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Colin's Covid headahave by Dwane .Perry

Colin's Covid Headshave

Colin was 38 years my senior, him being 58 we first met at work. He was in security for a hotel and i worked in the back office doing administration; often working very late hours we saw each other mostly everyday.

Now I am very camp , talkative and rather flirtesious to most of the men i work with. However i always strive at mt work , most who know me best know it was always just friendly banter. No actions at work were ever taken further- and Colin was the newest man. We hit it off straight away. I guess i always thought Colin was straight with the job he done. I never guessed he was gay.

We didn't plan to fall for each other but we did slowly in two years since he started working. Colin was shorter than me, only just , had tanned olive skin complexion, beautiful sapphire blue eyes and short salt and pepper coloured hair; which was buzzed close to the scalp on top and completely shaved to skin very high around the back and sides. He also kept in very good shape with good strong arms.

Over the time we dated we never moved in together as we hadn't discussed that in our relationship. Due to covid and both being on our own for the first month Coin suggested i stayed with him. We could finally be together and also have some garden space too which was perfect.

During this time, while shopping Colin noticed lots of men who had their hair buzz and Colin's hair had grown emensly. He was the type of man to go to the barbers every week. And wasnt one for going for the super long hairstyle look. He put a set off clippers in the trolley and he couldn't wait to get his haircut.

"Have you ever cut your own hair Colin?
No he replied, he hesitated but you have cut hair in the past he continued.

which was true i didnt lie, I stopped the trolley in shock , "wait, you want me to cut your hair? I asked" why not he replied ... Well for one i can't give you that army style I'm not that good, I've only buzzed my friends and my dads hair with clippers same guard all over and mostly its been without any guard. .. You would be almost bald. I explained.
"Yes i know that" Colin said sercasticly, I have been bald before! I only got this military style as a Compromise as my ex hated when i shaved my head and it had never cossed my mind to shave it all off til now, since i met you. "

Sure i said I'd love to shave your head you would look younger and even sexier in my opinion. He grabbed my left buttock and gave me a wink. He even got me in the mood to shave him.

Later that same day, Colin was finally sitting on a kitchen chair while i decided to strip off completely naked so he could put his body next to mine while I shaved his head down to stubble. I took him by surprised , Colin's mouth sprung wide open when he saw me. I shut his mouth with tape and took a car rope and tied him to the chair. I told him "its Barbers choice haircut" in which he remained completely silent but nodded his head.

I took a hold of the clippers, they were rather heavy but looked powerfull. I plugged them in and removed the plastic safety guard. His hair was well over grown and i hated it as it looked messy and made him look even older. I switched the leaver so the top and bottom teeth we closer together and switched them on. A loud buzzing humming filled the air as i placed them at the back of his hair line at the bottom of his neck.

I forced Colin's head right down to his chest and drove the clippers right up the back of his head right in the middle until I reached the crown of his head . wooah my god did that feel amazing as i saw a huge clump of hair rain down the back of his head leaving a shadow stubble remaining. Again i kept buzzing all his hair and went side to side , large thick salt and pepper hair was strewen all over the floor most of it landing on Colin's lap and large shoulders. i rubbed his head playfully as i continued to shave his head down to mear stubble.

Colin growned and his cock became erect at my touch. I kissed him passionatly on his head, neck and chest too. He was turned on and i could feel myself become turned on at this pleasure of being a sexual barber. I continued to shave him until the clippers didn't shaved any more hair off i rubbed his head up and down removing all the stray hairs and finally removed the tape form his mouth. It was definitely good fun and a massive grin emerged on colins mouth.

"Dont stop now baby boy, keep shaving my head use a razor " Colin requested. Who was i to deny this new hunky man of a well over due bald head shave??

I took a very hot face cloth and wetted his head and formed up a thick lather. I smeared it all over his head till he looked like a snowman from the top. I took a razor and began.

Firstly i shaved him in small sections with the grain , there was slight shadow hair by this point however once i completed the shave i done the same lathering up of his head again and went against his natural hair growth taking every thing right down to the wood.

A pale scalp appeared from the white shaving cream and i continued until there wasn't a mm to be seen . it was great fun having the pleasure of doing it to him and i didnt know the next chance i would get to do it again but One thing i did know for certain; i couldn't wait to hop into that same chair and have Colin shave me exactly the same!

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