himself had no clue the answer to that question. As he stared, the cold wind began forcing his blond fringe into his face. He was caught off guard slightly, but refused to lose his cool as he brushed it back to its position.
His fringe was long, when not parted down the middle it reached the tip of his nose. The back was shorter, but still unruly. Overall, it gave him somewhat of a skater boy look.
Since he was unable to express the answer to that question, Sorren answered after a short period of blank staring
“If you don’t want to cut it that’s fine"

“No" Killian answered “ I never said I wouldn’t".

She began walking towards the direction of her house, and looked at Sorren expectantly, to signify he should follow. He instinctively followed her, and they set off. He couldn’t help but notice the beauty of Killian’s hair, red and shiny in a shoulder length bob.

“I bet she cuts it herself" he thought.

The reason Sorren had asked her in the first place was for her skill in cutting hair, it was a hobby to her.He pondered and pondered the decision he made to have his hair cut in the first place. It has been long like this his whole entire life. Throughout primary school, and up to now, the 8th grade, it always stayed in this skater boy style. In all seriousness, he really had no clue why he wanted to cut it, he just wanted a change, needed a change. He was tired of this skater boy look and wanted something new.

When they arrived at Killain’s house, they went straight into her bedroom.Killian began unpacking all her barbering supplies from her drawers without hesitation.
“How short do you want your hair?" She questioned.

Sorren had no clue how short, so he just answered
“Shorter then it is now"

“That’s not very specific," Killian commented back.

“Correct, it’s your call" Answered Sorren, it was clear to Killian that he also had no clue, so it was left to her.
Killian brought out the cape and put it around Sorren in a swishing motion. She proceeded to plug in the clipper and put a #3 guard on them. She then sat down next to Sorren and turned them on.
“It’s your last chance to back out"
She stated

Sorren replied with
“I’m not backing out".

Killian plunged the buzzing clippers onto the thick hair at the bottom of Sorren’s neck. The hair fell inches at a time as she worked her way up, leaving a short stubble in its place. A pile was accumulating behind Sorren. She stopped at the crown, and then lifted the clippers and started again at the bottom, revealing a well cut line in place of the inches of hair.Sorren felt his hair falling by the chunkfuls on his neck, he was beginning to be a bit scared that this wasn’t the change he had wanted . The clippers went up the back of his head again, buzzing vigorously as the hair fell, leaving a 3/8 in stubble. Killian repeated the action multiple times, leaving the whole back of Sorren’s head with the short stubble. Each time more and more hair falling onto his shoulders and the ground. She then set down the clippers and reached for a pair of scissors. Sorren felt an odd relief from the departure of the clippers. He wanted a change, but not too much of a change. Though deep down, he wasn’t afraid,he trusted and knew that Killian liked his hair, meaning he had no reason to worry for the safety of all of it. Killains surprise at the request had proven that point, but he still couldn’t shake the worry.
The whole fringe was combed forwards.
Killian began using the scissors to cut away the fringe. Chunk by chunk, the hair began falling onto Sorren’s lap. It tickled his nose as it fell. After a bit of this, he could no longer see his long fringe at the sides of his eyes. Instead, the vision was replaced with clarity. Soon, Killian put the scissors down, the 6 inch long fringe had been reduced to a 1.5 inch one. Sorren loved the new light feeling on his head. The clippers were picked up once again, this time a longer guard was attached. The clippers felt colder this time as Killian used them to blend the top area to the back, giving the hair a gradual fade.

She turned the clippers off and put them away into her drawer, before waking back over to where Sorren sat. Killian put her hand on the back of Sorren’s head and ruffled his hair a bit, he flinched in response to the newfound iciness of the touch. Killian smiled and asked “how do you like it"
Sorren felt the top of his head fearfully, but then gave a similar smile back and replied “ it’s different"
The cape was whisked off, lots of long inches of blonde hair flew with it. This revealed that his jacket had been covered with the hairs. He looked at the jacket, then at Killian, and removed the jacket, revealing his black tank top underneath. He walked over to Killian’s bathroom, and saw how amazing his hair looked in the style. Killian had worked wonders on his skater boy hair, the ⅜ on the sides had really combated the unruliness of the look.
“I look more like me than I ever have,"
Sorren said admirably to himself.

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