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Colin's Covid headahave part 2 by Dwane .Perry

When i completed Colins headshave i finally untied the rope that was holding him in place. He ran his hands over his head. "Wow this feels better than i ever remember" Colin replied , his massive sapphire eyes filled with pure excitement and pleasure of being bald and he looked 10 years younger.

"Pass me the clippers" Colin requested, at that precise moment my heart started beating faster, i felt my pulse race and the only thought in my mind was now it was Colins turn to shave me. What would he give me? I shaved him bald , will he give me the same! Im only 20 years old.

I have a good hairline, very thick dark brown hair which is scissor cut at the backs and sides and a bouncy quiff style on top. Good length as when i wet my hair it covers my eyebrows. I'm slim, 5ft 11 tall and I've never had a clipper cut since i was 7 years old.

With Colin holding a set of clippers in his powerful hands, all i could focus on were his ripped hairy arms. "Sit your pretty little bum on that chair" Colin demanded. "Yes sir" i replied. Still completely naked i took a seat and as I leaned back i felt the cold steel metal against my back. It was the seatback of the chair. The wooden chair itself was still warm where colin had just been.

He grabed a cloth and covered my eyes and tied it firmly around my head. I was in completely darkness.
"There we go, i don't want you to see what ive chosen for you" Colin laughed "You can see it once its completed." "Yes sir " as i nodded.
I felt a huge weight on my knees then i realised it was Colin on top of me i could barely move an inch never mind escaping from his warm body.

I felt his lips touch mine as we kissed then i felt his warm tongue slide inside my mouth just as i heard the clippers buzz to life.
Colin mowed the clippers in what felt right down the one side of my head as we continued kissing. His warm hand glided over my head as he brushed off the loose shaved hair.

Colin made another pass with the clippers. Then i felt the very edge of the clippers tickle the back of my head. He stopped for a few minutes and them i felt the clippers plough through the middle of my hair with even more shaven locks cascading down my neck and back. It felt wonderful and exciting, i couldn't wait to see my new look.

"Hell yeah boy" this is great fun Colin said taunting me throughout the experience.
Colin told me to keep my eyes completely shut as he removed my blindfold so he could continue to shave the rest of my hair he couldn't get to. "What happens if i open my eyes?" i asked. "I'll shave you completely bald head to toe, every single hair will be removed, your head, arms, legs, chest, face, eyebrows, even your cock and balls " Colin replied .

"Want to try me?, Open them!, i dare you to!" Colin teased. Well then? Whats it to be? He continued. Would Colin really do it? I Wanted to keep my eyes completely shut but did wonder "All of me, really??" i questioned him again!

"yes i will if you don't keep your eyes shut " Colin demanded. I couldn't resist the thought of him shaving all of me. It made me rock hard and cum instantly. And Colin knew it! I opened my eyes and saw his deep sapphire eyes glare back at me.

"you asked for this" Colin laughed wickedly. as he took bare clippers and shaved me right down the centre of my head. He continued to shave my head until nothing was left except stubble. "thank you Colin i love you. " I said.

Colin smiled "you love me? Awe No problem babe, i knew you were gagging for a total head and body shave the fist time i saw you, you cant keep your eyes off any bald man you meet and i knew you wouldn't be able to resist me shaving you anyways!" Colin explained.

Colin continued to shave all the remaining hair with the clippers then moved onto my face and shaved my overgrown bum fluff beard. Next he carfully shaved off each of my eyebrows then was followed by my legs, arms, groin and my private parts.

Colin cleared the kitchen table and he picked me up and lay me down on top. He washed me from the top of my head to the toe with a sponge and began to mix up shaving cream and lathered up my whole body. He took a razor and began to shave every singe hair on the front of my body.
After he was finished i carefully rolled over so he could finish the back of my body. including my bumhole which he played with to keep me sexually aroused throughout the shaving.

I loved seeing parts of my hairy body turn smooth. It was an incredible feeling and the best sexual shaving i have ever received. After he was finished with me he said i needed a shower , not wanting to be alone i pulled him close and shared a hot steam shower together where the fun didn't end.

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