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Out of this world - chapter IV by George Wheeler

Out of this world - CHAPTER IV

Brandon opened the door and pulled me inside. First thing I noticed was the horrible smell of hair tonic. It added to my dizziness. Second thing was the interior of the barber shop. It only had to barber chairs. Old fashioned with red leather seats and a footrest. And a range of clippers hanging at the desk in front of them. I was at the point of fainting.

I hardly noticed the customer in one of the chairs. As the barber turned around, he could not see my bun. "What can I help you with gentlemen"? Brandon told him, that he had made an appointment for 5 o’clock and the barber said he would be with us in a moment and told us to take a seat in the waiting area. We sat down on a pair of old wooden chairs. I felt more uncomfortable than ever before in my life. I had not been inside a barber shop since I was 12 years old.

We faced the two barber chairs. And I took a closer look at the barber. He was an elderly man, dressed in a white outfit. I did not like the expression on his face. He did not look like a barber doing trims. I felt ever sicker, but Brandon took my hand and whispered in my ear:" Easy darling, remember it’s just a small trim and we’re out of here in no time".

The barber finished the customer, dusted him off and he paid for the very very short haircut at the counter. As the barber started to sweep the cut hair off the floor the customer passed us. He looked at me with a very unpleasant smile. I swallowed deeply.

The barber turned towards us. "Next! Pls. take a seat".

Brandon literally had to push me up from the chair and all the way to the barber chair. He pushed me into the leather seat. I grabbed the armrests so hard that my knuckles went all white. I placed my feet at the footrest. Brandon smiled at me and pushed me back in the chair. "Relax darling, it won’t hurt, and it will be over before you know it". I noticed that Brandon blinked to the barber and all blood left my head! I sensed something awfully bad was about to happen.
But before I could react the barber had thrown a huge black and white striped cape all around me. It covered me completely all the way down to the footrest. I felt trapped!

The barber smirked at my gigantic bun as he applied the neck paper. He closed the buttons on the cape and made my escape impossible.

I felt miserable and helpless. Brandon had found his mobile and was making a video of my haircut!! I felt awful and embarrassed.
"Now young man" the barber said to me. "What are we having today? A nice short man’s haircut with a buzzed nape, ears free and a micro bangs? Or are we game for a trendy flattop? Or should we go all the way with a no 1 buzzcut"?

I did not understand half of what he said. So, I whispered: "I just want a small trim".

"A small trim" the barber repeated. "That’s what you all say when you come in here. But let me tell you young man I do not do trims! This is not a lady hairdresser. This is a male barber shop. And here we do men’s haircuts"!

Before I could protest, he reached for my bun. "I could see his face in the huge mirror in front of me. He looked at my bun with contempt. "Did you ever see anything like that" he mumbled to himself as he started to unleash my bun. "A man with a woman’s hairstyle. Disgusting". He kept mumbling and swearing as he fumbled on with my bun. It was obvious that he had never been confronted with a bun " and least of all a bun out of this world magnitude and volume. I felt ever so embarrassed.

Finally, he managed to loosen my bun " and it started to tumble down. All the way down over the back of the barber chair and the seat further down to barber floor into a huge pile.

The barber did not believe his eyes. He just stood there glaring at my hair " all my wonderful thick blond hair covered all the barber chair and part of the floor under and behind the chair!

The barber finally came back to his senses. "OMG " never in my life I saw a more disgusting sight. This is horrible! How anyone can end up like this surpasses my imagination. You never should have been allowed to let this mess go on year after year. Time to make good of all these years of neglect and rebellion".
I froze in the chair. Both because of the barber’s comments but as least as much because of the expression in Brandon’s face. He was smiling at the barber!!! I felt miserable.

The barber now started to pump up the chair. Higher and higher I went. It felt ever so embarrassing being lifted in the air completely defenseless and helpless being completely under the control of the barber. Even though the barber had pumped up the chair the highest it could get, my mane still covered it completely and my mane still reached the floor.

The barber grabbed a brush from the counter and started to brush my mane. He brushed it from the top of my head down over the back of the barber chair all the way to the floor. When he reached the floor, he made a big sigh and started all over again. If it had not been for the fact that I was captured in a barber chair I would have enjoyed having my amazing floor long mane brushed so much. I looked in the mirror in front of me. I could see a reflection of myself from behind in the mirror at the wall in the waiting area. And my lap started to react despite the circumstances.

I was a sight for the goods. My corn blond mane shining and falling in heavy waves all the way from the top of my head to the floor like a thick carpet of hair. I could not see the barber chair only hair, hair, hair. Amid my desperation I got a hard on and very carefully I moved my hands to my lap under the huge cape and started to rub the huge bulge in my pants.

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