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Haircut by School grey shorts

The family went to pairs for the summer holidays, myself and mum and dad. My name is John I am of average build, tan complication, blue eyes. I forgot to get my hair cut before we went on holiday, I can get it cut in pairs.

Dad's friend said we could have his apartment for the summer and what a place, " John I found a barber that's around the corner from here" said dad " how far dad" I replied " five minutes walk John" mum walked into my room " let's go".

Mum and I approached the barber shop and went in " my son needs a hair cut" the barber looked at me " yes he does" I sat down on the barber chair, before mum said a word to the barber he was cutting away at my hair. It got shorter and shorter, the barber used clippers, razor then he was finished I looked up at my hair could not believe what I saw " what did you do too my hair" mum was not happy at what she saw " I cut your son's hair as you asked" I looked at him " it's very short really short" all the boys in pairs have this hair cut " i got off the chair" you cut my son's hair too short, John go outside and wait for me".

Mum came out from the barbers " the man is old John lers for get it"

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