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Begging Daddy by Dwane .Perry

Begging Daddy

My dad always took me to the barbershop as a child. It was the usual shaved back and sides and short on top , a classic look unlike most of the fades other guys had. The truth is every time i asked for a fade it didn't look right after 1 weeks growth and i prefered my hair short.

As i got older i admired the classic looking haircuts and ventured to go shorter and shorter each time. The best haircut i ever got was a Zero buzz cut in the summer. I loved it i looked like a marine and i looked older and more mature. I liked how the barber rubbed my head and the way he turned me from a boy into a young man!

I love the smell of most traditional barber shops and the barber i usally got was Mike be was in his late 50's and was an ex army barber so short was definetly his expertese.
It was good to know there were certainly no ponsy haircuts or women in the shop. My dad always got a recon haircut wich was more exteam than my high and tight haircut Part of me really wanted to try it but i knew that it wouldn't go well at my college.

Dad continued to go to the barbers with me until he was thinning so much that he decided he didn't need to go anymore and that he took clippers into his own hands shaving the whole lot off. The first time he did it I looked in awe as i saw him shave his head down to stubble and then scoosh shaving cream over his stubbled grey remains and finished it off with a clean razor shave. It was fascinating to see dad with a completely smooth and shiny scalp he looked completely different but looked great with it. I couldn't stop staring at his head all night and all i thought about was leaping into a chair and begging dad to give me the same.

I was hot , flustered and had to head to my bedroom to relax as i had quite a hard on with the excitement. I often had sexual fantasises about getting a bald haircut and loved looking at bald men especially online and watching men have their head shaved on youtube.

With this virus , being stuck at home with no barber to relieve me with my sexual fantazies by giving me a buzz cut or a high and tight i found it difficult.

There were hardly any bald men in my town and i couldnt travel into the city or find older bald men in any of the gay bars near my college i had just started going to.

Being home with college suspended and having to look at my bald dad wishing i had exactly the same; the thoughts were overwhelming. I had to try and convince my dad to shave my head but how i wasn't exactly sure. "Could i just ask him ? No! I couldn't he would think i was mad his son wishing to be bald by choice wasn't a good option.

He wasn't the typical masculine guy who forced me to get these short haircuts he was more liberal but part of me wish he was. I wished he did make me get forced bald haircuts growing up.

dad told me that as we couldn't visit Joe my dads work mate who he often helped. But couldn't because of the virus told me he was going to move in with us. Joe was big about 5.11ft and was very muscular and he had short cropped grey stubble, he was older than dad as he was about 58 years old. was defentily old school! and was a merchant mechanical engineer before he took early retirnment.

Joe took one look at me and said oh boy you've shot up in height since the last time i saw you ! He asked how old i was now i replied 17. "Ah by that age i was a cadet in the acadamy and boy i didn't have that mop of hair on my head either." he explained. A huge wave of excitement hit me , maybe Joe could persuade dad to shave my head.

A few days later i was sat with Joe listening to all his travels and jobs he fixed and casually in the conversation i said to him your lucky you have short hair. Lucky how? He asked "well i can't get my hair shaved as all the barbershops are closed and dad probably wont cut my hair either" i said .

hmmmm no i suppose not he thought "Well that's easy sorted son" Joe replied. I'll shave your noggin and tell you what i'll give you a proper haircut nice and smooth too he said.

I asked dad if he would cut my hair he responded with a flat out no. So asked if Joe could cut my hair. Again dad responded with "No! he's not going to be bothered to cut your hair." he shouted.

Joe stepped in and told dad that i could do with one that no son of his would be allowed hair that long. He told dad that now im almost 18 i should be able to have what i wanted and then he winked at me. I asked dad again as he lit a cigarette.

"Tony I'm telling you i don't think it's a good idea. You will regret getting it shaved"

" Please dad please i really want it shaved shorter" i begged to dad .

"Tony why do you want it shaved ? And how short do you want it?" dad asked directly.

For the first time I was stumped i didn't want to admit to dad i wanted my head shaved completely bald and didn't actually have an answer all i knew is i wanted it done, i was sexually aroused by watching men get their heads shaved to bare skin. However i couldn't exactly tell dad that .

I said to dad that there were loads of guys shaving their hair because of the lock down and i don't care how short Joe cuts it i just wanted a proper change and pleaded with dad. I said that It will grow back in a few weeks time as no one will see me anyways i continued to beg with dad.

Dad took a while to respond he finally said sod it .. Do what the hell you like its your hair anyway but if Joe shaves you bald and you hate it don't come crying to me!

I stood up and went to the cupboard handing uncle Joe a set of clippers as fast as i could , my heart was beating so fast and all i could think about was getting my head shaved finally ! I headed into the bathroom and removed my top. Joe came in behind me and closed the door he rubbed my hair and told me it was time to get rid of the mop.
"How shiny do you want that head of yours?"Joe asked

"as shiny as a cue ball please" i replied. Within next to no time Joe was shaving my hair with clippers i loved the feeling of my hair being shorn all off to stubble . the bare clippers of couse felt wonderfull and i had quite a hard on down below. The steel metal blades continued vibrating againt my scalp as he continued to shred as much of my hair down to stubble as possible.

As lovely as the experience was i have had it shaved with clippers before on a zero guard however i can tell you it wasn't nearly as nice as Joe rubbing my head over and over and over again with shaving cream. He filled the sink with hot water and i handed him my razor blade.

He carefully shaved my head both with and against the grain to give me an extra smooth head. He grabed my head and said son you wanted your head totally shaved , that means your face too he shaved my dirty fuzz on my face too the scraping of the razor was liberating i loved the scratching sound and with each pass of the razor it felt warm and wet.

He foamed up my head several times to make sure there wasn't a slight patch of stubble remaining. Joe kept a tight grip of my neck and he was bent right over me as he was scalping me down to the bare skin. I was rock hard and i think Joe must have knew i was enjoying it.

"Tony its nice to see your enjoying this as much as me" Joe whispered in my ear . oh yes I'm loving it i cant wait till your rubbing my bald head i blurted out "

At that moment i realised i was sexual aroused as i meant to say "i can't wait till i can rub my head." However Joe just smiled as he slowly pushed his left hand down the front of my trousers and i leaned closer into him so i could enjoy and feel his erection as he touched me. it was a lovely experience to finally have a man completely shave me bald and have as much fun as me doing it to me.
Joe and i spent some extra time in the bathroom enjoying my newly shaved head and exploring other areas to shave, sharing a shower together too.
Begging daddy to get a haircut was definitely the right choice and knew there was more fun to come.

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