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shave my whole head by Dwane .Perry

It was getting late about 8pm and after him having a few beers me and dad started talking about when the covid 19 lockdown would end. I started talking to him about my hair as i hoped this would end in him offering to cut my hair something i really wanted.

I always wanted Dad to cut my hair. I loved the way he kept his hair down very close or quite often completely bald which he currently had. Unfortunately he never cut my hair before because mum never let him. But now they had split up , and the barbershop was closed it was time to see if dad had the opportunity to cut my hair , how short would he go?

My hair is a mop i told my dad . "well get it f***ing cut then; Its easy to do!" He replied. "Dad can you shave it" i asked. "Trust me you don't want me to cut your f***ing hair" he laughed. I do dad please i asked again.
"Really you want me to cut your hair " dad smirked and then continued , if i do it will be shaved bald like what i had last week" he told me . "yes dad that's fine , please shave my whole head" i pleaded with him . dad stood for a moment and said " your whole head?" , "yes dad please" i begged.

"F*** it , OK son take your shirt off" he told me. I did that as dad got the clippers i was watching to see what guard he was going to use first. But a huge smile crossed my face when i saw the clippers had no plastic guard on them. Dad plugged them in and i smiled at him , "thanks for shaving it! " I've always wanted it shaved like yours dad " "well now u will " dad said and smirked.

I thought to my self im finally getting it shaved all off , I'm going to be bald.

Dad switched the clippers on and took a tight hold my head , you sure you want it ! I never even had one second to answer him. "too late now son!" As he shaved my head right down the middle to bear stubble. It felt wonderful . dads tight grip on my head and the clippers ploughing through my mop and the buzzing sound in my ears gave me an erotic sexual feeling.

This lasted a while , until dad dragged the bare steel maroon clippers over my big balding head until my curly mop was finally tranceformed into a military approved recruiter haircut.

But i was lucky that dad thought that even this haircut was too long for his son. dad decided to give my head a much closer haircut that involved a shaving razor.

Dad carefully peeled of the horrible spikey stubble which were the remains from the clippers.

He used the razor both with and against the grain to ensure my head was as smooth as a piece of varnished polished wood . he lathered up my head a few times and didn't stop until there was nothing left to shave.

After my scalp was done he lit a cigarette and said after my smoke its you eyebrows and face next son! Your head isn't just your mop on top and you did beg me to shave your whole head. And I agreed remember?

Dad put the cigarette but in the ashtray and reached for more shaving cream. Move closer to me son dad asked as he put some gel on both my eyebrows and done my cheeks , chin and top lip. He crarfully took a max5 razor and shaved both my eyebrows and my face , not one nick or cut and my whole head was shaved like a 80's extreme skinhead.

I couldn't believe dad actually done it to me but we both enjoyed ourselves. Dads been shaving me every 2nd day of lockdown since.

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