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Three steps towards Hell, part 5 and end by thadeusz

October 24, 2023

When I entered the Captain’s office, that day in summer 2020, I was really a rebellious kid. But the chain helped me and nearly automatically, I took the position of attention: I was impressed by my new look and the apparent lack of interest of the Captain for me. Without any order, I lowered my eyes in an automatic gesture of submission. The Captain worked there without a look for me. He kept working during a very long time and I did not move. Suddenly the Captain spoke:
"Prisoner 183.506, you are now dressed as you really deserve. You were unconscious when you broke the sanitary confinement law. The confession of your girlfriend, and the kiss she mentions in her letter, prove that you are a danger for society. We tried here to make you aware of that, but you refused to listen and provoked fights. You were even ready to provoke a so called strike inside this prison. You are now in chains and will remain like that for at least 2 years, or nearly so because I give you now 9 months ADT to be added to all the rest. You have no hair, no eyebrows, no beard and you are not entitled to have any of these. You will now work day in and day out as simple workman for this entity, building houses if you are told to do so and destroying others if you receive that order. NOW LISTEN".

I started to look at him, but his look convinced me that I should better show my total submission to his authority. So I lowered immediately my head in a submissive attitude, an attitude of total obedience.

The captain went on:
"Remember that your judge gave ME the right to inflict you, at any moment more ADT. You have no more constitutional rights. You are not allowed to communicate with the outside world, except with your parents, and only when I decide so."
He then added:
"You went rapidly down the three steps of this prison. You are now on the verge of the abyss, on the verge of hell: If I am not satisfied with your behaviour, I can extend your present ADT to life without parole. UNDERSTOOD ?"

I was now really trembling and I simply said without raising my eyes:
"Yes, Captain."
"Drohman, take him to his quarters now."

And the Sergeant took me to a room with 16 bunks, 11 were clearly occupied and I was to get the 12th one. There was nothing else in the room. These bunks were in fact simple wooden frames, straw-covered frames, no cover, nor anything else. I remained quiet and miserable. Drohman removed the chain linking my wrist bracelets, but not these bracelets and he attached me by my collar chain to a metal bar fixed to my bunk. He finally said one last word:
"Now you wait here in silence until I come and fetch you for work. Remain humble and obedient"

There was no lamp in this small room, just one tiny opening in the wall opposed to the door, opening provided with horizontal and vertical very solid bars. The door was always locked nad I rapidly realized that section three prisoners had not the right to speak with one another.

As of this instant I have been a model prisoner, or at least I tried to be. I obeyed all orders. I accepted to wait and keep my uniform constantly on, until the end of the week and the weekly passage, naked, in the hands of the barber and then of the guard who showered me. I worked as well as I could. I didn’t ask questions anymore. I did everything I could to avoid getting any more ADT. I was really afraid of being sentenced to life there without parole.

In fact I tried very hard, but I was punished twice more, and the Captain was right to do so and I am grateful to him to have given me altogether another 14 months ADT when it could have been life.

The Captain made me learn to work as apprentice mason so that I could have a real trade. He wanted me to become better and learn about the harshness of manual work. I did my best and I think I learned a lot, but now that the Captain wants me to start working for him as full mason, I am afraid: what if I started again to behave badly. So I asked the Captain to keep me as apprentice. This great and kind man told me that he would decide later, but that everything depended on my present behaviour. I hope he will like what I am doing now.

I wrote this as a confession obeying the order given by our good Captain. If he accepts it, I will be free to go out without shackles or handcuffs, but I will have to keep my metallic dog collar during 10 more years. I know there is an electronic chip in it, so trying to take it off or trying to go to another state would result in me being really enslaved for life. But this collar will help me, I am sure, to behave well.

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