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At Mr. Lee’s - Steve’s Sacrifice by Manny

This is a sequel (by public request) to "At Mr. Lee's - Mr. Ennis' Discipline"

Steve was torn between the barber impatiently calling him to the chair while his best friend, Kenny Colton, pleaded for him not to cut his shoulder-length hair. Last minute cold feet did not help the situation either. Did he really want to go through with the drastic haircut he was toying with? His stylish locks had won him the yearbook superlative of "best boy's hair." And if were to be shaved down to the length of a High 'n Tight like his father had just received, the reaction at school would be fierce.

Steve pawed at his hair momentarily as he dawdled in the waiting area.

"Young man, the barber is calling you," Kenny’s father, Mr. Colton, snapped. "Let's not keep him waiting."

Steve stared briefly at the amount of hair at the barber's feet. It was like a throw rug that his father had shed. Their neighbor, Mr. Colton, had very strict ideas about how men should look and fathers should act as society shifted from straight-laced to permissive.

All the staring eyes pushed Steve to reluctantly shuffle toward Mr. Lee's big barber chair. He felt more conflicted that ever. As he stepped up onto the fancy metal foot rest, he felt as if he were mounting the gallows. It would certainly mean the guillotine for his tresses!

As he sunk into the leather upholstery, Steve resigned himself to the commitment he'd made to have the shoulder-length mane brutally mowed off to show solidarity with his best friend.

Mr. Lee struggled to get the tissue strip around his neck. "All this hair in the way...." the barber muttered. "I hope you're ready for a real barber shop experience like your father, Steve." Without waiting for an answer the cape sailed through the air and blanketed him. Mr. Lee fastened it snugly into place.

From the waiting area, Mr. Colton called out, "Give him a decent boy's haircut, like my son Ken's. A short back and sides with bangs cut two fingers above the eyebrow." Mr. Colton was adamant that no boy's hair should near the collar, ears or brows!

"Yes, sir," the barber replied.

Mr. Colton injecting himself into the haircut instructions really irritated Steve. Cutting his own hair short was his own decision….not Mr. Colton’s to make!

The lad in the chair spoke up forcefully for himself. "Excuse me, Mr. Lee. That's not what I want. I don't want a little schoolboy haircut. I want a REAL man's haircut! Tough as nails look, a radical change from his girlie hair style that’s all the rage these days. Why did I ever succumb to peer pressure and let it get so long?" Suddenly, Steve felt energized by ordering his own hair shaved off.

Kenny got a wounded look on his face. Instantly, Steve regretted saying that about a "little schoolboy haircut". He had not meant to imply that Kenny "little boy's haircut." The whole point of the cutting off his own long mane was to make Kenny feel better about his short hair, not worse.

"Maybe you should give him a high 'n tight, just like you gave me," the caped lad's father suggested.

Steve squirmed under the cape. He was on the edge of a drastic change. A flashback to the opening scene of the movie "Tribes" came to mind. The hero, sitting in steely silence while the tresses fell in the wake of the bootcamp barbershop clippers' unforgiving metal teeth.

Steve's mouth felt dry and his lips parched. He flicked his mane nervously so that the long bangs no longer veiled his eye. "When the soldier recruits arrive at bootcamp...." Steve stammered. "....when they're marched into the barber shop. What length is that?"

Mr. Lee smiled broadly. "You mean an induction haircut?"

Kenny gasped from the sidelines. "Steve....not all of your hair, please!"

The caped lad gulped nervously. "You'll look normal next to me, Kenny, after Mr. Lee takes me down to the wood."

Mr. Colton jumped up to take charge of the situation. "Since when do boys tell their barbers what to do when their fathers have brought them to the shop? I believe it’s Mr. Ennis who needs to instruct the barber, and he knows exactly what sort of length is proper for a teenage boy!"

The focus shifted to Mr. Ennis. Would he second his son’s request for an induction cut?

Mr. Ennis’ answer came quickly. "Give him a decent boy's haircut, just like Ken Colton's. A short back and sides with bangs cut two fingers above the eyebrow."

Mr. Lee smiled in approval and picked reached for the clippers. "Another hippy-look is going to hit the floor!" he exclaimed. He snapped on the machine that would reduce Steve's flowing mane down to an appropriate length for an obedient, well-behaved high school student. He caressed the pretty hair one last time as if to mock his victim. "This is going to add quite a bit to the pile that’s already on my floor. How are you adjusting to your new H ‘n T, Mr. Ennis?"

