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FASCINATION 3 by George Wheeler


Peter was the first to break the silence. Behind the hair curtain he said:" You’re not saying a word Neil. How do you like my hair? Please tell me you like it. I cannot stand any negative comments. Does my hair scare you away as was the case those few times I displayed it to a small number of women? You’re the first guy to see my hair let down".

I took a deep breath and said:" Peter, from the bottom of my heart I thank you so much for having confidence in me and showing me your hair free flowing. For that I am deeply grateful. It means everything to me. And I am fully determined to show your trustworthy. Never in my life I have seen a like yours Peter. And I have had a long hair fetish ever since my early youth. I have always been attracted to long female hair and have never thought of long hair and men.
But the hair you show me here tonight does not merit comparison with any other hair I have seen before. It is entirely unique. Your hair is unimaginably beautiful, unbelievably long, fabulously thick and a wonderful color and condition. I’m deeply in love with your amazing hair Peter".

" What a pleasure and relief to hear" Peter said behind his hair curtain." Those were exceedingly kind words Neil. They mean an awful lot to me. I’m so glad my hair doesn’t scare you away".

" Anything else but that Peter" I moaned rubbing the huge bulge in my lap." Peter, do you think you might allow me to touch your magic mane. I am dying to do it. I promise to be incredibly careful and gentle".

It lasted a while before Peter answered. I started to worry that I might have moved forward to fast and immediately began to regret my asking. Just as I was above to tell Peter, it sounded from behind the hair prison:" Neil, you may touch my long hair. Actually, I’d like you to whenever you feel like it."

" Peter, you can’t imagine how happy you make me" I managed to mumble from all my excitement. I got off the couch and moved towards the golden waterfall of fabulous hair in front of me floating down over and completely concealing Peter ending a good 20 inches along the floor.

While moving I zipped down my pants. In no way I was able to resist the temptation to do so. I got away with my pants and underwear trying to do it as quiet as possible not to make Peter notice. I had never ever done such a thing in the presence of another guy.

If Peter heard it he chose not to show it, so I went all up to him with my rock-hard cock out in the open. With one hand I wanked my iron shaft and with the other I reached for the hair carpet and grabbed a 100 inches long thick blond heavy lock of fabulous male hair. The feeling standing there with such a long and heavy and golden lock of perfection surpassed any description. I simply loved Peter’s amazing mane.

I wanked my rock-hard cock and lifted Peter’s colossal mane, pulled it to the side and let go of it. It tumbled down heavily and landed on the floor spreading out 20 inches. I grabbed a handful of the precious silk and smelled it. The odor was overwhelming.

During all this Peter stood still behind all his hair. I wanked my iron hard cock and grabbed an enormous handful of heavenly gold and twisted it very carefully around my rock-hard shaft until it was completely covered by Peter’s gorgeous golden hair. His hair was so soft, so thick, and so immensely beautiful.
I started to wank in Peter’s long hair very slowly and very carefully. However, I could not prevent a moan escaping me.

Unfortunately, Peter must have heard me as he asked me from within his hair cave: "Neil, what are you doing!". Very gently I unwind the enormous soft thick beautiful mass of hair from my iron hard shaft and said: "Sorry Peter, I couldn’t help moaning since I’ve never seen a more beautiful sight than your extremely long and amazing hair." I was hoping that Peter would by that. And fortunately, he did." Thank you so much Neil. I cannot tell you how happy I am that you like my long hair. I love it too, so we are in this together. That’s genuinely nice".

I took a deep breath and said:" Peter, do you think that it would be possible for me to brush your magic long hair? I promise to do it ever so gently and cautious"

Once again silence ruled the room. Finally, Peter said from within the hair carpet:" I’ve never ever let anybody else brush my hair. I must admit Neil that I am hesitant and have serious doubts. On one hand I really feel like letting you brush my long golden mane and I have faith in you. But on the other hand, I feel very very nervous letting someone get that close to my hair. My hair is very private and sensitive to me".

