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Quarantine Cuts by Northern Boi

This is a story with two sides, the boyfriends, Mark and the girlfriends Emily.


I currently live with my girlfriend in London, we’ve been together for about a year and a half, the entire time exploring new parts of each other. I’m 6’2" and work out quite a lot so I have a relatively good build, I manage to maintain my six pack through Christmas which my girlfriend loves, she rests her head on it when I play on the Playstation. She too is in fantastic shape, has amazing D sized tits and a fantastic ass, we look amazing together. We started quarantine early as we didn’t want to risk it. Since quarantine has started we made an agreement that we wouldn’t be slobs during it which has really made our quarantine, extremely fun. In order to do this I work out a lot and she always wears amazing underwear which really makes her amazing body look even better. In the past couple of days we’ve been mixing it up so we never wear our tops anymore, and we’ve been very busy since.

My hair is like many guys in the UK, brown hair with a mid skin fade and about 4 inches on top. I get it cut every two weeks at my usual barber so I’m always ready to go out. Emily’s hair is half way down her slim belly and the only time I saw her hair shorter than that was when we met where her hair was just below her tits. I’ve always wanted to see her hair shorter, but whenever I suggest it, she just laughs about it.

The other day Emily did the walk in naked challenge and she looked amazing, I threw my xbox controller on the floor and picked her up and threw her onto the table. When I did, she blue balls’d me, stroking the side of my head saying "your hairs gotten a bit slobby, you need to get it cut"
"How am I meant to get it cut when all the barbers are closed and we are in quarantine"
"How about this, you can do whatever you want to do to me in bed later, if I can cut your hair however I want"
But I had another idea, and know how to manipulate her.
"You can do this, if I can do that and I get to cut your hair like I want to"
"What that’s completely unfair, I’m letting you cut my hair and do whatever you want to me, its not even"
However I know she’s really bored and for some reason wants to do this, so I pull a trick one.
"Ok we won’t do this then, I just won’t be able to get my hair cut"
She falls for it, "Fine you get those and I get to cut your hair as I want".

So I set up a chair in the bathroom whilst she gets the scissors, I’m not too worried as I don’t own any clippers so it can’t be too short. She walks in with scissors in her hands and is wearing my favourite underwear, an amazing black lacy set with extra straps, she’s looking absolutely amazing. Every inch of her looks fantastic but her hair covers her boobs, which is unfortunate. She notices how excited I am and just rolls her hand down my abs as I unhook her bra, taking it off.
"Not just yet, haircut first, but fine, I’ll let you take this off, so you know what you’re in for". She takes off her bra to reveal her amazing tits and put her hair over them, I know exactly what I’m doing to that now.

She sits down, ready and hands me the scissors, taking a deep breath causing her chest to puff out more, exaggerating her amazing assets. I brush a comb through her hair and bring it all forward. I wet her hair and I can tell she’s beginning to enjoy this, the unknowing of what’s about to happen to happen to her. I ease the tension a little bit by saying "I want to see more of these" and raised the scissors to the top of her boobs and just cut, "this is so short" she exclaimed. "I know but now there’s no hiding them and I’ve always wanted to see you with shorter hair". I cut only about an inch more so its half way between her collarbone and her nipple, she looks even better when I didn’t think it could be possible. After I said I was done, she stood up and was looking at it in awe at the haircut, stroking it and saying it was so short. I walk up behind her, really excited and start kissing her neck, my excitement pushing against her perfect ass. "No, no, no that’s not happening yet, your haircut first"
"Ok, ok a deal is a deal" and I sit down, she gets the scissors and starts wetting my hair. I don’t think she’ll cut it too short as she likes the hair. Next thing I know, she’s cutting the top cutting about two inches off, it’s so short, and she’s still cutting. She pulls the front of my hair forward and its just at eye level, she then puts the scissors in between my forehead and eyebrows and cuts straight across. It’s now so short, but it should be a good change as I’ve not had my hair this short for a long time. She opens a cupboard and pulls out a box, it’s clippers "What?!?!? When did you get these?"
"We’ve had these a while"
I know this isn’t true so she must have been planning this a while. She plugs it in and puts a guard on, I’m just hoping its not too short, and I notice that its a #6, she must be hoping to give me a buzzcut otherwise she wouldn’t have hidden these. I’m now really nervous, she walks towards me looking amazing and sits on my lap, I start stroking her back, lowering my hand and starting to pull her panties down, my excitement more than ever. As I am looking at my beautiful girlfriend, I just wished that I’d cut more hair off, she looks so sexy with the shorter hair, but she’d look so hot if she had shorter hair, I can imagine her with chin length hair that would be perfect in to grab in bed. She turns on the clippers and pushes them forward into my hairline, I start laughing and smiling whilst she’s really enjoying it, pushing it further back. She keeps on doing runs as I get excited ready to go in, when she stands up to cut the sides and back, but in standing up completely taking her panties off, in response I take my CK’s off, we both know exactly what is about to happen. She continues running the clippers over and over my head, I can tell she’s getting more and more excited and I think it looks good, I think it would look even better if she’d cut mine even shorter, like a short #2 or #1 buzzcut.
She turns the clippers off running her hands through the buzzed hair and then down my chest. "I love this, you look so sexy, lets go", she grabs my hand and starts leading me into the bedroom, when I just turn her around and pick her up, I throw her onto the bed and get to work, before I turn her around and do what I really wanted to do.


