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FASCINATION - Chapter IV by George Wheeler

I would like to apologize for the length of this story. Less patient readers are advised to stop her.

George Wheeler



Peter and I started to see each other regularly. We enjoyed his amazing mane. I could caress it, try different hairstyles: pigtails, braids, crimp it, put it up brush it assists in washing and blow drying it. After a few months Peter allowed me to take photos of his marvelous hair. Confidence and trust growing (just like I planned).

We are intimate as well. Kissing, satisfying each other. The bounds between us are strengthened and so is the confidence.

One night, when both of us are extremely excited, I caress his sexy ass and very cautiously plays with my finger around his hole. I feel his body is very tense and he breaths heavily. His excitement makes me spit on my finger and slowly and very gently into his hole. A few seconds later Peter explodes!

This experience left a lasting impression on both of use and next time we meet I repeat the" finger". Peter once again is very soon at the point of coming so I pull out my finger. I look him deeply in the eyes and kiss him whispering in his ear:" Honey would you like to taste something bigger?"

Peter is so excited he cannot answer �" he just nods.

I ask Peter to bend forward over the kitchen table and all his magnificent 100 inches of extremely lovely hair cover his back completely down to his naked feet and beyond. He is a sight for the Gods.

Very cautiously and slowly I lead my rock-hard cock through the magic hair carpet that is almost impermeable onto Peter’s wonderful ass. I start with a finger and then lead my cock into his ass. Peter moans and wiggles. This is the first time for both of us and I want it to be a wonderful experience for both of us.
Peter sighs as I penetrate him and starts f***ing his amazing sexy ass while enjoying the sight of his amazing golden mane swaying from side to side looking like waves of hair on a stormy sea.

Peter cries out of excitement and I grab a huge fistful of his magic hair and pulls it gently, so his head moves backward. This adds to our excitement. And I grab more and more of Peter’s fabulous mane and pulls it yet harder forcing his head ever more backwards.

I f*** Peter’s hot ass and pull his incredible mane while Peter wanks himself. Both of us are near the point of coming." Ooohh Peter that fantastic mane and sexy ass �" you’re so incredibly attractive and sexy and beautiful �" your beauty and floor long mane drive me crazy" I whisper. "I want you and your sexy hair and hot ass forever".

None of us can hold back any longer and I pull out of Peter and comes in his mane. At the same time Peter comes in his hand.

We remain at the kitchen table. I hide away in Peter’s 100 inches wonderful hair carpet, as he wiggles his ass. Before long I am hard again. I caress Peter’s long hair, smell it, kiss it, pull it, gather it in my hands and lift it high above his head �" and let go of it. It floats down over our naked bodies like a river of golden hair.

Later we take a bath and fall asleep in each other’s arms. Before closing my eyes, I realize to myself that the mutual trust and confidence between us soon cannot grow any bigger. And time has come to start planning the next move in the fulfilment of the other part of my hair fetishism.

It started one evening not long after. We were to meet in my apartment. Before our meeting I had bought of brand-new clippers and a type of very expensive scissors used by professional hairdressers, loads of hair clips, and a couple of barber capes. Just buying this equipment made me very excited and I had to wank and cum before Peter arrived out of fear that I would not be able to control my reaction and carry through my plan.

When Peter arrived, he had his amazing more than floor long mane pinned up in the magical bun He looked smashing and we started kissing the second I had closed the door.

"My lovely wonderful long haired darling" I whispered in his ear and rubbed the already huge bulge in his pants. Peter moaned:" I want you Neil, now!"." I want you to Peter. And tonight, will be an extraordinary special night. We celebrate that today is the day that we met for the first time 6 months ago. That calls for a very special celebration".

We undressed and kissed and caressed. Peter still with his princess hair stuck in that magic bun.

