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Nelson's commission bonus by Manny

Nelson struggled to stay focused on filling out the plethora of forms to conclude the sale of the property. He was a veteran realtor but was extremely distracted by his clients amazing plush flattop and over-sized mustache that dominated his upper lip. Gilbert's manly, unique look was riveting.

As the purchaser leaned over to sign the documents, Nelson examined the dense top very carefully -- so shimmering with health and so thick that no scalp was visible. The cut was very precise -- not a strand above the rest. What Nelson wouldn't give to brush his hand across the young man's top! Caress the pelt and then move to stroke the nicely groomed mustache. It was enormous, the size of the new-age pianist Yanni's manly pelt of hair that dominated the face.

"There!" pronounced Gilbert as he concluded his last signature with a flourish and glanced up with an immense smile. His teeth looked even whiter under the shimmering coal-colored mustache.

"Congratulations!" exclaimed Nelson. "You are now the proud owner of a very smart condo! You have excellent taste." Of course, Nelson secretly was referring to the haircut and facial hair. The two men shook hands. Nelson clasped Gilbert's hand warmly and gave it a firm squeeze.

"Now comes the hard part," noted Gilbert, diminishing the euphoria a bit. "The big move across town! Re-locating isn't fun....having to meet the neighbors, find out where to get things done. You know, grocery stores, car mechanic, dentist...."

"....chiropractor, doctor, barber," Nelson continued, his eyes darting toward the amazing flattop.

"Now a barber is one thing I won't be looking for. No, I'll stick with my own barber of many years who is trusted and the best ever for flattops -- even if that means an hour drive once a month," declared Gilbert.

"I was noticing your haircut. It's amazing," Nelson said with a fawning tone.

Gilbert smiled as he drank in the praise. "I think so too." He patted the top lightly. "Wouldn't be possible without my veteran barber, Rod. He may only charge $17 for a flattop, but his skill is priceless."

"I've always admired flattops. If I had the nerve, I'd get one myself," Nelson noted with a slight quiver of excitement in his voice.

"Well, if you decide to do that, I highly recommend Rod's Barber Shop" just west of Warrensburg. "It would be quite a change from your standard businessman's look," Gilbert chuckled, referring to the tidy executive look, hair parted on the side and brushed to perfection with every strand in place. Nelson also had very nice hair -- he'd been blond as a child and now his locks were a light brown. His hair was thick and slightly wavy, and he wore it very full, almost like an news anchor's helmet hair.

Nelson gently touched this thick locks that were carefully groomed to mid-collar in back. "I guess, in my line of work, I feel the need to stick to a more standard business cut," Nelson sighed. "But, periodically, I get the urge to tell my fellow to take a clippers to this and go ultra-short for a change. Hell, if I had the nerve, I might even have this all shaved off. Bald! A chromedome!! Just to shock everyone....and myself, perhaps."

Nelson thought momentarily about the love-hate relationship he had with his hair. He received many compliments on it and was actually quite enamored by it. But his pretty boy looks also bothered him. He yearned to have someone march him into a barbershop and have it mowed off to virtually nothing. That would put an end to his vanity and self-absorption, he thought. How vulnerable he would feel slinking out of the barber shop without his signature locks. A good scalping was what he needed!

"Go for a flattop," Gilbert urged, suddenly placing his hand on Nelson's shoulder in a rather overly friendly manner. "You won't regret it, I'm sure of that."

Nelson's heart beat rapidly. It almost seemed as if Gilbert would take the next step and fondly his thick blondish-brown tresses.

Gilbert continued, "I know what you mean about urges. Some mornings I wake up, peer at this huge stache in the mirror and think, 'it's coming off today!' And the next thing I know, there it is....in the sink and my upper lip is totally bare, looking and feeling very naked."

"And afterwards you regret you shaved it?" Nelson asked.

"Yep, and I start growing it back immediately," laughed Gilbert.

"That's why I never end up cutting all this off," Nelson admitted, smoothing down his fussy business cut at the nape. His fingers lingered in the silken strands. Oh, to feel stubble there instead, that would be a welcome change!

"So, what's next with all these papers?" asked Gilbert, suddenly changing the topic.

"Nothing, we're finished. I'll handle the rest and you should receive the titled in the mail in about six weeks. Oh, and here are the keys! Congratulations once again," Nelson said, as the pair stood and shook hands.

"You've been a great realtor! Found me just what I wanted!" gushed Gilbert.

"Feel free to refer your friends to me," Nelson said.

"And don't forget Rod's Barber Shop if you think you're ready for a flattop!" Gilbert chirped before leaving the realtor's office.

