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An Unwanted Shave Turned Good by SheShavedMe

I was in need of a haircut.
i didn't get a haircut before my vacation and now after a week away my hair was driving me insane.
i hated letting my hair grow more than 1/2" because my head always gets itchy
After searching the small town i was staying at i found a sort of hole in the wall barbershop
i really dont like getting haircuts while on vacation because i dont like new people messing with my appearance
But my hair was driving me crazy so i had to go in and get it cut
even if i hated the cut nobody knew me and it would grow some before i went back home
so i decided to walk in the shop
i opened the door which caused a bell to ring and i got hit with the fresh a/c and the classic barbershop smell
a woman's voice called from the back room "have a seat ill be a minute"
i took a seat in the barber chair and looked around the shop
there were a few pictures on the walls but it was sparsely decorated and in need of paint
i started to get nervous thinking maybe i should just get out of here because it was creeping me out
but as i swiveled the chair to leave the woman whose voice i heard stepped from the back room and greeted me
she very quickly turned the chair back to the mirror and swung the cape around me
she glanced at me in the mirror while messing with her clippers and said "you've needed to be shaved for awhile haven't you?"
i agreed but asked her for a #2 buzz-cut because thats my normal cut. her mentioning shaving me made me really nervous
she replied "oh you dont come to The Shave Shop asking for a buzz, i do nothing but head shaves honey".
and with that she quickly raised the clippers to my forehead and pulled them back across the top of my head
as they shaved their way back they revealed white scalp through sandpaper like hair.
she quickly made another pass
she controlled my head with her free hand. simply pushing or pulling my head in the direction she needed it
i had not said a word in disbelief that she had not just let me walk out and just started shaving me bald
she continued to peel the hair off my head leaving me with a fine sandpaper finish
she finally flicked off the clippers and put them on the counter
i thought i was done with the encounter and was ready to get out of there
but she went into the back room and came out with a steaming towel
she wrapped the towel around my head and i realized i was gonna get a razor smooth and shiny shave
while she let the towel sit on my head she put a new blade in the razor and worked up lather in a bowl
after she got everything set she removed the towel from my head and started brushing the lather on my head
after 3 mins of good hard brushing which was actually very relaxing she grabbed the razor and starting shaving my head with the grain
she never tried to make small talk or ask me anything. she just moved my head around and continued shaving my head
i felt like a little kid who wasn't allowed to make his own decisions yet and it made me feel really uncomfortable
after she made a first pass over my head she re-lathered my now smooth head and started shaving against the grain
she was doing a really complete service and i would have been very happy with the service had i asked for it but since i didn't i couldn't enjoy it
after about 10 more mins of shaving she set down her razor and toweled my head off with a clean towel
then door opened and in walked a woman about my age (25) and she sat on the bench opposite of the door
she was absolutely gorgeous with long dark hair reaching to her low back.
she had an inviting face and a naturally fit body. she was exactly my type
i was wondering what she was doing in here when the barber lady said "hey darling can you finish him up while i go change out the towels in the wash?"
The beautiful woman said "yes mom" and proceeded to walk towards the counter where i sat.
she put some liquid and cream into her hand from 2 different pump bottles on the counter and rubbed it all over my now smooth white scalp
while she rubbed the soothing substances on my head she commented "wow my mom really got you down to the wood, i cant find a single missed spot or stray hair."
i replied "yeah it was a little more than i walked in here for but she gave me a thorough shaved head"
the woman giggled and said "well i think you look great with a shiny bald head, and it feels great to"
after another 10 mins of fantastic and intimate massaging she removed the cape and gave my shiny head a friendly slap and said "you're good to go catch some sun on that head of yours now!"
i laughed and said "thank you" and paid her what i owed.
before i turned to leave i asked her if she would to go to dinner with me tonight and show me around the town since i wasn't from here
she said yes and later that day we had quite the date
i liked the fact that she seemed really into my shaved head even though i was insecure about it at the moment
we continued to go out together every day for the rest of my vacation
when i finally left for back home she came out and visited me 2 weeks later and we continued to see each other
every time we visited she would take me to a barbershop to get a fresh head shave
she would run the razor over my head herself everyday after the barber just to keep it smooth
she acted like it was her doing me a favor so my head would stay smooth for my enjoyment. but i knew it was for her enjoyment instead
after 4 months of a long distance relationship we tied the knot and got married
i would've never thought i would find my wife in a rundown shabby barbershop on vacation where i got an unwanted but great head shave

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