" Unless you’re absolutely certain Peter don’t say yes. You have shown me your fabulous mane free flowing �" for that I will always be grateful. Don’t go on if in doubt".

Peter hesitated for a while. Then with a very low voice he said:" I would like you to groom my mane Neil". I was at the point of exploding. Being granted access to the most wonderful mane I have ever seen made me more excited than ever before.

Peter grabbed his gigantic hair carpet and lifted it off the floor. He walked towards the high bar stools by the kitchen table. He sat down and arranged all his amazing long hair all the way around him. He then pumped up the bar stool, so his mane just spread over 5 inches instead of 20 inches across the floor.
There he was completely covered by his fantastic golden mermaid mane �" all quiet, highly likely very very nervous. His brush was placed at the kitchen table and I picked it up. With shaking and trembling hands, I slowly directed the brush to the top of Peter’s head. The tension in the room was enormous. We both kept our breathes.

Then I started brushing �" moving the brush extremely slowly and gently down Peter’s wavy waterfall mane. His main was in such a perfect condition that the brush just slid its way like a knife through butter. I pushed the brush all the way down Peter’s magic hair to his feet and past the sandals with the high heels and further down the 5 inches resting on the floor.

I was in the seventh heaven. Access to this miracle 100 inches long hair carpet. Allowance to brush it and touch it. All my dreams fulfilled �" and who should have thought by a guy!

I kept brushing for a long time enjoying every second. My cock is hard as a rock. Suddenly and without really knowing why I lead the brush down to Peter’s lap and press the brush hard on the huge bulge I can feel there. Peter moans. I let the brush go back and forth in his lap pressing harder and harder and feel the bulge grow ever bigger and harder. Peter apparently is as excited as me. He has a huge hard on behind all that hair.

None of us have ever been with a guy before. But both of us are extremely aroused. This is completely new territory to us. I put the brush aside and place myself very close in front of Peter. We both breathe heavily. I reach for his gigantic hair curtain and pulls it aside.

We look at each other with horny eyes. And then we do something none of us had thought of before, planned, desired, or tried. We move ever closer until our faces are right opposite each other, we open our mouth �" and start to kiss!

The world is turning around with extreme speed. I feel dizzy and happy and everything kissing the hair prince in front of me. And I sense and hear the excitement of Peter. We kiss �" and soon our hands start walking down to each other’s laps. I grab the huge bulge in Peter’s pants and strike it back and forth pressing it hard. At the same time, I feel Peter’s warm hand around my rock-hard naked cock.

Both of us were like in a trance. We had no experience of sexual relations with men. On the contrary all our experience hitherto had been with women. Neither had any of us imagined that we should end up in this situation when we met in the bar.

But everything feels new, wonderful, and extremely exciting.

None of us can endure the excitement anymore and while French kissing we come in each other’s hands.

Afterwards both of us are very embarrassed and shy. We are both surprised at ourselves and what had just happened. Both of us needed to have some time apart and think through this night’s events.

I put on my clothes saying goodbye to Peter. He stands amidst all his impressive 100 inches long fantastic mane. We do not make any new appointments limit ourselves to a non-committing "see you".

On my way back home, I feel like floating on a cloud. I had just experienced the greatest moments of my life. Totally exhausted and with the richest feeling in my body I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

The following days I walk around as in a dream protected by a filter that keeps away all external impressions away from me and allows me to dwell on the most fantastic evening with Peter and his amazing beautiful more than floor long mane.

I pass Peter’s office several times in these days but never find him in. I can feel that I miss him.

And then suddenly he is there again in his office. With all the magnificent golden hair put up in a gigantic bun. Now I know why it has such volume and scope. As I slowly walk by his office he looks up. None of us says anything. We just smile at each other.

Little does Peter know that I "forgot" to tell him about the other part of my hair fetishism which involves the cutting of extra-long hair. I had been dying to see what Peter's monster bun contained. And now that I had seen his free flowing Rapunzel mane and other pressure started building up inside me. But first build up trust. Then the scissors….


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