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Uncle Bob - Part 1 by Neil

It was the last day of school and not a very good year. My grades were not good and I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. My Father was fed up with me and decided to send me to stay with my Uncle who lives out West.
I Don't remember him, he went into the Military when I was just a Baby. Now he has Two sons, A few years younger then me.
I guess the change will do me good.I was looking forward to see what the West coast was like.Hot Blonds and hanging out at the Beach.Cool...
My Father did not tell me much about my uncle Bob. I guess he would be a lot like my Father.Well sit back and let me tell you all about my summer out West....
I got off the plane It was about 3pm and Man was I tired, I had to look for a man and two kids in the distance I could see three people that fit the description. So I headed over to them.
Are you uncle Bob, I asked. "Son you must be Neil". Yes, how are you I said. " This is Mike and thats Billy" Whats up?
"Nice to meet you" .
On the way to the car we talked about things we are going to do and I notice how respectful Mike and Billy were and how much they obeyed their Father.
There was One thing I did take notice. All three of them were wearing cow boy hats and all had their heads shaved. This made me feel a little out of place. I wear my hair on the long side.
We got in the truck and headed for the house it was on a farm.We talked some more and before I new it, we were home.
We sat down to eat and all of them took off their hats uncle Bob had what you call a Horseshoe crewcut Mike and Bill had # 1buzz cuts with a bumper.We started eating and uncle Bob started asking me a lot of questions and one questions was, "have you ever had a crewcut son". No I never had."son, we have some rules in this house and one rules is, when you address me it is Sir, Is that understood"
Yes." Yes what ". Yes Sir. " Very Good ".
I had a hard time sleeping that night I was thinking uncle Bob was going to be a real hard ass.
The next morning at breakfast uncle Bob told Mike and Bill to go down to the barn and start the days work. " Neil I want you to stay back at the house with me".Mike and bill headed out and it was just uncle Bob and me.
" Son come with me". He took me out onto the back porch. He had a stool and table set up in the center of the porch." I want you to take off your T shirt and have a set ". I notice sitting on the table was a pair of clippers. I started sweating and did not know what to do.I obeyed his command and took my shirt off and set down. I could not believe what was going on but I was to afraid to rebel.
" Son I think it is time for you to get a good hair cut, you are long over do.I have been giving Mike and Bill crew cuts since they were born. Every sunday is hair cut day, but I feel you can't wait until sunday. Now I want you to sit still and keep you neck lose". He stood to one side of me put his hand on top of my head and tilted it down into my chest. Then I heard the clippers come to life and felt them being placed at the base of my neck.
Next I could feel them being pushed up the back of my head. I could feel he was not stopping he pushed the clippers all the way over the top .He repeated shaving until the entire back of my head was bald.
He then lifted my head, put his hand on my forehead and started shaving the top . This was the most weird feeling I have ever felt. All I could see was my hair all over me and getting all over Uncle Bob.He continued until my entire head was shaved bald." So how does it feel son"? Very weird, as I reach up and feel the stubble on my head." I am not down". He then Turns the clippers on once more puts his hand down on the top of my head and starts digging the clippers in to my head." This might hurt a bit but I want to get it down to the skin"
It felt like he was shaving off the skin it was hot and a lot of vibating. As he shaved he would rub with his free hand getting off all the lose stubbel. He just keep shaving and shaving and all I could feel was his big hand running over my head, until I was skined. " Well son, I think that is going to do it, you now have an introduction crew cut just like you would get in the Army.Now you will stay nice and cool . Sunday, I will just shave the sides and back and let the top come in a little, that will give you a 1" bumper.Now sweep up this hair and take a shower".
It was very weird taking a shower and not having any hair, all I did was wash my head like the rest of my body,With a bar of soap.The rest of the day I could not stop feeling my bald head Mike and Bill said it looked cool I guess It realy was not so bad getting my head Shaved and being everyone here has a shaved head I felt in place. Having long hair living here would of felt out of place.
Uncle Bob is not so bad, if you do not disrespect him, he can be a fun guy.Sunday came fast and after breakfast it was hair cut time. We all headed out to the porch, " Neil I want you to go frist" I took of my shirt and took a set. Mike and Bill sat and watched as uncle Bob skined what ever stubble I had growing in.
" I am just skining the side and back I will leve a little on the top so you will have a bumper in the front. It will take a few weeks to grow in".
I enjoyed the feeling of having the clippers run up the sides and back of my head and when he run it over the crown I felt my self getting hard, I never thought that would happen but it felt so relaxing, I could Sit and have this done all day.When I was done Mike jumped on the stool, Uncle Bob Skined his sides and back up very high then he wet the top of his head, straddle Mikes legs and cut the top down with the clippers leveing about a 1" bumper in the front tapering to a skined crown. He looked very cool. Bill got the same treatment. We went swimming all day in the pool, it felt weird swimming with no hair. I realy liked having my head shaved and living there I felt very comfortable. I don't know how I would feel at home having my head shaved but at the time , I was enjoying it very much.
Uncle Bob to gets his head shaved every sunday he heads into town and stops at the town Barber. Uncle Bob gets a skin tight Horseshoe Flat top, he said the Barber shaves his entier head with a razor and shaving cream and levels just 1/4 of hair on the top of the, front of his head. He said he has been wearing a Horseshoe crewcut sense he was in the Army.
I learned a lot living out west with Uncle Bob he made me feel wanted that is important , for a man to take an intrust in his boys my father does not do that. I can't wait to go back and live with Uncle Bob, Mike and Billy.I also have been cutting my hair but not that short. The first thing I want Uncle Bob to do when I go back is, sit my down and skin my head to the bone.

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