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A new life ! by Mr Powell .

When I was 15 my life changed dramatically . My uncle who had raised me died and I was given over to the custody of a guardian , he was " old school " and the key words were discipline , obedience and smartness . One of the first things that happened in my new life was a trip to the barber's , my hair was average length so I wasn't expecting a big transformation , was I wrong ! I was ordered to the chair and was immediately caped , my mentor told the barber to give me what he called a proper 1950s short back and sides , I felt like I was frozen in time !

The clippers fired into action and hair started falling like snow , the chair was turned away from the mirror so I couldn't really see what was going on , The clippers fell silent and I felt some greasy product being rubbed through my hair that was left , when the chair was turned around and I could see myself I was shocked . I had a parting , #0 back and sides and the top was shining . I had a feeling in my stomach like I'd never known before , I loved and I hated it at the same time , it was so confusing .

On the journey home I couldn't say a word , I was desperately trying to work out what was happening . When we got home I was instructed to put on a shirt , tie and wear a three piece suit , this was who I was going to be trained to be .

A year down the line I had become the conservative boy my guardian had intended me to be , groomed and disciplined ! Those were the words he used and I loved it but I always maintained this cool , controlled exterior as I had been taught to do . Getting a haircut had become a ritual that took place every other Saturday . I would arrive at the barbershop , sit quietly until it was my turn and then get this cut tightened up , it was the same experience every time . I would get this knot in my stomach while the barber went to work , it was as if he was saying that having this haircut was a form of discipline and it should be excepted without question and that was fine by me .

All of that was quite some time ago , I am now 25 and what began as a training exercise is now a fundamental part of who I am . In many ways I am a man from different period in time . I derive pleasure from this but it is also a duty ! Conservative values and respect for others have shaped my life . Self discipline and obedience being the key to this . Does this strike a chord with any of you gentleman out there ? If so it would be good to hear from you !

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