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Out of this World - chapter six by George Wheeler

Out of this World " Chapter 6

Adult content

Brandon caresses my rock-hard shaft while the barber keeps brushing my mane from the top of my head to the ends that touch the floor. Brandon kisses me and whispers in my ear:" You look so adorable darling. Your new micro bangs drive me wild. Your beautiful face is so much more visible now and the bangs frame it perfectly without all that hair to disturb.

My cock is rock hard, and I moan as my head moves backwards every time the brush glides through my thick wavy carpet of blonde hair all the way to the floor.
Brandon whispers in my ear:" I think you would look even more magnificent if you had a bit more than the 2 inches taken off your floor long mane!" He wanks me harder and I’m close to exploding under the huge barber cape.

" Darling " you’re so excited " even though you’re seated in a barber chair. I like that very much. And an interesting sign. I think you actually like being in a traditional male barbershop instead of all those beauty parlors. I can feel and see how excited you are. I think the whole idea of a haircut makes you horny dear.

Actually honey. I’ve a small surprise for you. I’ve arranged with the barber, that we can rent his shop for two hours. He will take a walk and only be back after 8 o’clock. So, we have the barbershop all to ourselves".

I gasped from excitement. Brandon let go of my rock-hard cock and paid the barber. He left and Brandon pulled down the blinds.

Brandon went back to the barber chair. He kissed me and rubbed the huge bulge very visible under the cape." My lovely longhaired princess with her new amazing baby bangs that suit you so well. Time now to move on with your haircut darling".

I groaned " frozen and burning hot at the same time. What did Brandon have in mind? Did he ponder doing the haircut himself? I suddenly felt very aroused.
Brandon pumped down the chair. "Come my dear" he whispered and pulled me out of the chair. He kissed me and took off the cape." What’s going on" I asked. "Take off your clothes" Brandon said with a smile and started to undress himself.

We faced each other naked " both with rock hard cocks " and almost all of my body covered in my lady Godiva hair " except in the front where the new micro bangs stopped way about my brows.

Brandon then stepped into the chair. He smiled at me and whispered: "Come honey". I placed myself on top of him and felt him slowly fill me up. I was dizzy from excitement. Brandon slowly started to f*** me. I went up and down his rock-hard shaft. All the while I could see myself in the mirror on the wall in the waiting area that reflected in the huge mirror in front of the barber chair. My gigantic blond mane swayed from side to side and up and down in waves all over our naked bodies and over the barber chair to the floor. That sight made me very very excited " and in love in my own marvellous hair.

" Ohhh my sweet sweet darling. You make me crazy. Brandon gasped." But we have to do something to all that hair. It’s everywhere. You can see yourself how we’re trapped within your hair prison. We both need to be liberated. So, I will now give you a haircut honey".

I felt dizzy and at the point of fainting. I was riding on Brandon, and he wanted to cut my hair at the same time! Brandon leaned forward and grabbed a pair of scissors placed at the table. He started to cut in the air around my head." So, my own little princess. Now I will cut your floor long Rapunzel hair" " and as I carried on riding him harder and harder partly because of my fear partly due to my excitement he grabbed a huge thick lock of 6 feet long golden hair " pulled it a bit hard and led the scissors up to my " SHOULDER!

" What are you doing" I moaned." We agreed on a trim of 2 inches". I changed my mind darling" Brandon groaned " and closed the blades around my enormous lock of girly hair. I heard the terrible sneer as Brandon cut his way through my amazing 6 feet long golden lock. I was at the point of exploding.

And then the scissors had reached the end. And Brandon let go of my 6 feet of shorn blond hair that slid down the cape and chair to the floor. In the mirror I could see that he had cut my hair just above my shoulder! I was in a state of shock and disbelief.

Brandon french kissed me and whispered:" You’re going to look absolutely smashing without all that hair honey" " and then he grabbed another huge lock of my hair and brought the scissors to my shoulder again. He opened and closed the blades around my beloved 6 feet long lock until it slid down the cape and landed on the footrest.

I rode ever wilder on Brandon as he continued to cut my gigantic carpet of floor long thick blond hair all the way around my head from shoulder to shoulder. We were both completely covered in my shorn hair, that piled up all around and under the chair.