The thought stayed with Nelson who immediately got online and looked up the shop. OMG!! It was a small, stand-alone -- hardly bigger than a shed, painted bright blue with red trim. It was totally the opposite of the fancy salon where he got his pampered locks groomed. Nelson hoped to see a photo of barber Rod but only a few shots of the outside of the shop were available. He imagined himself inside, caped up, head pushed low with Barber Rod driving the clippers right up the back of his head. Nelson felt a massive shiver down his spine.

From that moment on, Nelson could not stop thinking about Rod's Barber Shop -- him under the cape and his his prissy, pretty boy hair being mowed off with a powerful set of fastfeed clippers.

Then he took an executive decision. It surely would happen before the end of the week! He could not put off his shearing. To have Rod shove his head forward firmly and to feel the clippers going up the back of his head would be a dream come true. Perhaps not a flattop....but, he would have Rod put an end to his helmet-like salon coif! Inwardly, Nelson wouldn't mind at all if his nice hair ended up totally butchered. There was always the option of a tight butch to rectify a bad haircut. Imagine, emerging from the small barber shop with nothing to feel except stubble on top! The thought made Nelson's groin stir with anticipation. Of course, he’d had similar fantasies many times but never the nerve to make them come to life. But, Rod’s Barber Shop.....perhaps things would turn out differently.

Nelson ran his fingers through his plush mane. Perhaps it was, in fact, on the endangered species list! Bye-bye businessman's helmet hair. He reasoned that he'd just made a sale and didn't need clients for a while. Plus, he had a two week vacation coming up.... Nelson could hardly think about anything else. Rod's Barber Shop. Old geezer caping him up and then taking the clippers to his fussy salon style.

Finally, Nelson forced himself to re-focus on his work and complete the real estate transaction. As he was sorting the papers for filing the deed, Nelson spotted a critical document that was lacking Gilbert's signature. Drats! He looked at his watch -- still two o'clock. He dialed Gilbert's cellphone.

"Yes, uh, Gilbert? It's Nelson. I just noticed I forgot to get your signature on one of the documents. Is there any way I could meet you? It'll just take a minute," said Nelson.

"Uh, sure. I'm still on my way back across town. Actually, I'm heading to Rod's Barber Shop to get my top tidied up. After that discussion we had at the end, I was thinking it was time to have it taken down a bit. I might even end up with a landing strip this afternoon," said Gilbert with a hint of excitement in his voice.

"Listen, I can meet you at Rod's. I'll drive the document right over, if that's all right. And, since I'll be there, I might as well hop in the chair myself!" Nelson exclaimed.

"Perfect!" replied Gilbert. "You'll look amazing with a flattop."

The comment sent a jolt through Nelson. Could he go all the way? Could he emerge from the small blue and red shed-like shop with a short flattop?!

"....uh, um, right!" Nelson replied. "Maybe you can help me tell Rod just how I want it cut."

"Since you're going to be ditching that fussy, fluffy look, I'd say your main feature is going to be skin! Lots of it. Satin-smooth," laughed Gilbert.

Nelson's heart was beating quickly as he jumped into his car. There was no backing out of his rendez-vouz at Rod's Barber Shop because he needed the signature. But, Gilbert's taunt of skin going to be his main feature left Nelson feeling a bit queasy. After all, it was a big step just to go from an executive style to a short, barbered taper. On then the flattop was tackled on, quickly followed by a very skinned look. By the way things were going, he might even end up with a radical shoe! The mi of dread and anticipation made it hard for Nelson to concentrate on the driving. His mind was in a blur....and then, the small blue and red shed-like shop appeared. His destination!

Nelson glanced at his nice hair in the car mirror one last time. The locks on top were a good four inches long. To think, old barber Rod would soon be carving out a landing strip right were they lay nicely to the side.

Nelson forced himself out of the car and into the shop. It was small and cozy inside. Just the barber, one chair and lots of clutter. Barber Rod was just as Nelson imagined him to be -- old, with a grumpy look and butched head!

The barber had a moist tower draped around the caped client's head and was gently swabbing it. Nelson assumed it must be Gilbert, but there was no sign of the huge mustache, just a densely stubbled upper lip.

"Excuse me," said Nelson nervously. I'm looking for Gilbert Grisham.

"Here he is," the barber announced pulling off the towel.

Nelson gasped at the sight. Gilbert's had was almost totally scraped clean. A small bit of hair atop vast swaths of scalp. And no mustache. He almost looked naked!

"I got shoed!" Gilbert announced to the disbelieving Nelson. "First time ever! A shoe! What do you think? And the 'stache is gone too -- perhaps for good."

