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Chronicles of a Headshave My 1st shave by Barber Mike

This all began in January when I decided to let my hair grow and go six months (until July) with no haircuts. Actually it was last Summer in July, after my routine annual short buzzcut (#1, 1/8 in. all over) that I had the plan to go a year without any real haircuts. But after a couple small trims here & there as my hair grew out I cut it in January. So from there I decide to grow the hair out for another six months, planning to shave it all off with a clipper in July.

Now it's the beginning of July and having achieved a long shaggy hair look I do get a haircut again. Cut/tapered short around the ears and at the nape, leaving the length on top. Also, at this time I purchase a Wahl Balding Clipper to be used for the shave at the end of the month. Though at this point I'm not altogether certain that I want to or will go through with it. I'm kind of liking having long hair.

Okay, we're at the end of July and I'm starting my vacation (a good time to make such a change as shaving off one's hair, right?). Still not at all sure, I go in to take my shower and decide to go for it. I get out the balding clipper and cut all my hair off with it. I never actually aniticipated or intended using a razor on my head. Though this clipper did a very efficient job removing my hair, I looked bald but it left a very coarse stubble which I didn't like. So after my shower I applied shaving gel and took a Mach III blade over my head. until it was smooth. I lathered/shaved twice and my head was smooth BALD. I'm liking it too! I nicked my scalp once with the clipper. These Wahl Balding Clippers cut really close, I found.

Mid-day of day one with the headshave: there is a slight stubble evident. Not so coarse as before the blade but no longer smooth. Guess if I want to keep the baldy I'd have to shave every day or two.
Day 3: I'm keeping the sideburns shaved up into my hair.
Day 4: Hair's growing in. I've been washing my head with a conditioning shampoo even though there is virtually no hair. So that it might grow in a softer texture and not too bristly. Guess if I were to keep it shaved this wouldn't be a concern!
Day 5: I'm now thinking that I will shave my head again on the weekend before my vacation ends. So then I can go home BALD. I'll remove what stubble/hair there is again using the balding clipper. Then lather up with the shave gel and apply the Mach III razor over my head, taking it smooth bald once again. Perhaps I should just keep it this way! ??

It's the weekend and I've thought better of shaving my hair off just now. But I do want a haircut. So I do a bald fade, what I believe is called a 'Jarhead' haircut. Sides and back shaved/tapered up into the short hair left on top. This came about basically because I shaved the sideburns too high up into my hair. Though, as I said, I did want it cut anyway.

Still shaving the sideburns up into my hair, BTW.

Baldy again?

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