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An unexpected role by Storyteller

This story took place at the beginning of the 1980 school year, when I was 14 years old. At the end of the class, in the morning shift, a drama teacher passed by our classroom warning us that in the early afternoon there would be a meeting with those interested in participating in a play that would be rehearsed and performed in the next two years.
I was very interested in starting to do theater at school and went home for lunch already thinking about going back to school in the afternoon to attend the meeting. I knew the script of the play and really wanted to get the lead role that was a boy my age, with a style that almost all of us had at the time, long hair, sports clothes, cool kid. I knew that many would want the lead role, but I still wanted to try.
Arriving home, I went to lunch and told mom that I was going back to school for the meeting. She reminded me that it would be good if, at least, I got a light trim, since I hadn't had a haircut since before vacations and my hair was beyond my shoulders. I agreed and checked that there would be enough time to stop by the barbershop and then go to the meeting.
I asked mom for money to pay for the haircut and then left. When I arrived at the barbershop where I used to go, I saw that it was closed and I realized that I had never been there at that time, close to lunch, when I realized that the barbershop closed at that time, for lunch. So I decided to go to school and try to see if I could find an open barbershop on the way.
When I was almost there and giving up, I saw a stationery store and remembered that I there was some material I needed to buy for the next class. When I was going inside I saw that there was a barbershop across the street and that it was open. I looked at the barber, he wasn’t busy, but he was talking on the phone. So I waved at him, and made a sign to let him know that I was going to be there soon, and I thought he saw it. I went quickly to the store and bought what I needed. I crossed the street and arrived at the barbershop.
The barbershop was small and simple, old furniture and equipment. An aroma that mixed shaving products, talc and lotion hung in the air. I said, "Good afternoon, sir" and went inside. The barber said "You came very quickly, huh" and I said "Ah, yes, sir". He motioned for me to sit in his barberchair. I sat down, the chair was very comfortable. The barber put a cape around me with a neckstrip around my neck. He lifted my hair back so it wouldn't be inside the cape. He closed the cape tightly, I lifted my chin and straightened my neck a little to help him. And he swiveled the chair around and I stood with my back to the mirror, in a way that I could see the street. The barber took a comb and started combing my hair, he put all the bangs in front of my eyes, the bangs reached my lips. Then I realized that he moved behind the chair and I heard him handle his tools. When I imagined that he would ask me which cut I wanted, he held my head very tightly, put clippers under my bangs, turned them on and started running with them from forehead to nape. I got scared, I went pale, I froze.
I had never seen, heard or felt clippers working before, but I knew they existed and how short they could cut their hair. I tried to say "sir, sir, please ..." but he didn't hear me and went on with clippers again from my forehead to nape, I couldn't see the hair that fell behind me. I saw that there was a blade in the clippers written # 1.
Once again I said "sir, what are you doing?". He said "behave, which is better for you" and did another clipper pass over my head. I didn't know what to do, but I was always a very polite boy and never challenged an adult, so I kept quiet waiting for what was going to happen.
The barber continued running his clippers, I already felt my head lighter, more airy. He pushed my head a little to the side and started running the clippers on the right. He bent my huge ear very easily to make the clippers work better around it. Then he pushed my head to the other side and went to work with the clippers on the left. He made exactly the same movements as he had done on the right side.
The barber then turned off the clippers and running his hand over my head put it upright again. He left the clippers and I was quiet, wondering what he would do then. Gradually I started to hear a sound that seemed to be his arm moving quickly and another sound that I couldn't identify, at the same time an aroma was taking over the air. Then the barber had a shaving brush with a lot foam and started spreading foam generously all over the back and sides of my head up to the crown.
Then he took an open razor and said "be very quiet, now", I just swallowed and said nothing. He started to shave all the hair below the crown with the razor. He did this firmly and carefully. When he finished shaving, he wiped off a towel and brushed off any excess foam. Then he applied aftershave all over that area that was shaved. The feeling was very different and it stung a little. Then the barber took a brush and dusted my head, my face, my neck, slightly opened the cape and brushed the neck a little more. Then he put talcum powder on the tips of the brush bristles and passed it around my ears and on the nape.
He turned me front to the mirror and said "Okay, now you are decent as you should be" I looked in the mirror, I was scared, but smiled shyly, he said "You behaved well", I smiled and said "Thank you , sir ", he said "you're welcome " shook the cape a little, opened it and said "Okay, you can get off the chair now "
I obeyed and got out of the chair, looking at my completely changed image in the mirror. I took my wallet and paid the barber and thanked him again.
When I was leaving the barbershop, I saw a guy who looked the same age as me, with hair as long as mine was and wearing very similar clothes entering the barbershop. I was already outside when I heard him say "Good afternoon, my father called you saying that I was going to cut my hair and told you how he wanted the cut to be". I was already more distant but I still heard the barber say "Oh, no"
I headed towards school, which was very close, rubbing my head, with a very strange feeling. I went to the room where the cast selection meeting was taking place and saw that there was already a line with more than 40 boys with a sign indicating that it was for the main role, I kept looking a little to see where I should go but then I heard the teacher call me "Hey, you, you don't have to make a selection, there is no one else to play the role of the best friend who studies at the military school, come here" I was surprised and asked "Me?" and the teacher said "yes, of course, you, you have the perfect type, the role is yours"
I accepted, and with that it was defined that I would spend the next two years being the only boy in school with a military haircut ...

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