Mark and I have been dating a while and he always has that longer hair with the fade, and it looks amazing which is good considering how attached he is to it. The entire time I’ve really liked guys with buzzcuts and with the trend in quarantine with a load of attractive guys cutting their hair short I’ve been having a great time. I think his great body would match it and he would look really fantastic with it. So a couple days ago I took advantage of the quarantine and ordered some clippers.

After we’d agreed to cut each others hair, I decided that he would be going insane during this if I wear his favourite underwear and I know after this we’ll be right at it. I’ve hidden the clippers in a cupboard for when it’s his turn, but I’ll start with the scissors as I don’t want him to back out before I cut it night and short. As I walk him he’s looking at me so ready to get out of this bathroom and straight into the bedroom but I allow some fun first, so I walk up to him in my best lingerie and start running my hands down his 6 pack, so defined and perfect, as I’m doing so he’s unhooking my bra, if this goes too far, I’ll go too far and just f*** in here so I stop him right away.

Knowing I could end up losing a lot of hair if I cut his hair first as he will not be expecting a buzzcut, so I sit on the chair, however I can see he’s excited, its showing through his boxers, which is making me hot, my boobs are looking amazing and my hair is over them which is making him stare at them. He begins by wetting my luscious hair, I’m starting to know that my hair will not be covering these babies long. He’s combing my hair through, occasionally brushing against my skin which is making me hotter than before, when he moves the scissors next to my hair, its above my boobs, this is going to end up short. He cuts the hair straight across, revealing my nipple, he’s loving it and so am I.
"There’s no hiding these, I’ve always wanted to see you with shorter hair" I’m loving him being so dominant, I never want him to stop. He continues cutting, cutting a further 3 inches off, I just want him to cut it shorter but it’s already so short. I want him to just take me to the bedroom and do what he wants, he would be rougher than his normal rough and I’m so ready for it but he puts the scissors down. I go and look in the mirror and it’s so short but he consoles me "It’s okay baby, I love it shorter, you look so f***ing sexy", and he starts kissing my neck. I need to focus because next time we’re in the bedroom he will not be having hair anywhere near this length, his bulge is pushing against my ass and I just want to let him in and throw me against this mirror but I want to see him finally buzzed, my dream this entire time.
"No, no, no, that’s not happening yet, your haircut first"
"A deal is a deal", sitting down on the chair. I stand behind him wetting his hair, I’m going to cut it shorter first just to shock him with the clippers. I start by cutting two inches off all across the top before pushing his fringe down, it’s at his eye level and I’m so excited to see this gone and I lift it up and chop right across his forehead, I’m so glad this is gone. He has a look of shock on his face as I took away his long precious hair. I know now is my time to strike and go to the cupboard getting the clippers out. "What?!?!? When did you get these?". I don’t want him getting too cautious so I play a deceptive lie, "We’ve had these a while". I want to cut it really short but I don’t want him to hate me so I attach a #6, but I still don’t want him getting up and I know the best way would be to sit on his lap. He begins stroking my back, making me shiver, and then she begins pulling my panties down and I know where he wants this to go as he begins taking off his boxers. He is rock hard and wants to go right away, but I think he’s enjoying this so I turn on the clippers and push them into his hair, this is going to look fantastic. I continue to buzz his hair short running them all over his head leaving it all this short as I don’t want any hair left at this length. I get up and just finish off the sides and back, doing so leaving my panties on the floor, we’re going to have fantastic sex and I don’t want him to rip these as they’re so expensive. He’s looking in the mirror and I can tell he likes his new haircut and I think he looks the best I’ve ever seen him, I just want him to keep this length he looks so masculine and sexy. I know he only needs one signal to make this go where I want it so I tell him "I love this, you look so sexy, lets go", I grab his hand, half tempted to grab something else and lead him to the bedroom. As we’re walking in he grabs from behind and throws me on the bed, and begins his work, I feel so good right now whilst he’s down there. As he’s doing it I keep on rubbing his head this feels amazing his hair feels so soft but if it was shorter it would feel insane. I keep on rubbing his hair and moan until he flips me over and pushes through the back….


I think we’re both confident that there will be a part 2.

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