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My Girlfriend Shaves My Head to Skin by Shaved Boy

My girlfriend and i had been dating for 6 months now and we were getting really serious
Over that time i noticed her interest/almost fetish with my short hair
I always had my brown hair clipper shaved leaving fuzz or completely shaved to skin with a razor
After having my head shaved i would always let it grow to a 1/2in or so and reshave it. which took about a month.
I noticed that every time i got a shave (clipper or razor) my girlfriend would rub my head constantly, give me compliments on my look, and so on.
The last time i got it shaved the moment she saw me she led straight back to the bedroom where things heated up considerably between us.

Fast forward to the next shave...

I came home after a long day of work and walked into my house.
We decided she would move in with me 3 weeks ago and it was nice having her to come home to since she didn't work as many hours as i did.
I walked in and yelled "im home" while taking off my jacket and heading to the kitchen. It was spring but today the wind had a nip to it.
I was thinking i needed to get into my local barbershop to get my annual summer head shave but figured it could wait until it heated back up.
After turning the corner to go to the kitchen my jaw hit the floor.
There was my beautiful girlfriend standing next to a chair on the kitchen floor in nothing but a black bra and panties and black high heels
She had her "going out" makeup on and her slim hourglass figure was enough to make me pass out.
Her long wavy chocolate colored hair hung down below her breasts and she was smiling a wicked smile my way.
She told me to strip off my clothes even my underwear and sit down and let her take care of me.
I immediately obeyed because well... look at her.
She sat on my lap and we started passionately kissing each other
We breathed each other in and i started to unhook her bra
before i could succeed she pulled away and stood up and grabbed something off the counter.
it was a pair of balding clippers that she was holding.
it was then i realized that my fantasy was going to come true tonight.
i had always wanted my gf/wife to shave my head bald But i also wanted my woman to enjoy it to and that was hard to do
i mean i wouldn't think many woman would enjoy shaving their man bald. but i guess i found one!
She raised the clippers to my forehead and drove them back all the way to my nape.
She went for another pass and said "ive wanted to shave you bald myself since we met"
i became rock solid down below and continued to let the clippers be driven back over my head. she just kept smiling as my penis grew even harder.
she was gentle but firm making sure the clippers took a clean even swath every time.
watching her body as she buzzed me down with the clippers was mesmerizing.
i couldn't believe this was happening! i was so excited
after she ran the clippers over my head multiple times to make sure she got all the hair clipped down evenly and enjoy herself some more she turned them off.
i stood up and i immediately took off her bra and yanked her panties down.
i was about to make my next move and she gave me a firm slap on my face and said "slow down honey you're not shaved down to skin yet"
she guided me towards the bathroom where we stepped into the shower.
after another steamy make-out session she pulled away and told me to kneel down.
after getting me into position she applied a thick layer of shaving cream on my head and grabbed hold of a razor.
she waved it seductively around as she watch my penis swell some more.
then she made contact at my forehead and pulled it back to my crown. she continued to shave my entire head smooth.
after she shaved me down the first time she relathered my head and went for a second shave
she then felt around my head for any spots that had hair left.
eventually after going over my whole head 4 times she got the result she was looking for (smooth and shiny)
we stepped out of the shower after we cleaned each other and she rubbed my now smooth head with the water running on it.
we dried off quickly and she led over to the bed.
she finally handed control to me when we hit the bed. it was good to have her back under my control (for awhile anyway) ;)
she made it clear though that whatever position we were in she had to be able to feel my smooth head as we continued to have the most incredible sex you've ever thought of.
it wasn't long and we both had orgasmed and were worn out after the evenings events

it became a weekly thing for us to do and after 5 years it still hasn't gotten old.


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