Brandon put down the scissors." Take a look my darling how wonderful you look without all that long hair you’ve been hiding behind all those years". I looked in the mirror in the waiting area and saw myself with a page haircut blunt cut just above my shoulders. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. But Brandon was so excited now from cutting off 6 feet of my hair and watching me with a page haircut that he came with a huge load in me.

I still had a very serious hard on, as I got off him. Brandon told me to take a seat in the barber chair and I sat down naked and saw myself in the huge mirror in front of the barber chair. Extremely short thick blunt cut bangs and a sharp shorn straight over my shoulders cut page. The barber floor a sea of shorn blond beautiful golden locks covering the area around the chair and further on completely.

Brandon kneeled before me a started to blow me. While doing so he grabbed a big fist full of shorn locks and twisted it around my rock-hard cock and blew and wanked me until I came in my own 6 feet long locks.

We sat down at the wooden chair in the waiting area caressing and kissing. The experience had been Out of this World to both of us. But Bardon wasn’t finished yet with my hair. The kissing and caressing had made me very horny again and when Brandon grabbed my hand and led me back to the barber chair I followed without protests.

I sat down in the barber chair naked and Brandon placed the huge cape around me once again.

Then he reached for one of the clippers hanging at the rag in front of the chair. OsterClassic75 " red and metallic " was the name on it. I was in a state of shock. "What was he thinking"! Brandon smiled at me: "Relax honey, now you’ve gotten rid of all that floor long girly princess hair. However, that page and those micro bangs makes you look even if not more feminine. I don’t want that. I want you to look like a real beautiful man".

With those words he turned on the clippers! I jumped up in the chair. The clippers made a horrible metallic noise and sent shivers down my spine. I watched in the mirror how Brandon moved behind the chair with the clippers in his hands. Then he put a hand on my head and pushed it forward " all the way down to my chest. I felt the icy cold metal from the clippers against my neck and trembled out of control " at the point of fainting. And it got worse as Brandon started to move the horrible clippers up my neck to the top of my head.

Hair tumbled down the cape into my lap and on to the heavy pile of already shorn hair on the barber floor. 15 inches of thick long blond hair raining down all around me. Brandon continued to push the clippers from my neck to the top of my head and the rain of shorn hair never seemed to stop. But now he let go of my head and went beside the chair and placed the clippers above my right ear and pushed it upward. 15 inches of golden locks replaced by stubbles! He proceeded to my left ear and my lovely hair slid down the cape into my lap and onto the floor leaving nothing but my baby bangs. The rest of my wonderful golden hair carpet buzzed off lying all around me.

I felt so dizzy and sick as never before. But Brandon wasn’t quite finished yet. "Honey, these ridiculous baby bangs need to go too". He placed the clippers at my forehead and started to move it upwards. My bangs raced down over my face and onto my lap. He buzzed off my micro bangs.

When he finally turned off the clippers there was complete silence in the barbershop. I sat paralyzed in the chair looking at my reflection in the barber mirror. My buzzed head. No trace of my former pride and glory floor long mane. Tears ran down my cheeks. I felt like dying all empty inside.

Brandon placed the clippers in the rag and kissed me. He broke the silence whispering: "My wonderful, beautiful real man". I remained paralyzed. Looking in the mirror not believing my own eyes. And looking at all my 6 ½ feet of golden hair carpet now covering the barber floor instead of me.

I had come to the barbershop for a 2 inches trim. I would leave with much less than 2 inches. Brandon swept away my tears and kissed me. "Hush husk baby. You just have to get used to your new look. It’s a major change but I’m sure you’re going to love it. I do already"!

I left the chair and stood with my naked feet in all my soft long golden shorn crowning glory. We dressed and Brandon gathered all of my cut hair in a huge sack he had brought with him. "Baby I’m sure we can make good use of this next time we make love". I wan’t so sure of that.

We left the shop at the same time as the barber returned. He looked at me and nodded with approval." About time" were his only words.

Back in my apartment Brandon asked me if I wanted to see the video he had made of my haircut. He said that there might be some guys who would be interested in buying the video if we make it available to the public. I wasn’t ready for this. Neither watching the video nor the idea of other guys watching my extreme haircut " having an exciting time…

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