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First Day Of School by Nanashi

Well, school is finally starting again. After 6 months of hibernation and being a NEET, I'm heading back to school. After my sub par performance in my secondary school, I'm heading to an international school which values cash over prior qualifications.

Trying on my new uniform, I decided to try to go for a casual look, throwing a beanie over my long "emo" hair, which honestly wasn't even that long. The fringe was at my lip length, swept to the side covering one of my ears, while my sides were starting extended over my ears. My back had also started creeping down my neck, easily covering my collar. In total, about 8 months of hair growth. Afterwards, I just tossed a jacket over it, and headed out to school. Haven't been awake at 8 in the morning for a long time.

By the time I arrived, I was almost late. While following the signs towards the hall for a briefing, I noticed a quite a few of the older students staring at me, before looking away when they realised I had noticed them. Not sure what was going on but I couldn't be bothered.

The initial briefing seems normal enough, touching on the curriculum, rules, standard stuff I guess. We were sorted into orientation groups, with an older leader, and would be with them for the next 5 days as part of orientation camp, which I honestly couldn't have been bothered with.

My leader was this senior called Donald, quite tall and athletic looking, and had a nice undercut pompadour, with quite a bit of volume. He was wearing a different tie from the rest and had a shiny badge on his uniform that says Prefect. When the group of 8 had formed, we started on some pointless ice breakers to "get to know each other better". For some reason, he seemed to keep targeting me, but I didn't really think much of it.

Afterwards, we were given a 1h break to have some snacks and relax. The group slowly dispersed and I decided to grab a quick snack at the cafe.

Just as I had bought my sandwich, I felt my phone buzzing. Checking it, I had received a text message from an unsaved number, saying it was Donald. It said to meet him outside the art room, which was in a rather isolated part of the school, near the classrooms for clubs to gather for after school activities. Not thinking much of it, I just followed the school map and soon enough, arrived there.

Donald was nowhere to be seen, so I quickly sent a message to ask him where he is. Out of nowhere, someone grabbed me and put me in a headlock. Being quite a scrawny kid, I tried to escape, but it was honestly more of a pointless struggle. He manhandled me towards one of the classrooms, before opening the door and throwing me inside

Pushing my fringe out of my eyes, I tried to get up as fast as possible, only to be pinned down as soon as I tried. They forced me on a chair, before taking out zip ties and tying up my hands together and my legs to the chair. I was still flailing around, but to no avail. I tried screaming for help, only to have my mouth duct taped. Through the veil of my thick hair, I could see there were 4 people in black hoodies, and wearing masks to hide their identities. They duct taped me to the chair, almost fully immobilizing me. At this point, I had given up.

Sensing that I had already stopped struggling, a muffled voice said, "If ya don't scream, I'll take out your gag. How about that, huh?"

Well, not like I had a choice but to nod in response, after which the duct tape was ripped off my mouth.

Who are you. What do yall want.

My only reply was a book being shoved I'm my face. The school rule book? It was then flipped to page 22, and one of the thugs pointed to a header reading acceptable hairstyles. Which reads, "unless given permission by any of the prefects, no male student is allowed to keep a fringe longer than eyebrow length, sides are not to touch the ears, and much be 2cm strictly off the collar"

Well, it's my first day, give me a break. Let me speak to my group leader, he's a prefect. C'mon.

Well, that's what the rules say. And regarding that, yes, but no. The leader thug said, before taking off his hood revealing a messy pompadour, which he quickly smoothed out. After taking off his mask, it was painfully obvious who it was.

What the rules mean is that the prefects decide who keeps their hair, and I really really don't like emo hair, Donald said with a smirk.

The other 3 took off their hoodies too, each revealing variations of an undercut, with one slicking it back like Donald, another with a short curly messy top while the last had a quiff.

Anyways, like I said, I don't like it. And as the head of the disciplinary department of the prefectorial board, it's time for me to enact your due punishment. Jack, if you would.

On his cue, the boy with similar hair to Donald opened his bag and pulled out a comb, scissors, and clippers.

You...can't do that. I'll report ya.

Well, who'd word are they going to listen to. One of their star students or a nerd that just joined the school…tape him shut.

So...what are we going to do today boss?

Well, let's see, before grabbing me by my fringe and yanking it straight down, pulling it to just under my lip.

Wow, such a beautiful mane. Alright then, no. 1 butch it is for just blatant defiance of this fine institution rules. Draw it out as long as you want jacky. I'm off to settle important stuff. Kevin record it, Dan you're in charge. See ya. He smiled, before strolling off.

