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Out of this world - chapter V by George Wheeler

Out of this world - CHAPTER V

After having brushed my mane for what felt like hours the barber brushed my frontal hair down over my face and further down to the footrest. I was caught in my own hair prison completely covered and surrounded by my massive mane.

The barber put down the brush and paused to catch his breath. It was obvious that all that brushing had taken him a lot of energy. Not being used to handle a floor long mop like mine.

"You look all like a sheep dear" Brandon said. "And do you know what they do to the sheeps? They shear them to get rid of all that uncomfortable wool". I sat behind my hair curtain and could not with a huge hard on and breathing heavily because the curtain was so thick and tight that it hardly made breathing possible.

Then the barber said. "Well gentleman I think we finally have this young lady ready for the small trim you asked for. How about I do an inch"?

I felt ever so relieved by those words. And I nodded behind all my hair " and unzipped my pants and took out my rock-hard cock and started wanking very very slowly to make sure Brandon and the barber noticed. Sitting in the barber chair in a traditional male barber shop with an elderly barber with hair all around me made me quite horny " since I was only going to loose an inch of my beloved mane.

I actually felt comfortable in the barber chair and decided to close my eyes and lean back and relax and enjoy my small trim.

Suddenly and without any notice at all I heard and senses the opening of a pair of scissors close to my forehead. And then the horrible sound of scissors closing in on hair " my hair! " my frontal hair!! I sat in the darkness behind my hair curtain as I heard and felt the scissors coming closer and then! Suddenly a little bit of light penetrated my hair curtain to the left of me half high up at my forehead! OMG!!!! The barber had started to cut me without no warning. I froze completely. Not able to move or speak.

The horrible sound continued. And my hair curtain started to fall away as the barber cut his way across my forehead way above my brows. The barber was cutting BANGS on me!! OMG it could not be true. I had not had bangs since childhood and now the elderly barber was ruining my wonderful hair curtain cutting ever more of my frontal hair. Soon he reached the middle of my forehead and I look downed. There was cut hair EVERYWHERE!!! The cape was hardly visible, and my lap hidden by my own cut hair.

I felt like crying. Brandon watched every click of the scissors as they plowed their way through my awesome frontal hair " and he smiled at me! "Oh, my darling. You look smashing with bangs. I always knew you would. I just stared at him and at myself in the mirror. The barber went on cutting more and more of my frontal curtain off and tons of lovely blond locks raced down the cape.

When the barber had finally reached the other side of my forehead he paused and studied my bangs. "Well son now you can see again. We simply had to get rid of all that mess taking your vision. I’m sure you will appreciate that".

I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked HORRIBLE! The barber had cut baby bangs on me! Almost 2 inches above my brows, blunt cut. OMG! I looked like a little boy. Still completely covered in shorn frontal locks and all the rest of my floor long mane the contrast was immense. Extremely short straight across my forehead cut bangs and hair to the floor all over the rest of me.

Brandon smiled at me and kissed me. "My poor little boy. You look so extremely attractive and yet so sad. Smile honey. I love your micro bangs -I know you will too once you’ve gotten used to them".

"Shall we continue" the barber interrupted us. "We still got a lot of work ahead of us". Whatever did he mean by that! Trimming my tips should not take very long. My heart almost stood still. I just wanted to get it over with and get out of this horror chair and horror shop ASAP!

The barber stepped behind the chair and gathered all my hair in a tight high ponytail, lifted it high above me and let it loose. My amazing blond carpet mane tumbled down behind me all the way to the floor. Thank God I still had all this in store.

Once again, the barber brushed my mane from top to bottom. And slowly I began to relax. Watched myself in the mirror as my head moved backwards with each stroke of the brush. Perhaps Brandon was right after all. Perhaps I could get used to having baby bangs. In fact, after the initial shock disappeared, I did not find them ugly. I just must get used to them " in the course of time.

And slowly the brushing made my cock grow hard as a rock again and I grabbed it under the cape and started wanking slowly and discretely. The micro bangs, all my shorn frontal locks all over the front of the cape and in a huge pile in my lap in a peculiar way made me excited. I closed my eyes and leaned backwards in the chair enjoying the tug on my mane from the brushing. My mane resembled a waterfall of golden thick wavy locks.

And then suddenly, I felt a warm hand at my thigs under the lap! And the hand moved upwards and started to caress my rock-hard cock! I opened my eyes. And there close to me was Brandon. Smiling as he gently wanked me. He looked ever so horny! I looked at him and he started to kiss me while wanking me. He could not the huge bulge in his own pants!

The barber kept brushing my gigantic mane seemingly not intended to interfere.


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