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FASCINATION 1 by George Wheeler


By George Wheeler



Already since my early youth I have had a particulate attachment to very long hair. You might say I have a hair fetish. During my late years in school and in High School I made cautious attempts to include hair in sexual activities. But the girls with exceedingly long hair (below ass) I dated, usually reacted either with ignorance or even hostility calling me a pervert. No matter what my hair fetishism stayed put and I fulfilled my needs through long hair sites on the net.

One Day lightning stroke. Until then my fetishism had solely been directed towards girls. I had never been looking for or even open minded to the fact that guys could have long hair. But out of the blue this changed dramatically.

Like every other day I had lunch with my colleges in the canteen at my company. And as always, I scanned the room for women with extra-long hair. My eyes stopped at a person standing in line at the buffet. I stared at her from behind. In particular at the giant bun on top and back of her head. I felt tensions rice immediately. I was spell bound by that extraordinary bun. It had the color of a summer cornfield. Yellow, blond and with a shine rivaling that of gold. And all of it was kept at place with no less than three huge hair clips.

My eyes locked in on that amazing bun. Already starting to imagine what it was concealing. I was brought back to reality by a college’s elbow in my side asking me what I thought of his proposal. I had to ask him to repeat it since I had been in another world. When I turned my attention to the line again, the "bun" had disappeared. My eyes scanned the canteen �" a las in vain. I felt a deep emptiness and sorrow inside.

Every day I looked for the magic" bun" in the canteen �" every day only brought disappointment. And then one day there she was. The extreme bun now kept in place by four huge hair clips! I felt dizzy watching it. I could not take my eyes of that magic bun. I had to get closer to it. Only question how.

As in trance I rose saying that I would just get some more bread. I headed for the queue �" constantly focusing on the breathtaking bun. I bumped into people �" they complained but I did not pay any attention. I queued up. Further ahead the "bun" was in the process of paying. I kept starring at her and the bun without any reservations.
I followed her with my eyes as she lifted her tray, looked around and then turned directly towards me.

I gasped at the sight. She was a he! I could not make reality fit with what my eyes saw. There was no connection. Never in my wildest fantasy had I imagined that the extremely large bun I had been hypnotized by belonged to a guy! The "bun" guy approached me. My heart beat like a drum, my legs threatened to disappear under me, and my throat felt like a desert. I could not move. And could not do anything else than staring unrestrained. And then he passed me without taking any notice of me. I could see how he scanned the room for a free seat at a table with colleges he knew.

People in the queue behind me started to mumble and someone asked me to move forward. I made a few steps but then had to jump out of the line �" to see where the "bun" went. I spotted him close to the exit. He wore light blue tight jeans, a white shirt. On his feet he wore black sandals with rather high heels �" approx. 2 inches. It made his figure lean a bit forward �" and added quite a sexy look to him. Staring at him from behind with the enormous bun and his high heels and tight light blue jeans NOTHING indicated that this was a guy and not a woman. On the contrary!

Apparently, he had not found any company for lunch because he left the canteen. I would have given my right arm for following him. But my legs still did not obey me. And my colleges were waiting for me at our table.

I spent the rest of the afternoon looking out of my office window getting nothing done at all. The sight of the guy with the fabulous bun haunted me. I was filled with mixed emotions. The idea of the amount of hair hiding in that bun turned me on very badly. At the same time, I felt deeply insecure about myself. I had always associated the thrill of long hair and sexual fantasies with women. And suddenly this guy appeared with �" judging from the volume of his bun �" extremely long hair.

And I felt both attracted to and repelled by him. Extremely aroused by his exceptional bun. But at the same time unable to connect my fetish for long hair and sex with a guy. I had the feeling that I know longer knew myself. Never in my life just the idea of erotic relations with a guy had crossed my mind.
And suddenly, this guy with the outstanding bun brought disorder and confusion �" and excitement �" into my life. I found it extremely difficult to accept the idea of being attracted to a guy. On the other hand, I was completely unable to let go of my fantasies of what the four giant hair clips concealed.
My confusion and mixed feelings about the magnificent bun lasted until I went to bed. And even continued in my dreams of Rapunzel hair, princesses and �" princes!

In the next days I spent all my time in the canteen looking for the "bun guy". But he did not show up. And the disappointment was almost unbearable. The guy and his hair never slipped my mind for a second.

I simply had to see him again. So, I called our reception and asked if they could help me with the name of a woman I had met briefly in the canteen and who is name I had forgotten. I described "her" to the receptionist. Without hesitation she told me that only one person in our company fitted that description. But this could not be right since I looked for a woman and the person in question was a man.

My pulse exploded and I almost lost my breath. I tried to answer in a calm voice as possible that there had to be some kind of misunderstanding but added that I would like to know the name of the person and in which department of the company the person worked.

I was informed that the person’s name was Peter Forslund. He was not an employee of the company but worked as an intermediary project manager on a project in the development department. This explained why I had not seen him in the canteen the last couple of days. He did not work full time here.

He kept occupying my mind and I found an excuse to ask his department when he would be in his office next time. The anticipation was killing me but finally the day came. He was supposed to be there at 9 o’clock. Half an hour later I could not stand the waiting any longer and I left for his department on very shaky legs and a hurting stomach.

I approached his office with a stable of papers under my arm. At the point of fainting. I stopped at the door next to his and took a deep breath. Then I started to move very slowly towards his office. I could see that the door was open. As I reached his office, I turned my head to get a glimpse of him. But the office was empty. What an anticlimax. In all my excitement I never imagined that he would not be there. But of course, he could be in a meeting.

Crestfallen I returned to my office where I just kept staring out of the window. At 11 o’clock I made a new attempt. This time the door to his office was closed. Another huge disappointment. I nearly could not take it anymore.

I had already begun walking back to my office as I heard the door handle move and the door open. Quickly I turned around. And there he was! He looked at me with an open and sympathetic face. I felt dizzy �" and in the seventh heaven �" at the same time. He smiled at me." Hello. I do not think we have met" he said." I am Peter. I’m program manager in this department but I’m only here part time."

I could feel my head turning all red. I cleared my throat and managed to say:" Nice to meet you Peter. I am Neil. I am in the marketing department and do not often come here. But I came here to deliver these papers." I showed him the stable of papers I carried �" and then I dropped them! They spread all over the floor. Quickly and very embarrassed I bowed and started collecting the papers.

Peter also kneeled and helped me gather the papers. As he turned around to pick up the last papers I saw "IT"! Never in my life I had seen the like. The bun on his head was gigantic �" extremely voluminous and shining like a golden cornfield. All held together by four huge hair clips. And not only the close-up sight of the bun made me dizzy. It smelled of fresh flowers, mild perfume, and delicate shampoo. An intoxicating scent.

We rose and Peter handed me the papers. He smiled at me. And all I could was standing awkwardly not even able to thank him. Peter broke the silence:" Maybe we could go and have a beer sometime? It’s difficult learning people to know when you don’t work full hours here". I could hardly believe my luck and it just burst out of me: "How about today? I don’t have any plans for tonight". Peter smiled warmly at me: "That was fast. But Ok. I do not have any plans either. Should we meet in the reception at 6 o’clock?".

I nodded." See you". I went back to my office with butterflies all over the place in my stomach. Time stood still the rest of the day but finally it was 6 o’clock and I hurried down to the reception.

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