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1950s cut by School grey shorts

I came home from college for the week and to meet my mums new boyfriend. Took out my house keys from my shorts pocket and opened the door " mum that's me home" I called out when the kitchen door opened and out walk mums boyfriend " no need too shout Philip please" " sorry" " my name is Mr John Lewis, you can call me sir" for a spilt second a collage student saying sir to someone who met for the first time but for mum's sake " sorry sir" "that's better Philip you and I will get on" he smiled when he said it.

Opened my bedroom door and went in put my bags down and sat on my bed 🛏 " get my dirty clothes out to be washed" when John walked in " Philip I have been taking to your mother about how you and I get too know each other and I have come up with a idea" " yes sir" "you spend a couple of days with me at my house" "your house, were is it sir" " it's outside the city Philip" "when" " from tomorrow and you have to follow the house rules and obey what I say" I got off my bed with my clothes in my hands " sir we only met" " yes but it would be good opportunity for us too know each other" I looked at John "OK sir" John give me a big smile "oh Philip I forgot to tell you my house is old and there would be no point in you bringing that thing" John pointed to my laptop and phone " what about TV" "no" "OK".

We had dinner together mum and I catch up "Philip John told me you said yes about spending time together at his house" "yes mum" good boy". I got into John's car that morning and off we drove, it took a while to get there and what I saw was a big old fashion house with a big garden "sir what a spread" "thank you Philip" when I walked threw the house door things became strange.

John took me to my room, it was a 1950s boys room with a wash basin "rules are Philip you are in my house and do as your told, speak when spoken to, not on time for dinner, you go to your room with no dinner," for ten minutes he went on " that bag with those clothes you brung with you will remain in my car, your new clothes you will wear understood " new clothes! s**t ankle boots" I thought " your hair cut will be short back and sides" John took me into a room that had a chair with ✂ and a razor and clippers" sit" i did and off he cut, my hair got shorter and shorter and shorter, "there we go Philip" I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my hair cut, " sir how old is my hair cut" John smiled and said " boys 1900 and I musted say you look young with it about 14 years old" he was right I did.

" put your clothes on Philip" I saw on my bed white shirt with a wide collar, tie, waist coat, knee socks, knee beresh, black ankle boots, jacket, cap. John helped put on the clothes " come along Philip its dinner time." Philip when you are here you call me father " I looked at him" yes father "" good boy you are going to love living in the year 1901 and you are 14 years old ".

I walked around fathers house to get to know it, I came across a mirror and saw myself" s**t I look like a 14 year old and sound like one, what the hell happened " for some reason I was thinking like a 14 year old boy from 1901" no i am not from this time" it was no use I was in 1901 I was stuck here. I was up early in the morning got my clothes on, walked over to my bedroom window and saw my father talking to the three garden's and waved to him" right get from 1901 to 2020 but play along " had breakfast father and I talked for a while when I saw the gardens boy walk by the window, WOW" father who that"" that's the gardens boy Tom Wilson he is 15 why" "just asking father" I finished my breakfast and took a walk. I was looking at the roses when "you must be his lordship son Philip" I looked round and saw Tom "yes" he walked up to and put his hand on my balls and we kissed, we found a place and made love for hours.

Tom was asleep, I got dressed and ahead back to the house, walked in and walked out again " I was wearing my clothes with shorts and headed home

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