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School rules by School grey shorts

The school rules at my school was short back and sides, my hair was over my ears and it did not go well with the headmaster. I was in the 6th year common room going over my notes when the door opened and in walked the headmaster " Paul my office now" walking down the corridor with him at my side was a bit embarrassing as the other boys were looking at me.

" stand in front of my desk Paul" I did " get your hair cut by Monday, if you haven't you be in a different situation, rules are rules" he got up went over the cane that was hanging on the wall " put your hands out Paul" " headmaster?" I replied " put them out boy, you broke the rules" I did crack, crack, crack the sound of the cane across my hands.

My hands where really red " next time it be seven of the best across your bum boy" I left the headmaster office " my hands hurt" and went back to the common room, " Paul did he canned you" said Tim "yes it's OK my fault, have to get my hair cut by Monday or I be in a different situation" Tim smiled.

Got home took off my school uniform put on t-shirt, shorts put on my laptop went on a site about hair cuts, saw one but that would make the headmaster mad, so I pulled down my shorts and wanked myself stupid.

Saturday morning came could not see a thing, shock my head now I could see, had a shower got dressed fixed my shorts and headed to the barbers, got there and it was closed due to a death in the family " great" checked were was the nearest barbers " that will do". Got a bus, it took me one hour to get to the town, I had to walked 1 mile too the barbers and the bloody thing was out of business " that's great" so I walked back to the town and waited for the next bus.

I walked to school when Tim walked up beside me " no hair cut Paul" I told him what happened he smiled and said " looks like no more common room, leaving school, short days for you Paul my boy" " whatever Tim" " knee socks and school skull cap for you" " Tim stop" " what ever happens today Paul just go with the follow it be alright".

Got to the school gates " this way Paul" I followed the headmaster to his office " put your bag over there" I did " this way" he opened the door to a other room a man was standing behind a chair "Paul sit down on the chair" so I did, the man was a barber and he began too cut my hair. My hair was getting shorter and shorter, felted the cold breeze on my ears, headmaster walked in " much shorter if you please master barber" the barber cut away.

The barber finished " great job master barber great job" said the headmaster and put a mirror in front of face " it's really short.. really short" I said a bit shocked, the barber left " Paul my office" headmaster pointed " take that uniform off right now" " headmaster" " do as your told" I did " now from today you be starting 4th year for one week for your punishment and if you break any more rules at this school it be permitted" "sir" I put on white school shirt, tie, dark grey shool shorts, dark grey knee socks, grey school tank top, black shoes, school blazer, skull cap " Paul it fits you and you look like a real 4th year" I looked at myself in the mirror and standing in front of me was a 14 year old boy.

We were having a break in the school yard when Tim came up to me " Paul you look smart in your uniform, let's see your hair cut" I took off my cap " you differently suit your hair cut and your shorts, how long for your punishment" "" one week Tim and if brake any rules it's indifferent " when I said that Tim made a big smile" look Paul just go with the flow it would be fine, who is that keeps looking at you" " that's John we sit together in class" "he likes you Paul" " shut up Tim".

I was treated like the rest of the 4th years, some reson I was being to think and ack like a 14 year old, at home my bedroom was changed to look like a boys room, had two drawers full of shorts, white fronts, socks, tank tops, shirts, short sleeve, jumpers, shoes, trainers, t-shirts, hanging in my rod was suit shorts.

The week finished I stood in front of the headmaster " Paul your teachers have told me that you have fitted in will, good behaviour, polite, good manners" " sir" I replied back " I was talking to Tim he said that you did what you where told by him" " yes sir he is senior" " he watched you for a while and told me that your behaviour was of a 14 year old " he told me to go with the flow sir" what do you mean flow Paul? your behaviour was of a 14year old boy" Tim that ass has dug a hole for me " Tim asked me to go with the flow by doing what I was told and not break school rules sir" " Paul you did not break school rules at all, you have been a good boy" my head was spinning for a answer " I don't know where you are getting this flow paul, Tim said to me that you're behaviour was of a 14year old boy" said the headmaster.

The headmaster sat down " can you explain what I said to you Paul even Mr O'Hanlon your PE teacher told me that you fitted in" " I can't sir" " so what's this business about going with the flow oh before you go, your getting another haircut" " but?". The barber finished cutting my hair this time much shorter than the last one. Headmaster sat back in his chair looking at me " go with the flow mmmm, so from next Monday Paul" " sir" " you are back in 4th year" " how long sir?" " in different".

Walking home I was angry " bloody Tim I get my hands on him" got home " It's me dad" " homework Paul? said dad" yes" he came out from the front room "good hair cut Paul" " yeah going to my room" took off my uniform put it away dad came in " got you more shorts and underwear" "thanks dad whereas mum?" " with miss Thomson" I put on my blue short sleeve shirt, cream shorts, cream ankle socks, brown sandals " you and mum are taking this OK what's has happened with me at school" " both of us are happy with it Paul especially your mother we knew that you weren't fitting in with the older boys at school, and when you came back home wearing your right school uniform smiling" "dad.. but?." " what son" I looked at him " nothing".

I finished my homework when mum came into my room " my little boy" she hunged me "dinner soon ready" the door bell rang dad answered the door, it was Tim " Paul it's Tim here to see you" mum left my room " hello Tim go straight in would you like to stay for tea?" "thank you I will" he opened my bedroom door " you look smart Paul" I closed the door " go with the flow I am in 4th year for good" "calm down Paul" " my behaviour was like a 14 year old" " it was you were like a junior" " I was not" " yes take from me Paul, I saw you and John making love really going at it" I sat on my bed Tim sat beside me " you got to face it Paul you were meant to be in 4th year, don't deny it the first time I saw you, you didn't fit in 6th year I saw you looking at the 4th years doing PE wearing their all white kit, on the school yard, hell when I saw today wearing your full school uniform in the school yard I was so happy for you..get used to it, your room looks like a kids room paul we're is your chancing table "" not funny Tim oh stand up" Tim stood up from my bed, I punched him in the stomach " that's for getting me into this situation".

Dad came into my room " Tim the next time you come to my house too see Paul make sure you are wearing shorts I won't have you wearing those stupid longs in my house got that" Tim looked at him " yeees sir" " if Paul is playing with some of his friends, you will play along with them" " sir" and left " did your dad mean that Paul" I saw the look in Tim face and saw his dick a bit hard " yes" Tim looked at me " wow shorts like yours Paul" " yes" " you be playing junior games, I mean 14 year old games" "always Tim, you have to get your hair cut like mine" " sh.. What?" " you be wearing the same school uniform as mine Tim" he lay back on my bed and wanked away, I pulled off his jeans and undershorts replaced them with a pair of my white fronts, he finished wanking " I be here tomorrow Paul".

I was at the front playing when Tim came walking over " Paul" I induced my friends to tim when dad came walking over, took Tim by the arm " this why boy". Dad had Tim clothes off replaced them with short sleeve shirt, tank top, white fronts, brown shorts, cream socks, brown shoes cut his hair really short " go and play Tim" he came out of the house and we all played together.

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