I kissed Peter’s ear and whispered: "honey, I would love you to take a seat at my high bar stool with all your wonderful long hair draped around you from the top of your head to your feet so I can make some wonderful photos of you and your unique hair shrine. Would you let me do that?" I kept my breathe. I had never taking photos of Peter and his Rapunzel mane. Did I move to fast, or did I surpass his limits?

Fortunately, Peter said:" Neil, you’re welcome. But the photos stay between us, right?

" Of course, dear. That would be our small secret only known to the two of us".

Peter sat down on my high bar stool. I picked up my camera and started to shoot beautiful Peter from all angles. At first Peter seemed uncomfortable, but after a while he started to relax and even smile a little.

" You look smashing honey". I closed in on his magic bun shooting hundreds of photos from all angles. It was obvious that Peter now enjoyed my worshipping his pride and glory. He reached out for the giant bulge in my pants and started to wank me while I continued shooting him. I thanked myself for having wanked and come this afternoon. If not, I would have come immediately now.

I put down the camera on the kitchen table and kissed Peter." Darling Peter, I would love to shoot your amazing mane freely displayed. Is that OK? Bearing our agreement in mind: For our eyes only".

Peter nodded:" Would you really like to take photos of my long hair?" he whispered and rubbed my bulge." OMG YES Peter. Can I?"." My pleasure dear" Peter said, and I picked up the camera and moved away from the bar stool.

" Peter is it OK if I make a video instead. To capture every magic second when your bun drops"? "Of course," Peter answered.

Peter then started extremely slowly �" like in slow motion �" to remove the huge hair clips one by one from his bun. When he removed the final clip, his magic mane got what seemed like a life of its own, freeing itself from the hair prison that the hair clips had held it captured in.

And then magic started to happen. Slowly the huge amount of golden silk set in motion. Waves of long blond hair began to stream like a water fall over Peter’s naked body. In front over his face, breast onto his lap some of it caught in his giant cock and further on over his thigs and knees, ankles, feet and landed on the floor. Behind him streaming and soon hiding his neck and shoulders, lower back, ass, thighs, knees, ankles, and feet landing on the floor.

By now Peter was totally covered in a thick, blond floor long hair carpet hiding him completely! And more hair on the floor around the stool.

He just sat there all quiet and I moved closer with the camera, walked around him slowly capturing all the wonderful silk on video. When I reached the front, I put my hand through the huge hair curtain and found his rock-hard cock and wanked him slowly �" making sure everything was captured by the camera. Peter moaned behind his hair prison. I tried to kiss him through the hair curtain, but it was simply far too thick and impermeable to penetrate.

I let go of Peter’s cock and moved backwards still with the camera running. Then I asked Peter: "Honey, do you think I could brush all of your beautiful long hair while the camera is running?"

Peter said that it would be nice to have me brush his abundant mane and did not mind getting it on cam.

I picked up my camera tripod and placed the camera on it. Turned it on and grabbed my hairbrush from the kitchen table.

Brushing Peter’s extremely long, blond, healthy, thick hair was a gift from Heaven. The brush slide through the golden silk that moved slightly as the brush passed it on its way to the floor. The beauty of Peter’s hair was impossible to describe. It had to be experienced. I just kept brushing the 100 inches of wonderful hair repeatedly.

Peter sat all still on the barstool obviously enjoying having his extremely long mane brushed all over �" which I noticed each time I brushed his long hair over his lap and the brush reached his rock hard cock �" every time I stopped and pushed the brush and hair under it onto Peter’s cock as if I wanked him with his own magic mane and the hair brush!

I brushed Peter’s floor long mane from all ankles �" from the top of his head all the way down over all parts of his body, over his naked feet and onto all the hair on the floor.

When I finally put down the brush after an hour my arms hurt but my cock stood right out in the air.

I walked over to Peter and kissed his freshly brushed wavy 100 inches long golden mane. Rubbing his rock-hard shaft through the hair carpet. Peter like me was close to coming.

Now was the time!

