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A fun Saturday by Chris

Like most of us, things have been pretty boring during the quarantine. However, I did get to enjoy a good time Saturday, and the result was new looks for me and my sons.

It has really started to turn warm in Kansas, so I stared the day by decided to tighten up my beard while shaving my head as usual. However, I decided I couldn't get it short enough and decided to shave it off. Was nice being clean shaven again.

Then just as I was enjoying that, my boys called and we got to talking about how their hair hadn't been cut in six weeks, so I invited them over for a cut and to grill some burgers and have a few beers.

Since they weren't sure when they could see their barber again, they agreed that it would be a good idea for me to cut their hair.

I had the grill going and the beer on ice when they got here, and we decided to head out to the back deck.

My oldest son Mike said that reminded him of when I would call them out their for haircuts growing up. And, with his hair about 3 inches long, he was thankful that I would be cutting it again after we ate. His brother John agreed that his hair was getting out of control and he was ready for a cut also.

Mike took the chair first and seemed a little surprised when I asked what he wanted. "You always just cut it without asking when we were kids," he said.

I told him I thought he would make a wise choice, and he proved me right by requesting a crewcut. He said he liked the idea of going back to a cut easy to maintain and short enough to keep him cooler with it getting warm.

Just to be sure, I started a little longer and took him down with the No. 3.5 blade on the Oster 76s for the top and No. 2 on sides. He said that was a good start but that I could go shorter, so I used 2 on top and 1 on the sides and back with a low fade.

When John got in the chair he asked me to start by taking off his beard, so I did that with the 000 and then 00000 blades. Then he said to make his hair shorter than his brother's, so he got a high and tight with 1/5 blade on top and 00000 sides an back.

The boys loved their short haircuts for the warm weather, and we had a great time hanging out for a couple more hours.

For one day at least, quarantine was enjoyable.

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