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Mr. Lee - every pretty boy's nightmare by Manny

"I think you should visit Mr. Lee's Barber Shop if a change is what you had in mind," Zach suggested in a joking tone which sent both pretty boys into peals of laughter.

"Oh sure! Can you imagine me sauntering into that time warp with my man bun?" Kyle replied. "The barber would probably lunge at me with a huge set of clipper before I could even get in the door!"

"You might look very handsome shorn down to the military length Mr. Lee sports," Zach said, amused by the thought. "And, it would be so much easier to care for than all this length you put up with!"

With a quick maneuver, Zach tugged on the scrunchy that undid his friend's man bun. Mounds of thick, mahogany-colored hair tumbled down past his broad shoulders. Kyle looked like the cover of a woman's romance novel with his handsome Latin looks and gorgeous mane of flowing locks.

Kyle quickly pulled the mass of hair together and re-made his man bun. He was lost in thought and distracted, thinking about Mr. Lee. How many times had he walked by that shop and took a few furtive glances of the young, muscular barber wielding his clippers?

Kyle thought Mr. Lee was such a stud. The barber was not much older than the two pretty boys, but looked as if he were from a different world with this closely cropped hair and white tunic that showed off bulging biceps. Mr. Lee was the epitome of manliness. He had recently taken over the shop after his father, who was also a barber, retired.

Kyle liked to observe the way young Mr. Lee would exercise total authority over the clients in his chair. His grip was like a vice and he moved his clients’ bowed heads to his will. Even high and mighty executives were under Mr. Lee’s authority when they were in his chair with the cape tightly in place. The corporate banker would be forced to bow his head low in Mr. Lee’s presence.

Kyle instinctively knew his man bun would be the object of Mr. Lee's scorn. He imagined Mr. Lee unleashing his disdain on his girlish tresses, and the idea excited him. He secretly longed to submit to the authority of Mr. Lee’s clippers. His trophy hair at Mr. Lee’s feet would be his tribute to the handsome barber.

After a few moments of silence in which he squirmed nervously, Kyle commented, "You're right about long hair being a lot of work. Sometimes I do feel like having it all chopped off...."

Zach was quite surprised by his vain friend's frank admission. He ran his fingers through his own mop of dense blond curls. He too had a voluminous mane that attracted lots of attention. A shiny halo of blond corkscrews that gave him a cherub-like innocence and exuded an aura of softness.

Zach felt his throat constrict and his mouth turned dry with a sudden nervousness. He forced out another frank admission. "Me too. Sometimes I'd like to have all of this shaved off." He touched his curls gently.

"Down to Mr. Lee's length?" Kyle asked with a slight gleam in his eye.

Zach felt his cock stir. A secret fantasy was about to be revealed. "Yes, exactly. A short crew cut....." Zach murmured. The crewcut was a desired haircut that his mother would never allow. No, her only child would sport curls! Mounds of them….and sometimes be taken for a little girl.

Kyle pulled his man bun loose again. His long hair cascaded down. He fingered the marvelous mane. "Would we regret it if we did it?" he asked.

"Probably. I think that as soon as it started falling to the cape, we'd regret it," Zach admitted. "But that might be part of the fun. I say we visit Mr. Lee's Barber Shop! Now, before we get cold feet."

"Deal!" said Kyle, extending his hand to shake on it.

"Crewcuts for both of us from Mr. Lee himself," Zach laughed nervously as the two pretty boys put the final touches on their plot to ditch their girlish locks.

As the duo drove to Mr. Lee's Barber Shop with Zach at the wheel, they chatted nervously about their spontaneous decision. Both fellows had serious doubts whether they'd go through with the radical deed, although neither admitted it out loud.

Kyle eyed Zach's curls carefully. Then he swatted playfully at one of the corkscrews. "Ever had a crewcut before, Zachary? I can't wait to see you clipped down like an army recruit!"

"No, never! My mother was very fond of my curls and protective of them. Now that she's passed, I can have them all shaved off. I wonder what it will be like to walk out of Mr. Lee's with hardly any hair on my head....." Zach said, with his voice trailing off, lost in a fantasy world that was about to burst into reality.

