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A Headshave and More by SheShavedMe

I just got off of a long shift at work.
i work outside and the weather had turned hot the last few days as summer was coming quick
sitting in my car i got on my phone to look up the closest barbershop to get my haircut short for the hot weather
after searching for a few minutes i found a shop about 5 mins away from the job site i was at and i called to make sure they were open
a woman answered the phone and confirmed she was open and ready
so i headed out towards the shop
I pulled in to a tiny parking lot and took in the surroundings
The shop was located in more of a residential area and the shop was the front of what looked like a house
i found it odd but intriguing and figured the barber was saving money working from their house
the building looked newly renovated and cared for so i headed towards the door
i opened the door and walked in
The barbershop was small and sparsely decorated
it had the classic barbershop smell and it looked like a new shop
nobody was there so i took a seat in the waiting chair and checked some things on my phone
i wasn't in a hurry or anything plus the space was nice to sit and think about what was next to do on the job site
After about 5 mins of sitting and pondering a woman walked into the room from the back door that obviously led to the remainder of the house
She said "sorry for the wait i had to let my dog out the back and i have to go with him since i dont have a fence up yet"
I said "thats okay i dont mind"
I finally looked up from my phone to find myself looking at a gorgeous woman
she had long dark hair with soft curls that hung down below her breasts
her kind face didn't have much makeup and you could tell she was naturally pretty
her eyes had a glow to them that ive never seen before. full of fire and passion
She was standing behind the chair and said "okay have a seat"
after coming out of my trance i got up and walked to the chair
i sat down and she put a neck strip on me and then swung the cape around me
As she prepared for the haircut i hatched a plan to keep myself in her shop as long as possible without raising her suspicions
i would ask for a haircut longer than what i wanted
after she did that i would ask for her to go a little shorter
then i would ask her for a slightly different cut that would go a little bit shorter and then i would ask for the final cut
it would work out perfect
She was finally ready to start and asked what haircut i would like
i said "#4 all over"
she said "coming right up!"
she started buzzing my hair down and we had the typical small talk
After 5 mins she was done and asked if that was good
i pretended to look in the mirror and said "it could be a little shorter how about a #3"
she replied "sounds good, you have the look for short hair"
i liked where my plan was going and i liked that she seemed onboard with it even though she had no idea
we continued to chat and got to know each other better
after another 5 mins i had a #3 buzz
she asked me how that was and i came back with "i think i want the sides trimmed down more"
She said "i agree" and she slapped on the #1 guard and started running it up my head
now that the haircut was getting good and short my haircut fetish was starting to kick in
i was doing my best to hide my growing erection but i was losing the battle
the last thing i wanted to do was weird her out
we continued chatting and we were starting to establish that we had several things in common and we were getting quite comfortable
after you guessed it another 5 mins she had my haircut done for the 3rd time
She looked directly into my eyes as she said "does that look good to you"
i wavered a little bit thinking she was on to me and said "what do you think?"
she thought for a moment and said "hold on for a second" and walked through the back door that led to her inner house
i was thinking i had blown my chance and now had annoyed her or freaked her out
i was thinking about leaving when she walked through the door in the sexiest black lingerie ive ever seen
she was strutting towards me with her long legs ending in tall black and red heels
my jaw actually hit the floor
i was in shock at seeing this scantly clad woman with an hourglass figure coming towards me with fire in her eyes
i continued to sit in disbelief as she approached the counter where i sat and slowly took the guard off the clippers
she looked at me while holding the clippers and said "this is what i think shall we proceed?"
her tone of voice made my erection throb at my pants and all i could do was give a nervous nod of approval
she gave me a smile that made my stomach flip and walked behind the chair
we locked eyes and she said "dont worry its only a haircut"
with that she shoved my head down and ran the clippers up the back of my head
she proceeded to shave the entire back of my head down to stubble and then attacked the right side
my thick dark hair was no match for her hungry clippers as they buzzed around my head
the left side followed the same fate as the right and soon only the top remained
once again we locked eyes in the mirror and she said "saved the best for last"
with that she placed the clippers on my forehead and ran them back
after 5 quick passes she turned the clippers off and took off the cape and neck strip
then she sat on my lap and we slowly kissed for the first time
it was magical especially for my haircut fetish
she just took control and shaved me down thats all ive wanted for sometime
after awhile we finally parted lips and she said "would you like me to finish you off with a smooth shave?"
i said with a smile "whatever you think is best!"
she led me through the door that led to the rest of the house and took me to what i now know is the bathroom
there she started the water running in the tub and helped me out of all my clothes
after i was naked i returned the favor by removing the small amount of clothes she still had on
another short make-out session and then we were in the tub
i got in first and she sat behind me in the tub so she could give me what she called "a cue-ball special"
she lathered my head and used a straight razor going with the grain to get the bulk off
then she re-lathered my head and went against the grain to give me a smooth shave
but she didnt stop there and she applied another round of lather and shaved me down to the skin for a 3rd time
after the 3rd round she finished and she whispered in my ear "now to finish the cue-ball special"
and then i felt her change her leg position slightly so that her feet were positioned on my erection
then she started working her feet in ways that made me think i was in heaven
while she continued giving me her fantastic foot-job she was rubbing my newly bald head and kissing my shaved neck
after a couple minutes and with me on the brink she stopped and said "i need to have more fun with your new shaved head"
we climbed out of the tub, dried off, and she led me to her bedroom.

We are now husband and wife and this doesn't happen as often as we would like but when it does, it makes it that much better


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