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My First Buzzcut Story in Quarantine by AKSHAY TRIPATHI

Here my story... I am from India... where headshave is not common but yaa i want to have a headshave from ages... but i am not able to have a headshave or any buzzcut...now this is a quarantine time and i am thinking to have a buzz cut from last 4 days i was thinking to have a buzz cut or trim my beard...but if i did it i dont know how my family will react... i know they will get shocked..in last 4 days i did different things and when it was 4th day i start searching the videos which inspired to do headshave... i search i watch and then mastrubte... and on that i decided i will buzz my all hair... on 3rd day sat near the mirror having clippers in my hand... i start shaving my beard... but im not able to do it... then after reading some comment which came from different youtubers that change is necessary... and hanumanji ka naam le aur kr daal buzz... i took the machine at no 4 and start buzzing my from my right side almost on that day i will buzz my hairs but then suddenly the machine stops and all the thought came into my mind again... and i stop now i have one sided buzzed.... again i inspired myself watching more videos... and now day 2 comes and i told my mom that i want to buzz my hairs but mom told me no you should you have a good hairs... but i want to buzz it i dont no... but i said ok... now the night come i am reading story of different headshaver... and the whole night i was thinking i should buzz or not to...buzz it is my final call... i will not able to do sleep whole night waiting for tomorrow morning and i start watching more headshave video whole night... in morning at 11'o clock mom told me to have a shower but then i decided its a right time to buzz it.... again i asked my mom i should shave my head or not... mom told me no you shouldn't but today i decided to break all the norms and i start buzzing my hair..... this time i decided i will take the machine straight from the middel... i load the machine at 0 and all my hair start falling and in 15 min i just have a buzz part but now i decided i will shave my hair too i shave it... and now my look completed and now im felling good...
Society will not give you a food so stop thinking about it just shave it and buzz it...

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