Kyle unfastened his man bun again nervously and pawed at this hair. He lowered the sun visor and examined himself in the vanity mirror. Such lovely hair....the sheen, the length, the softness. So much hair would hit the cape. He would feel naked without it!

Kyle's voice cracked slightly as he broached his growing concern, "Um, Zach, uh, friend. Well, I think I got carried away. Hadn't time to think about what this really meant. I mean a few minutes of excitement....and then months of regret. Possibly years! So many people are fans of my long locks. I mean, this trip to Mr. Lee's is starting to feel like a nightmare....."

"Are you serious? But we shook on it...." Zach protested, still anxious to ditch his curls.

"Well, I have a lot more to lose than you do," Kyle pouted.

The two drove on in silence.

Finally, Zach said in a firm, steely voice, "We are going through with this. Understood? And you will be first in Mr. Lee's chair. No shuffling your feet. No whining. No discussion. Is that understood, pretty boy??" Then he grasped Kyle's abundant man bun and gave it a yank. "This is coming off. Mr. Lee is going to take a huge set of Oster fast-feed clippers to it! All of this hair clipped close to the scalp except a bit of fringe at the front, just long enough to grasp between the fingers! You are getting a tight crewcut! End of story!"

Kyle felt a jolt of electricity pulsate through him with Zach’s firm line. Being marched into the shop and made to take a seat would certainly add to the humiliation of the experience.

"You don't think there will be a bunch of old geezers milling around who might want to taunt me as I'm made to take a seat and forced to watch my prized hair get shaved off?" Kyle asked, scarcely concealing his dreaded anticipation. "That would be so humiliating!"

"Every time I've peered into the shop, it looks a bit like a senior center. So I do imagine you will hear a few comments about having to shed the 'girly' look or 'finally looking like a man'. Some good-nature razzing will do help build character, I'm sure," Zach replied.

Zach reached over and grasped a shank of Kyle’s mane. "I’m looking forward to seeing all this on the cape. Mr. Lee and you might become very good friends with regular visits to his barber shop. He’s quite handsome, I think. And, I can’t wait to stroke your buzzed pelt. A nice tight crewcut. Hmmmmm. Nothing but stubble up here."

"What about your cherub curls? They’ll look so forlorn once they’ve been shorn! That huge mass of ringlets clipped off right at the scalp. Mr. Lee will transform you from choirboy to convict," Kyle murmured, returning the favor.

The mood in the car felt electric as the rest of the trip to the barber shop was conducted in silence. But, as they neared Mr. Lee’s, Kyle started feeling cold feet again. Big time!

Finally, he blurted out, "I can’t do this! Sorry, Zach. I’m going to bail on the haircut. I know I shook on it, but my hair is too much a part of me."

Zach parked the car nonetheless and did not try to conceal his irritation and disappointment. "You’re kidding, right?"

"Afraid not," replied Kyle, averting his eyes, feeling shame.

"Be like that, then, you little sissy! I’m getting my hair cut. My curls are as good as gone. You wait here for me. Or better yet….take a bus home. Mr. Lee is going to transform my look from choirboy to convict, just like you said!"

"I’ll just stay in the car," Kyle murmured, feeling rebuked and humiliated. He watched Zach stride into Mr. Lee’s Barber Shop, determined and fearless.

Within moments, Zach climbed into the chair nearest the large plate glass window. Kyle was going to have an unobstructed view of the transformation " curls to the cape! He squirmed in his car seat, eager for the shearing to begin.

The ferocity with which Mr. Lee advanced the divestiture of Zach’s cherub look was breathtaking. Kyle felt a major woody forming as he watched his friend’s pretty-boy locks quickly succumbing to the clippers. The blond curls rained down onto the white cape in torrents. It was a wonderful site to behold " Mr. Lee, looking like an angel, stripping away Zach’s cherub look.

Kyle lowered the visor and surveyed his own lush mane. His lovely shoulder length hair was barber bait, for sure! Without thinking, he touched the door handle. He fingered it nervously. If he so chose, within moments he also could be inside Mr. Lee’s Barber Shop. Perhaps there was even an idle barber waiting for him to cross the threshold, to escort him to directly to another barber throne. But that’s not who Kyle wanted. He yearned to surrender his locks to the young, muscular and handsome Mr. Lee… if he could only muster up the courage.

