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All because I said 'Sir' by Storyteller

This story happened when I was 18 years old, when young people must enlist for military service in my country. At the time it was common for many guy to be dismissed, especially those who were already at the University, which was my case.
At that time my straight brown hair went to my shoulders, completely covered my big ears, which since I was 9 years old had never been seen again. My bangs were always falling over my eyes. I was a shy, quiet boy, who concentrated my efforts on studies and always treated everyone with great respect, especially adults, even more older people. I kept my hair in that style by going very infrequently to a barbershop close to home. The barber was a gentleman around 60 years old, who was very friendly and did a light trim on my hair just with me having to say "the usual".
Well, I knew that very strict haircuts were the rule in the army and I knew that I would be dismissed for being advanced in my studies at the University, but, in order not to make such a bad impression there, I decided, the day before my presentation at military authorities to get dismissed, to go to the barbershop and get a trim that would keep my ears covered and the hair reasonably long, but that would give the impression of being well taken care of.

So, as I was in another part of the city and it was getting late, I decided to go to a barbershop in that area. I saw a small, simple barbershop that, from the outside, had no customers at the moment and looked clean and organized. The barber must have been in his 70s, white hair cut in a military style, a neatly trimmed mustache, white smock, olive pants and black traditional shoes. I opened the door saying "Excuse me, Sir", the barber made a sign telling me to come in. He was in a corner drinking coffee and said to me "In an instant I'll be with you, you can sit, young man". I obediently said "Yes, Sir" and went to the chair, sitting down properly.
While the barber was drinking coffee he started talking to me: "I never saw you here before, is this your first visit to my barbershop?", I said "Yes, Sir". He asked where I lived, if I studied, if I worked, and I responded to everything gently and with respect.
He asked my age and I said "18, Sir". And he said "Ah, the age of joining the army ..." And I said promptly "Yes, Sir, I must present myself tomorrow, and ..." He finished the coffee interrupting me and with a cape over his arm he stepped next to the barber chair and put the cape around me, closing it tightly.
He hit the pedal to lift the chair and swiveled it around, with the back to the mirror.
He said "ready?" and I said "Yes, Sir". He said "you are an obedient and respectful boy" I said "thank you, I think this is important, Sir" and he said "Yes, it will be very important for you there".

Before I said anything else, he was holding my head very tight and turned on his clippers and started moving it from my nape to my crown. I felt a chill and heard the noise of the clippers and the vibration in the back of my head. And at the end of this first movement he moved his hand slightly and made the hair fall in front of me. He said "Pretty white skin, huh, you're going to have to get a lot of tan". I, stunned, not knowing what to say or do, just said "Sir, yes, Sir", I don't know what made me speak that way, but the barber liked it and said "That's how you say it, son" and I said " Sir, thank you, Sir ". That seemed to make the barber more excited about his work and he kept moving those really tight clippers. And he did his job smiling. And then he said, "I've been in the army for 40 years, son" and I said "wow, congratulations, Sir". I got involved with his conversation and I didn't pay any more attention to what he was doing.
He had passed the clippers with # 00000 all over the back and then started to work on the right side, from sideburns to the crown. It was a few passes and it was done, so he took my ear and said "you have big ears, son" and I said "Sir, yes, Sir". He smiled and said "it's good for you, it makes you listen to orders" and I said "Sir, yes, Sir".
In the meantime he bent my ear like an envelope and clipped it around, buzzing it all very well. And then he was on the left side doing exactly the same movements.
Although I wasn't seeing it, I felt that my hair on the sides and back had been cut very short, but it still hadn't touched the top. He looked at me like that, with my hair almost shaved on the sides and back and big on top, he laughed and said "We still have a lot of work", I smiled and said "Sir, yes, Sir".
He took his clippers, took out the # 00000 balde that was in it and said "You want to make a good impression, right?" And I said "Sir, for sure, Sir" He just smiled and put the # 1 blade on the clippers, came over to me, in front of me, held my head and started moving the clippers on the top of my head. A lot of hair started to fall down the sides and back. The barber kept talking to me, all the time, on different subjects and I just nodded in agreement or answered "Sir, yes, Sir". I didn't even feel the time go by and soon the barber was saying "ready, son, ready to join the army" and I said "Sir, thank you, Sir".
He ran his hand over my head and I could feel how short my hair was even before I saw it. As he dusted my head and opened the cape, he said, "Son, I'm sure you have a bright future in the army, and I can do you a favor so you can contact the right people to start a brilliant career over there" I smiled and , before I said anything, he said: "better yet, let's do this ..." and he was closing the barbershop and taking off his barber's tunic "come with me and I'll take you in my car to meet the captain, he will certainly realize that he has a bright future for you and will open doors for you in the army "
I was very surprised with all that, but I couldn't say no to him and then I was in the barber's car being taken to the barracks where, at first, I would have to go submit the next day to get my leave.
As soon as we arrived he told me to wait in the car and I saw him talking to a man in uniform as he pointed to the car and spoke eloquently. Before long, the barber called me and took me to introduce myself to the captain, I kept my obedient and respectful attitude, I waited for him to speak and as soon as he introduced himself, I said "Sir, very pleased, Sir".
He said nothing, just waved to follow him, took me to a room, asked for my documents and said to the clerk "arrange everything for him" and added "under my supervision". Before I could understand anything well, I had signed papers and a uniform was being provided.
And then I was living my first day in the army ...

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