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Buddy encounters - Dusty by Clipperaddict

The text popped on my screen as soon as I switched my phone back on as we landed; "Welcome. I’ll meet you at baggage claim". This was really happening after years of online chat. I don’t remember exactly how many years Dusty and I had been online haircut buddies; maybe 10 or more. We’d come close to meeting a few times. Despite traveling a lot for business, I rarely visit the city where he lives and the last time I’d been there we weren’t able to find a time that worked for both of us. We share a common love of horseshoe flattops. I’ve worn one on and off for quite some time and Dusty has too, although his thinning hair has made that almost impossible now.

A couple of months previously, I’d secured work in his city and reached out to him immediately to plan to get together. This time everything had fallen into place. I would arrive the day before and he would take the afternoon off so we could spend a good amount of time together. His wish was to take me to a very traditional barber shop he frequents where he would select the barber and the haircut I would receive. I had been letting my hair grow since the plan came together. In return, I would get to give Dusty a haircut of my choosing at his apartment after the trip to the barber shop.
I saw him as soon as I came through the secure exit into baggage claim. We were both excited to finally meet each other in person and hugged tightly. As we made our way to the car it was hard not to run our hands through each other’s hair. Conversation was easy and animated on the drive to the barber shop. The night before Dusty had suggested having 4 envelopes with a different haircut in each that I would select to give to the barber.

1. Regular flat top
2. High and tight
3. Shaved high and tight horseshoe flat top
4. Head shave.

I told him I wasn’t wild about the idea as it wouldn’t really be his choice, but if that’s what he wanted then I’d go along. Candidly, I was a bit nervous about the idea of a head shave as I’d never had one before and wasn’t sure how I’d explain it to friends and family. He had asked if I was OK with those choices. Being fairly confident he wanted to see me shoed, (he was constantly going on about wanting to cum on a fresh landing strip) I agreed any of those would be fine. I asked him if he had the envelopes ready and he’d let me see them. He said he’d changed his mind and was just going to go with instructing the barber when I got in the chair. As we pulled into the parking lot at the barber shop my heart was racing. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Dusty seemed remarkably calm and already taking charge as he ordered me out of the car to pose for some before pics and video. I stood in front of a brick wall and slowly rotated like in the old BSV videos on YouTube. Dusty had asked me to wear a dress shirt and tie. "Ready to lose some hair", he said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and led me into the shop.

The shop is very traditional with 10 or more chairs. I’d been watching it for years on their live webcam and scoured the website imagining which barber Dusty would choose for me. The first chair just inside the door to the left is John's. A tall, beefy barber with a well-groomed thick, salt and pepper beard, and a shiny shaved head. His chair was open and he asked if he could help us. Dusty said, "Sure, my friend here is visiting from out of town and I told him he had to come by for one of your famous shaves." I paused for a minute looking anxiously at Dusty not sure if he meant a face shave (I did need one) or a head shave. He ushered me into the chair and John wasted no time caping me up and attaching the head rest to the chair. I was so relieved to know it was just a face shave. Dusty had his phone out and was video recording it. Getting a barber shop face shave with hot towels, hot lather and straight razor is a real treat and John is masterful in giving one. He is meticulous and takes his time making share every last whisker and stubble is removed. It was my first time experiencing the cool alum block he used to refresh the skin and prevent razor burn. John finished up and returned the chair to the upright position and removed the headrest. Before removing the cape he asked if I was getting a haircut?

From behind his phone Dusty spoke up, looking straight at me he said "Do the same to his head. He wants it shaved smooth." My jaw fell open and I could feel the blood rushing to my head turning me bright red. My throat went dry and I croaked, "Are you sure, I thought . . . ." Before I could say anything else he interrupted "Totally sure, it will look great and you’ll enjoy it." John looked at me to secure my agreement. With Dusty staring right at me, I nodded as John confirmed, " All off, smooth?". Dusty jumped in loudly "YES SIR!".

John went to his work station and grabbed the Osters, selected the 00000 blade and a comb and turned to my right side. He combed my hair a few times and brought the chattering clippers to the base of my sideburn. Slowly, firmly he took the clippers up to my temple. I am faced away from the mirror and can’t see the damage but can certainly feel the result. Steadily he worked his way along the right side before nudging my head down and peeling the back all the way up to the crown. I’m in disbelief this is happening and trying to decide whether I’m disappointed he didn’t take the clippers straight back from my forehead or relieved that I could stop him and end up with a high and tight. Dusty's eyes are transfixed, following every pass of the clippers. He can hardly contain his excitement and is nodding his head in encouragement. John pauses after completing the sides and back by removing my left sideburn. I know there is only hair left on the top. He goes back to his workstation to spray the clippers before returning to stand on my right side. He raises the clippers to my forehead and waits for just a moment to give me one last chance to back out. He looks at me for a signal to stop. I just close my eyes and nod ever so slightly and with that the clippers begin their slow march across the top of my head. I open my eyes slowly, breathing deeply and looking at Dusty. He is smiling broadly, gives me a thumbs up and mouths silently "You look AMAZING!"

Clipper shave complete; John grabs a mug of hot lather and a shaving brush. The sensation of the lather being brushed over my head is intense. My head is wrapped in a hot towel and my anxiety disappears and I surrender entirely to enjoying the experience. For years I have fantasized about receiving an unexpected head shave and it occurs to me that it is actually happening. The warmth of the hot lather and hot towel is so erotic causing my cock to harden. After a couple of minutes the towel is removed and more lather applied. John doesn’t hesitate this time bringing the straight razor to the center of my forehead. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of the razor scraping away the remnants of my hair. It is so sensuous. Looking at John’s shiny smooth head as he shaves me reminds me that is clearly very experienced in head shaving. What a gift to receive my first head shave from such a talented, hot, bald barber. After shaving the alum block comes out again; for my head this time. So cool and soothing. A precursor to the Bay Rum after shave which only stings mildly due to the alum. The smell is intoxicating. John has relaxed too and asks if I’m ready to see myself. He turns the chair slowly to the mirror, as I pull my hands out from under the cape to feel and see the result at the same time. It takes me some time to take it all in. I am BALD! It feels fantastic and surprising to me it looks good. John confesses he wasn’t sure at first as I have such great thick hair but had to admit he thinks I suit it. Dusty of course is very enthusiastic. I thank John for a great job and tip him generously.

Walking out of the shop Dusty can’t keep his hands to himself. He is ecstatic and can’t believe I actually followed through. He was sure I’d chicken out. I’m feeling really pleased with myself and still rock hard as he makes me pose for the after video and pics.

Driving back to Dusty’s apartment his free hand alternates between my head and my crotch. My hand alternates between his head and his crotch. "I can’t wait to cut your hair" I exclaim excitedly. On reaching his place, we rush inside. He grabs me and we kiss deeply grabbing each other’s shirts and removing our clothes as I contemplate his transformation, but that’s another story.

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