Just then, Mr. Lee swiveled the chair so that Zach was faced directly to the wind with a view of his car and the sissy Kyle. Mr. Lee’s eyes clapped onto Kyle. It was clear there was some discussion going on between Zach and the barber about him! For sure, Zach was telling Mr. Lee about their deal and about how Kyle had weaseled out of it….

Kyle saw Mr. Lee motion directly to him. He was waving his hand as if to say, "come on in here, I’m going to take my clippers to you too."

Without thinking, Kyle’s hand opened the car door. He could not believe what he was doing " he was actually getting out of the car!

As he did, a gust of wind whipped through his mane, leaving it totally matted. Zach and Mr. Lee got a good chuckle about that.

Kyle stood frozen on the sidewalk, staring at the shop. His feet forbade him from advancing.

Mr. Lee came to the door and opened it. His starched professional tunic commanded authority. "Kyle, I’m just about to finish up with Zach. Don’t dawdle! You’re next!"

Kyle almost felt relief to submit to the young barber’s command and hustle toward the shop. The die was cast. His manbun would be deposited on the black and white checked linoleum floor.

Mr. Lee smiled broadly as the pretty boy pushed the door open.

The first thing that Kyle saw was Zach’s massacred curls carpeting the floor at Mr. Lee’s feet. The muscular barber had his eyes locked on his next victim as he unfastened Zach’s cape.

Zach looked quite manly with his tightly clipped pate. The first thing he did was feel the stubble and gasped in delight. "This is perfect!" he exclaimed. Then he fingered the slight fringe in front. Just the length he’d always dreamed of. No one would suspect he had curly hair!

"All right, pretty boy. Your turn. Take a seat!" Mr. Lee said, patting the red upholstery. "I see I’ve got my work cut out for me…if you don’t mind the pun."

Kyle crept toward the chair, still flushed with embarrassment at the summons by the barber. He slunk into the comfortable upholstery. Mr. Lee flexed his muscles as he cast the cape. Then visibly agitated at the long hair, Mr. Lee grasped a shank of it and gave it a firm tug. "Girly boys and their hair! Your buddy looks so much better with his crewcut. And you will took. Are we going down to the same length, or possibly shorter. How about a butch?"

The question seemed rhetorical. Mr. Lee reached for the balding clippers.

"Perhaps not quite that short," Kyle eked out.

Mr. Lee grabbed the shears instead. He selected a prime lock " the voluminous forelock that often cascaded before Kyle’s hazel eyes. He held it straight up from the head " a good 15 inches in length. The shears hacked it off about a half inch from the scalp.

Mr. Lee let the lopped off lock dangle a bit in front of Kyle’s face. "What were you thinking, letting your hair get like this?!" Then he dropped the severed lock in Kyles lap and seized another victim.

CRUNCH! Off it came. Then another, and another! Mr. Lee amused himself gradually reducing the length all over until Kyle’s head was covered with uneven tufts that stuck straight out. His chest and shoulders were totally covered with his cut hair.

Finally, Mr. Lee announced, "Clipper time!" He reached for the machine. "An induction cut, right?"

"That’s right!" chirped Zach from the waiting area.

"Or, maybe he would prefer a shoe?!" exclaimed Mr. Lee. He fondled the thick brown tufts. "Yes, I think that’s what I’ll give you, a shoe! Make you look and feel like a man’s man."

Kyle’s heart pounded with excitement. The muscular barber was going to shoe him!

"Yes, a shoe," Kyle confirmed timidly. Then he confirmed his new look with more animation and determination, "Shoe me!" It was the most manly cut he could imagine. The one he feared most. He would leave Mr. Lee’s with a shoe!

Mr. Lee needed no encouragement to start balding the sides and back to a surgical length 00000 length. Kyle’s head was like putty in his hand. Moving here, moving there, bowing low. "Now, sit up straight! The top is coming off!"

Zach watched Kyle’s transformation with amazement. Those cold feet he’d developed in the car were nowhere to be found. His best friend was getting shoed by Mr. Lee!! It blew his mind. The two pretty boys would leave Mr. Lee’s changed forever. His only regret was that he had not requested a shoe. Perhaps, on the next visit….yes, then he would say it, "Shoe me too!"

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