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Out of this world - chapter III by George Wheeler

Out of this world - CHAPTER III

One evening as we sat on the couch naked, caressing each other and kissing, Brandon suddenly whispered in my ear: "Darling, you know that I love your wonderful long hair more than anything else in the world. But it is extremely long. It reaches your feet and drags along the floor. Maybe it would be more graceful to have it cut just above your feet. I’m sure it would benefit your mane and make it look even more outstanding".

I did not believe my own ears. Brandon suggested that I got a haircut!!! I felt dizzy and my stomach ached. I breathed heavily; my mouth was all dry. I could not speak a word.

Brandon noticed my very strong reaction to his suggestion so he tried to calm me down: "Honey, you know that I love your hair and if you don’t agree we won’t talk more about it and you keep growing your hair".

I trembled " I was shocked. I felt sick. Brandon really tried to calm me down, caressing my mane and kissing it, smelling it, brushing it " all the things I usually enjoyed so much. But now I did not feel a thing.

We went to bed and the subject of a haircut was not raised again. Nevertheless, a tiny seed had been planted in my mind. In the beginning I ignored it. But it would not go away. In fact, it started to grow. The idea of a haircut!

One night when Brandon just ended brushing my mane after having washed and blow dried it for 2 hours. We both stood in front of my full body mirror naked looking at my gigantic mane covering me completely in hair. The seed that had been growing in me suddenly flourished. I turned around and looked Brandon in the eyes. "Maybe my hair has gotten a bit too long" I said with a very small voice. Brandon did not believe his ears. "What did you just say darling"? I raised my voice: "I was thinking that maybe you’re right that my hair would benefit from a small trim".

Brandon immediately got a huge hard on. "Oh darling, are you sure? I think you are right, but do you feel ready for this. I know how sensitive you are to haircuts".

With extreme difficulty I nodded slowly. Brandon kissed me very passionately and we made love like never that night.

The day after Brandon called me from the office. "Honey, as we agreed I’ve made a reservation at the local barber shop this afternoon at 5 o’clock. I will pick you up and take you there". I was completely taken by surprise. I never agreed to a haircut now " and even less to an appointment at a barber shop. I always envisioned a beauty parlor when I should have my tips trimmed. I was so flabbergasted that I could not resist. And Brandon hung up.

I felt sick, week, legs like gel, stomach ached. I really was not ready for this. I tried to tell myself that it would only be a small trim " perhaps 2 inches " and I tried to persuade myself that my hair would benefit from such a trim. But I remained insecure, in doubt and afraid all day. I put my hair up into an enormous bun as if this would protect it.
Then Brandon came. "Come on darling. You will not regret. Your hair will be even more beautiful and healthy". And with those words we left my apartment and drove away. Even before Brandon stopped the car, I saw the rotating barber pole. I felt like vomiting. Brandon parked the car in front of a small, traditional barber shop. I looked at it with horror. This was a traditional male barber shop. I was sure they did not do floor long hair " rather long hair on the floor! I told Brandon that I was not sure and that I would like us to drive away and allow me more time to consider the huge step to have 2 inches cut off my floor long mane!

But Brandon was determined to have me go through my trim, so he kissed me and took me by the hand and led me to the door. I could hardly breathe. My heartbeat like a drum. My legs could not carry me. I was paralyzed and did not manage to protest any more.

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