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Out of this world - chapter II by George Wheeler

Out of this world - CHAPTER II

And then I met Brandon " and everything changed. We met in a bar. He came up to me and told me how he had admired my enormous bun for a long time and finally taken the courage to address me. He said that he had never seen a bun nowhere near the volume of mine and asked if he could touch it.

I blushed and sensed my lap waking up. I had met that question many times before but never from a guy. I nodded and he very gently and softly put his hands around my gigantic bun and caressed it and weighted it in his hands. "Wow, so soft and beautiful and so voluminous and heavy. I never felt anything like it". He kept fondling my bun and I started breathing heavily, my heartbeat like a drum and I felt a bit dizzy. And EXTREMELY excited. No way I could suppress or hide my reaction. And secretly I realized that I did not want to hide the effect that his handling of my bun had on me.

"Your bun is magic. There must be tons of hair captured in it. I really would like to see it free flowing" he whispered in my ear as his grab on my bun tightened. Now the bulge in my pants was VERY visible. I looked at him " extremely aroused " and said: "I’m not sure you would like the sight. Usually people flee in horror when I wear my hair down, so I’ve gotten used to do it only at home". I awaited his next move. I never experienced an excitement so heavy as this.

"Maybe we could go to your place and you could show me your hair open and free. I sure would love to see that". Whispering this in my ear and at the same time "accidently" striking my lap and giving my huge bulk a brief squeeze sent shivers down my spine. I nodded and we left the bar.

We went to my flat. My stomach was full of butterflies, I was feeling dizzy, and my legs felt like gel as we entered. I had never been with a guy before " not even had the thought. But here I was extremely aroused with a guy. We went into the living room and had a drink. Brandon said: "Now show me what’s hidden in that gigantic bun " I’m dying to see your mane free flowing". I got up and stood in front of him. I could not help noticing the huge bulk in his pants! This added to my excitement.

I turned around with my back to him. Lifted my hands to my bun. "Are you sure you’re ready for this"? I asked. "Definitely. I can’t wait a second longer to see the bun drop". With these words I released my bun very slowly to drag out the excitement. Then very very slowly I let my mane go. And down it went. Over my neck, further down past my shoulder blades, my hips, my ass, my thigs, my ankles finally ending at my feet dragging another foot on the floor.

I stood still completely covered in my golden mane " so thick and wavy covering my back, my ass, thigs and ankles and even my feet completely in a carpet of corn blond hair. I trembled and awaited Brandon’s reaction to the sight of my mane covering me completely from behind. I feared that he would run away like all the girls before him. All I heard was heavy breathing. And then:

"OMG, I think I’m gone die. I’ve never in my life seen anything remotely as beautiful as this. I think I’m going to faint". I smiled " in relief and excitement. Brandon said all those words I had longed for so many years. I moved very very slowly knowing that the movement would make my mane look alive with all its waves. It swayed from side to side.

"I’m not sure I can stand this" Brandon said as he rose from the chair. "Your amazing hair drives me crazy. Can I touch it"? If he could! In this moment I did not wish for anything else than Brandon’s hands in my mane. "Yes pls." I whispered.

Brandon started to caress my floor long hair, gently pulling it, smelled it, ran his fingers through it. I was in the seventh heaven. Brandon grabbed a handful of my mane and whispered in my ear: "I think it’s quite warm in here. Maybe we should wear less clothes". BOINGGGGG! I was at the point of cuming.

We quickly took of our clothes and faced each other naked " all though my body was covered in hair. We French kissed " I never kissed a guy before, but this was pure magic. Brandon stroke my rock-hard shaft with one hand and pulled my mane by the other. I sighed and grabbed his cock and started to wank his shaft. It felt amazing and so sexy " kissing a guy, wanking each other and feeling the tug on my floor long hair. Could this be any better?

For the first time in my life I had sex with a guy " the rest if the night. A night of passion and hair love and hair jobs.

In the next weeks I felt like living on a cloud. Enjoying an ever-closer relationship with Brandon. Greeting him upon his return from the office by sitting naked on a bar stool with all my hair down all around me down on the floor and my body completely covered by my thick blond wavy mane. Blowing him as he caressed my hair.

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