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My first buzzcut by Dave smith

When i was around the age 13 i was hanging out with my cousin and her friend quite often.
It starts with me exchanging numbers with her friend and us texting back and forth.
I knew Lizza had a boyfriend but thats okay we're just talking no big deal.

We had been texting and it came about that Lizza was going to give me a haircut. Not just any haircut but a buzzcut. For some odd reason I didnt think much about it, ive always disliked haircuts and my hair was usually kept shaggy which i quite liked.
The thing is Ive always had a hair fetish and I really enjoyed talking about Lizza buzzing my hair off with her. I didnt think twice about it at all. I had no thought of "maybe i wont like it" or "what will my parents think". Instead we agreed on a day for her and my cousin to come cut my hair. "I used to cut my dads hair all the time" Lizza insisted.

The day before i stopped to tell my mom that i would be getting a haircut and that, "it might be a little short" . My mother didnt seem worried and simply said "okay"

The next day came. All throughout school i was anxious, anxiety practically dripped off of me like sweat. Talking about getting a buzzcut is one thing, going through with it, was clearly going to be interesting.

The end of the day finally comes and im waiting for this to get overwith, im very anxious at this point. Lizza's car pulls up out side, her and my cousin Mavis come inside my house with a home haircutting set from the local department store.
I decided the upstairs bathroom was the place to go and i brought a chair into the bathroom.
I couldn't see the mirror when i sat down in the chair, i Couldn't decide if this was a good thing or not.
"Okay are you ready?" Lizza asked, "now or never" i tell her, in a shaky voice. She unpacks her clippers and picks out a #3 guard. (We had previously discussed using this guard as i suggested a #2 Lizza thought #3 was better because it was longer)
She puts the guard on the clippers, plugs them in and turns them on. Lizza put the guards to my forehead resting them there for a good 3 seconds as if to taunt me and plunges them into my hair. She does this repeatedly 2-3 more times before stopping, i didnt see much hair falling at all and it felt like the clippers were pulling my hair more then they actually cut anything.
"Your hair is too thick to start with the clippers, im going to have to start with scissors." "Good idea" says Mavis who has just been playing on her phone and not really watching. This made me more anxious because now its going to take longer for this to get overwith, i just wanted it overwith.
She puts down the clippers and gets her scissors she grabs a chunk of hair carelessly and cuts it off. She placed the hair on the counter in front of me, i looked at the hair, and thought "well no turning back now".
She continued to to cut randomly at my hair, placing each chunk of severed hair on the counter. I would lying if i said i wasnt regretting this a bit. If im being honest though, it was turning me on. After what seems like hours, but was likely minutes later she announces " i think i got rid of enough length for this to work now".
Lizza starts running the clippers again, it no longer pulls at my hair and glides right across my head. If i wasnt as hard as a rock before, I definitely was now. When one is as anxious as i was in this moment it feels like forever.
Lizza was having so much fun, when i noticed she took a small break and i asked if i could see my hair. I stand up to see that the hair on top of my head is very short, 3/8s of an inch, which was super short for me. She had started on my sideburns on the left side of my head, but had left the right side long for the moment. "Can we put it back?" I asked knowing my question was ridiculous. "Im sorry Honey we can't, well just have to continue now", said Lizza her tone was caring and i could tell i might've hurt her feelings by asking her a question like that.
So she starts the clippers up again, running them up the back of my neck, And up the right side of my head. Occasionally i could hear Lizza ans Mavis giggle and i even heard Lizza say, "oops", "what i said" "Oh nothing." Lizza replied with.
She ran the clippers all over my head hundreds of times. Finally declaring "Done!" I stood up and looked into the mirror, i almost didn't recognize myself. My hair was 3/8's of an inch, all over my head, my widows peak hairline was showing but honestly, i didn't mind.
Lizza cleaned up my hair and they sat around with me until my mom came home. She wasnt amused but she didnt say much.

That may have been my first buzzcut but i assure you it wasn't my last.

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