As soon as he left, I tried to ask for help, but being duct taped, I was completely muffled.

The kid with the quiff, Dan apparently, just walked off to lock the door, quite stone faced. Both kevin and Jack however, seemed to be enjoying themselves, jack especially as he walked behind me to plug in the clippers.

Well, don't worry now...I'll make sure you won't forget this wonderful life changing moment. I'll make it enjoyable. Kev, if ya mind helping me take out the other stuff. Turns out he had more. A full on cape, a small table mirror and some clips? I was in full panic mode, but completely helpless as this point. I tried to look at Kevin with pleading eyes and he only smirked in response, all ready for the show Jack.

Perfect. With a swift movement, he unfurled the cape, before covering my body with it. Wow, you're starting to grow a mullet huh?, as he slowly buttoned up the cape, making sure to leave my hair fully exposed. With the last clip, I knew I had absolutely no chance of escaping.

"Oh, stop shaking will ya, man up", barked Kevin, as he pulled forward a table in front of me for the mirror to give a clear view of my head, with my hair an absolute mess.

Dan, the lights please, he needs to enjoy this.
To which he flicked them on with a grunt. Get on with it, you don't have more than a half hour.

Alright alright, kev, you can start the recording. And you, stop shaking, I'll make it enjoyable, huh?

I was trembling at that point, with my heart racing. I didn't event know what a number 1 butch was, but it didn't sound good. Jack seems to be enjoying this, kevin seems like a psychopath, and dan simply didn't care.

I said relax, as he started playing with my hair gently. Wow, so nicely layered, about half a year of growth? What a shame. How about this, let me show you what you could've if you didn't let it go so greasy and ugly.

He took the clips, and became clipping up my top from the sides and back, before twisting up my fringe, and clipping it to the top. See? Much better isn't it? Be able to finally see?

I started nodding furiously, hoping he would left me off easy, being so nice and all. Then, he picked up the clippers, turning them on and the buzzing sound brought me to reality. I was screwed.

Forcing my head down, he started at the base of my neck and slowly pushed upwards, all the way up to the crown where the clip was, causing a huge shank of hair to fall on to the cape. With a big grin, he continued plowing through my back, while I was having a full on meltdown internally, trying not to show it too much but I was already trembling quite badly.

At this point the damage wasn't too visible from the mirror, so I had no idea how short a no. 1 butch was. Well, I would find out soon. he placed it just below my ear, and with a quick motion, drove it up to the clip, revealing the white skin below. I started to lose it, and could feel tears starting to form as he continued towards and back and repeated it on the other side.

I was looking down while piles of hair started forming on the cape, before he forced my head up to look at the mirror, making me take in the fact I had virtually no hair left on the sides and back on my head. I looked like a completely different person. I could feel the first tear roll down my eye before he chuckled, aww, don't cry. It'll all be better soon. I'm liberating you from your hair. He unclipped the hair left on top, and my fringe soon saved me from letting them see even more tears.

He lifted the hair on the crown with the comb, before using the clippers to slice off the hair above it, purposefully letting me see each chunk falling down. He continued towards the front, making sure to obliterate all the hair on top. Reaching the fringe, he placed the fringe at my nose, before slicing off the excess. Then at the bottom of my eyes, drawing out this painful process. I was struggling to breathe, then he sliced it off at my eyebrows, giving me a clear view of the massacre. The top was uneven, with certain areas having more hair than others, but it at least seemed more than the sides. My eyes were bloodshot as he cut it off at my hairline. Then, he placed it in the middle of my forehead, before driving it straight back, leaving it as short as the sides, and I burst into tears in utter despair. He made short work afterwards, having had his fun.

Completely drained, I barely moved as he removed the cape and let my hair fly on the floor, as he kept his stuff. Dan, you'll settle the clean up right?

Yea, whatever, You two go for your lessons already.

As they strolled out, he used a pair of scissors to cut off most of the tape binding me, before telling me to go sweep up my hair into a trash bag. At this point, just staring at the pile made a break down, while he just stood there emotionless. With tears streaming down, I swept it in the bag, along with my bindings. Afterwards, he told me to head back, and if I said anything, I'll be dead. If anyone asks, said you went to the school barber to get a fresh change. Then he left, bringing with him the trash bag full of evidence this ever happened. I just laid there broken, until the bell rung and I had to move to avoid any suspicion. Dragging myself up to the hall, my group was surprised, but the biggest smack in the face was Donald being there, giving me a rub on the head saying " I'm proud that you made a change", with the biggest grin on his face.

Note: First time writing in a while, any tips/comments will be appreciated

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