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FASCINATION 2 by George Wheeler


Peter was already there. He wore the same tight light blue jeans and white shirt as I saw him for the first time. Also, the black sandals with the 2 inches high heels were there. I was not into guys, but I must admit he looked rather smashing.

We found a small place away from the office. I did not want any of my colleges finding me together with Peter �" I do not know why. That was just the way it was. Perhaps it was fear of gossip.

We sat opposite each other each with a beer. I had serious difficulties in concentrating me on the conversation but fortunately Peter was good at telling and pose questions. As time went by, I started to feel more relaxed. The amount of beer consumed also worked to that effect.

Neither of us wanted to leave so we just ordered some pizzas. Around 11 o’clock Peter looked at me and asked if I wanted to see his flat. It was not something peculiar men it had a splendid view and it was situated very close by.

I would do anything to stay in the company of Peter, so we left and walked the short distance to his place. It was situated on the 4 th floor and the view really was spectacular with the river and park just opposite his windows.

Peter made us two G&T’s and we sat next to each other on his couch. It was more than likely that Peter had noticed how I had been staring at his magic bun all evening. And now situated closely next to him smelling his hair I could not take my eyes away from the exceptional bun. I was completely spell bound by its magnitude and volume and the color as well.

Suddenly Peter turned his head directly against me and looked me in the eyes." Neil, you have been staring at my bun ever since we first met outside my office. You are surely not the first one to do so. It is more the rule than the exception that people glance at my hair. Of course, I can understand why since my hair has such magnitude and volume when put up in a bun.

However, I am not that fond of all the attention it causes. And if I let it down it would only make it worse. Therefore, I only let it free when I am at home. I am a very private and very sensitive person regarding my hair. What I really want most of all is to have it for myself only. I do not like it when people stare at my bun and make comments about it. But most of all I despise it when someone asks if they can touch my bun �" or those who just touches it without even asking. This feels very invading and abusive".

I just sat listening to him while not letting my eyes go for one second from his amazing bun. I would give everything to see it loose. But how should I achieve this? Initially I chose just to smile at him and say:" Yes Peter, you’re absolutely right that I -like so many others �" am fascinated by your huge bun. Its scope and color are unique. But I fully understand your wish to have it all to yourself. I could never try to put pressure on you to do something you do not want to do. But if one day you decide by your own free will to let down your hair, I would very much like to see that. But again, NO pressure".

Peter looked at me �" and smiled. I think he was both very relieved that I would not put any pressure on him. And happy that I seemed to understand his concerns and reflections so well.

We had more G&T’s, and both got quite drunk eventually. The conversation went smoothly and uncomplicated. We laughed a lot and had a real good time. At some point Peter went to the toilet. I must admit that at that time I had a real hard on. I was extremely excited by the closeness of Peter’s amazing bun and I fantasized about the scope, length, thickness, volume, color in fact EVERYTHING concerning Peter’s hair. I had never ever experienced lust like this in the company of a guy.

By that time, I was so horny and sat with my eyes closed, my hands on the huge bulge in my pants imagining Peter’s mane free flowing that I hadn’t noticed Peter was back from the toilet.

He was standing in the door clearing his throat. Immediately I removed my hands from my lap and stared at him my face all red from shame. But Peter just smiled at me!

Then he said:" Neil, it’s no problem. I do not mind. Actually, I find it flattering that my hair has such an effect on a nice guy like you." He walked towards me. "Neil, would you like to see my hair free flowing?"

I felt like dying. This was far too good to be true. I could not believe my own ears. Only with the utmost effort I managed to nod.

" All right" Peter said." But remember, this is very vulnerable and very emotional to me so please be gentle and nice to me when you see my hair down. I am convinced that is what you will be. Otherwise I would not event think of showing you my hair displayed openly. I say this mostly to convince myself that I need not fear your reaction".

I managed no more than to nod. Was this a dream that I would wake up from any time soon?

Then Peter grabbed the first giant hair clip and let it loose. He removed it very slowly and gently and placed it on the table beside him. The other hair clips still held the enormous bun together. He moved on to loosen the next hair clip. Again, extremely careful, and slowly and placed this too on the table. By this time, some slight movement in the bun became visible but it remained firmly on Peter’s head.

Peter now grabbed the third giant black hair clip and removed it gently. This time the bun started to move more. However, the bun was kept in place by the last giant hair clip.

The anticipation was killing me. Waiting was unbearable. My cock was rock hard, and I tried to rub it discretely. But I sensed that Peter noticed it. No matter what he chose to ignore it.

Finally, Peter grabbed the fourth and last hair clip. As in slow motion it let go from the bun and when he removed it the fabulous bun started to loosen. I kept my breath and rubbed my rock-hard bulge.

And then it all started!

Peter’s outstanding thick, wavy, corn blond, beautiful, long hair tumbled down all around him like a waterfall. Long wonderful hair just kept streaming down all over him. The first hair to drop now had reached Peter’s high heels. But it did not stop there. It floated onto the floor and tumbled another 20 inches along the floor!

A totally incredible sight. Peter standing amidst an endless sea of wavy locks covering him from top to toe in a wonderful thick hair carpet. It appeared completely unreal. As if the stream of hair tumbling down over Peter would never end. But eventually it did leave Peter completely concealed behind a thick blond carpet of 100 inches of exceptional hair. Peter was standing all still behind the heavy beautiful fairy tale hair curtain.

I could not utter a word. I was paralyzed. Never in all my life did I see anything remotely as out of this world beautiful and exciting as Peter’s long hair. To a hair fetishist like me it paralleled the entry into the Garden of Eden.

I had met several girls with very long hair �" thigh and knee length. But Peter’s mane surpassed them all by miles. Such volume, such extraordinary length, such healthy perfect condition, no dry worn out split ends, such color, such thickness.

It was all quiet in the room. Only our heavy breathing could be heard. My excitement. Peter’s because he could hardly breathe covered completely and imprisoned behind all that gorgeous hair.

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