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1950s cut part 2 by School grey shorts

When I got home mum looked at me " what happened Philip, shouldn't you be with John" " about that mum" " nice hair cut Philip and it suits you" " it's 1901 boys hair cut mum very, very short" " you go back to John right know" " but mum I have been in 1901 and the people who work for him call him lordship" " right now" " no" "what did you say to me young man" " no" mum put me over her knee and spanked me hard " you never talk back to me again little boy" " mum stop".

I was in my room with a sore bum "it hurts" " of course it hurts Philip talking back to me how dare you, you go back to John's house get to my car NOW". Mum pulled outside John's house I got out and off she drove when the door opened " you won't be coming back to this time Philip". I stood in front of him " I am not angry Philip at what you did your hair will be cut much shorter come along" he got the clippers and off he went, it got shorter and much shorter " there you go son" I looked at it " thank you father".

I walked around the garden and sat on some bricks " I go back again mum will give another bad spanking and drive me here again and I be stuck in 1901 for good and 14 year old, at the moment I am thinking like a 1901 boy and not even think about laptop or phone what ever that is..." " Philip" I looked round and there was tom, I got up he came over to me and we made love for hours.

At dinner father and I were talking away " Philip I saw you and the garder boy talking and laughing" " we are getting to know each other" " he has work to do and I see you with him again you be canned, and if you like being with him I would have another gardener's boy got that" "" yes "father "" soon you be starting school"" father" " are you looking forward to it" "yes" " good boy" I was in my room when Tom walked in we kissed and made love.

Morning came I got out of bed had a wash and got dressed went downstairs and had breakfast " morning father" " morning Philip we are going to town after breakfast" " really father" " yes come along" father and I walked round the town " Philip wait here for me" " I will".

Tom was talking to his father " Tom you been with his lordship son" " yes" " when he gets back go to his room and take it from there" " yes father". We got back from town and I went to my room there was tom " my father sees you in my room I be another gardeners boy Tom" " you will like Philip" " please leave Tom" he walked up to me and kissed me.

Got up from my bed looked over at Tom and walked over to the basin when " tomorrow we have the big garden to cut Philip" " no" Tom looked over and I was gone back to 2020.

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