Mr. Ennis felt his near-naked head and shot the barber a thumbs up. "I feel much better than with that girly hair I used to sport."

In a flash, the chair Steve was in was swiveled away from the mirror. The caped lad felt disoriented and helpless. Mr. Lee grasped the long hair at his nape and raised it off the cape to give the clippers access. The clippers came up, chewing hair off at the scalp, rising quickly from the nape and easing into an aggressive taper to the crown.

Mr. Lee drove the clippers effortlessly through the shimmering locks. The first shank of hair fell to the floor with a dramatic thud.

Steve’s stomach churned and he gripped the arms of the chair firmly to steady himself as the assault on his cherished hair unfolded.

Mr. Lee’s control of the situation was complete. With adroit dexterity the clippers plowed up the sides of Steve’s head, sending hair to the cape and revealing his ear for the first time in a long while.

"Oh, Steven!" His father exclaimed. "I can’t believe how much better you’re already looking!"

Steve looked down with a hint of regret at the hair cascading to the cape. "This is happening to guys all over the country right now, in bootcamps, getting them ready to be shipped off to Vietnam. For me, the haircut is coming just a few months early. I’m enlisting as soon as we graduate from high school."

"Oh, no, son! Wait to see how you fare in the draft. No sense rushing off to the battlefield. I don’t want you being sent home in a body bag like happened to your cousin Richard," his father implored.

"A boy volunteering to go fight the commie hoards!" exclaimed Mr. Colton, "I highly approve! I admire your courage, Steven. I wish Ken would be as brave."

Mr. Lee did not conceal his glee at clipping Steve’s hair off into a short schoolboy cut. Chopping off the bangs mid-forehead was a dramatic moment. Mr. Lee combed the forelock down and commented on its length before snipping it SHORT. He then tackled the tidy bangs with a set of thinning shears that reduced them even further to lifeless wisps.

After examining his handiwork, the barber said, "I agree with Mr. Colton, son. You’re a brave soul and a real patriot to enlist volunteer."

Kenny looked on with regret as he watched the barber reduce Steve’s lovely mane of shimmering hair to the schoolboy haircut he himself hated. The huge upside to the whole situation was knowing that Steve was making this huge sacrifice as a true friend. Perhaps something even closer than a friend. His mind drifted back to the way he felt when Steve pinned him to the bed and rubbed his tapered nape.

"How am I looking, Kenny?" Steve asked shyly from the chair.

"Like, uh, um, like….like me!" Kenny stammered. "You’re my hero on so many levels, Steve."

The rest of the schoolboy haircut was carried out in silence. The hum of the clippers was finally silenced as Mr. Lee finished his work in stripping Steve’s head of the girlish locks and splashed the newly uncovered nape and neck with witch hazel.

Finally, the barber took a duster to the severely clipped noggin and then rubbed some tonic into the short hair. Then, Mr. Lee inflicted a side part on Steve and combed the hair into place. One last round with the duster whisked the stray snippets of hair out of Steve’s ears and off his face. "Ready to see the new you?" The barber asked.

"I guess so," Steve murmured.

The unveiling was dramatic.

"OH....." the lad gasped. He was not prepared to see himself so transformed. He looked like a boy of 12, not someone on the portals of manhood. Suddenly, Steve felt less sure of himself and a lot less cocky.

Mr. Lee withdrew the hair-covered cape and shook it so that the pile on the floor almost double in size. Mr. Colton beamed with approval at the newly minted submissive Steve.

"Do you like your new haircut?" Mr. Colton asked.

"Yes, sir. Very much, sir," Steve replied in a courteous, respectful manner, averting his eyes somewhat.

"Both of you Colton boys have been so good throughout your haircuts. You sat nice and still for the barber to shear away all that hippy hair. I’m treating you to ice cream cones!" announced Mr. Colton.

As the two father’s trailed their sons to the ice cream stand, they watched Steve exploring his new short taper with his hand.

"I did want to ask you about the paddle…." Mr. Ennis said, reviving a previous conversation. As he asked, his cock stirred. He had visions of himself being turned over Mr. Colton’s knee.

"Don’t think I’ve forgotten about that profane language you used in front of the boys," Mr. Colton snapped. "We’ll drop them off at your place and then head on over to my house. I keep it out in the shed. I'm sure it will take us one or two sessions with it before you remember to keep your conversation clean, especially in front of the boys. Now, when it's just the two of us men, in private, you can swear like a drunken sailor, you dickhead!"

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