"I hardly recognize you," Nelson stammered. "The shoe is...."

Nelson did not know what do say. Menacing? Radical? Extreme?

"....manly, very macho!" exclaimed Gilbert, finalizing the thought. "I love this new look. And a shoe will be perfect for you too, Nelson." Without pausing, he addressed the barber. "Rod, this is the realtor I was talking about. He's next in the chair and ready for you to carve a shoe out of that prissy business cut he's sporting."

Nelson blushed and eyed his tidy, fussy look in the mirror. Then his eyes riveted on Gilbert's gleaming scalp. Yes, he wanted to be shoed, just like Gilbert. There was no trying to weasel out of his date with the barber.

Rod put the finishing touches on Gilbert's shoe and then removed the cape.

Nelson's legs felt like jelly as he stood, anxiously awaiting his turn.

Rod patted the red leather upholstery and said, "Take a seat. I can't wait to get your transformation started."

Nelson eased nervously into the chair. There he was with suit and tie....and a fancy salon trim. He ran his fingers through the dense locks on top. "All of this has to go," Nelson chattered nervously. "Just like Gilbert's there. Shoe me!"

"You bet," replied Rod, shaking open the big cape.

As soon as the cape was in place, Gilbert who hovered near the chair, grasped Nelson's locks. "A real pretty boy hair style here....but not for much longer."

Nelson smiled nervously. He liked the tender caress of Gilbert's hand.

"So, he’s getting a shoe, just like yours, Gilbert?" Rod asked his regular client.

"That’s right. Shoe him!" Gilbert ordered.

In a flash, the geezer gripped Nelson’s head and shoved it down low. The balding clippers came up through the nape. A huge padding of soft, lovely hair peeled away leaving a strip of virgin white scalp in its wake.

Underneath the cape, Nelson felt totally numb. He was getting shoed! The really sucked away all feeling.

"His first shoe?" Rod asked Gilbert.

"Yep! He clung to that pretty boy look far too long. But you’ll make up for that, Rod. Let a whole lot of that bright white skin show."

"Will do. How are you liking that naked upper lip?" Rod asked.

Gilbert preened a bit in the mirror. "It was time to send it to the cape."

Just then, the barber’s clipppers sailed down the top of Nelson’s head toward his fringe and sent a massive collection of shorn locks to the cape.

Nelson's groin stirred to attention as he saw the mass of hair displaced on his lap.

"Don't know why the shoe isn't more popular with then men," Rod commented. "They certainly can transform the prissiest into a real manly sort."

He continued shaving away Nelson's helmet hair.

"You're looking good, Nelson!" his client chirped. "Perfect head shape for a shoe."

"Glad to hear that," came the muffled reply.

Once the clipping had stopped, Rod draped Nelson's head with damp, warm towels, getting the scalp ready for some prolonged shaving with the straight blade razor. Then he swiveled the chair to face the mirror and had Nelson sit up straight.

While they waited for his scalp to drink in the moisture a bit, Nelson surveyed all the hair that had collected on the cape. "Wow, I never knew I had this much hair on my head!" He reached out from under the cloth and selected a thick, long lock. He held it up and eyed it closely.

"It looked better on the cape!" Gilbert laughed. "So how do you like my shoe? Do you think I look handsome?"

"Very!" Nelson gushed. "Although I miss the big mustache."

Gilbert looked at himself in the mirror and his face clouded over a bit. "So do I...." His voice trailed.

"And I miss your plush top too. It was so amazing...." Nelson confessed. "I wanted to run my hand across the plush pile. It looked so tempting when you were signing all the papers."

Gilbert faced morphed into a semi-distressed look. "Yep, know what you mean. I can grow it back so that you can...."

Just then, Barber Rod pulled the towel off Nelson's head, allowing the caped client to see himself for the first time, almost with no hair.

"Holy crap!" Nelson gasped. "My hair, my head!!"

"Get used to it, Buddy!" Gilbert exclaimed. "It'll take ages to grow back that nice helmet of hair you sported when you pranced in here."

Rod plopped a dollop of steaming foam onto Nelson's scalp and began rubbing it in vigorously. "And it's going to get even shorter before any growing out can get underway!"

The finishing touched of Nelson's shoe were conducted in silence.

When Rod finally finished, he pulled off the cape with a flourish. "There! You're a new man!"

"And the fee for your haircut is on me! Consider it part of your commission," he said as he stroked the virgin scalp lightly.

Nelson virtually staggered out of the chair. His legs were total jelly. "I've got that paper for you to sign, Gilbert."

"Let's take care of that over at my place. There's another matter I need to discuss with you. In private," he said, as he gave Nelson a tender wink.

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