"Peter" I whispered in his ear biting his earlobe gently and wanking his hard shaft through the masses of golden silk. "I love your long hair more than anything in the world. You know that. I have never ever seen anything remotely beautiful as this. I wanked him very slowly and Peter sighed deeply.

"Peter, I love to take part in your handling of your wonder hair. Brushing it, washing it, blow drying it �" all things I love. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me the confidence and trust me to get so near to you most precious belonging".

I paused and kissed his ear and bit it gently. Peter was extremely excited. "Peter, I would like to take full part in taking care of your crowning glory". I wanked him a little bit harder and he moaned. "As your private hairdresser". I kept my breathe. No turning back now. How would Peter react. With horror? Had I ruined our unique relationship? Would he reject my proposal and leave? All these thoughts whirled around my head as I awaited Peter’s reaction.

I continued wanking him in slow motion, kissing him and blowing warm air in his ear.

Peter was awfully quiet. Just sat there at the bar stool surrounded by his wonderful blond sea of hair all around him to the floor. I could not bear the thought if I should never more touch the mane, kiss it, caress it, brush it, make love with it. What had I done! Why had I been so impatient?

The Peter cleared his throat and whispered:" Neil, I can’t hide that what you say makes me very very nervous. I dread the thought of you being my hairdresser. But I also in some strange way feel the idea somewhat appealing". I stood as paralyzed as Peter continued: "Neil, when you say, that you would like to be my hairdresser what do you mean by that? I mean what would that entail"?

I kissed Peter and could not believe my luck! I wanked him faster and whispered in his ear: "Darling being your hairdresser would mean that I assist you in taking good care of your fabulous hair. Brushing it, braiding it for you, washing it and blow drying it. And" I had to pause to take a very deep breath before I could go on: "as all hairdressers do make sure that your hair stays so healthy and thick and beautiful as now". I knew I had to break this very slowly and gently to Peter: "And take care of your ends so they do not get worn out or dry or thin". I stopped there awaiting Peter’s reaction.

"Neil do you mean that you cut my hair?". OMG! Peter had taken the "c" word into his mouth without me even mentioning it �" my plan seemed to work even better than I dared hope for!

"Peter, it would be a crime not to preserve the extremely healthy and beautiful condition of your hair. From the top and all the way down including the ends. The only safe way to secure that is to trim the ends every second or third month". I was so excited I could hardly control myself and my voice trembled.

The room was totally quiet. Apart from Peter’s heavy breathing behind the hair carpet and my own deep breaths. Time stood still. This was the make or break point for my plan.

"Neil, I love it when you do my hair. You are so gently yet passionate. I trust you completely. I never let anyone get as close to my hair as you. You know how special my long hair is to me. It is an integral part of me. I can’t live without it." Peter paused to breathe. The heavy hair curtain made breathing difficult, but I was not the going to suggest that he drew the curtains aside. I got very excited seeing Peter "imprisoned" in his own magnificent mane.

Peter went on: "During all the years of my hair growth I have had the same female hairdresser from a nearby beauty parlor trimming my ends once a year. I have total confidence in her. I have never ever let anyone else get even close to my hair with a pair of scissors". I could hear that Peter had to clear his throat when he uttered the word "scissors". Clearly this was very difficult and painful for him. However instead of feeling sympathy with his quarrels it added to my excitement!

"Neil, If and I stress IF I were to allow you to trim my ends, when, where and how would you do it?"

OMG! This was not happening in reality! Was I dreaming or just fantasizing for myself? I tried to keep my self-control and answer in a calm voice:
"Peter my love. I would invite you into my special room. You have never seen it because I feared it could scare you away. In this room I have all the things needed to trim your ends. I would trim them with a pair of professional hairdresser’s scissors. I would very much like to do it tonight but of course that is all up to you. It is your hair and your call. I do not want you to feel pressured into something you are not ready for. The trim should be a nice, calm experience not associated with danger or fear".

I felt that I knew just the right words to seduce Peter in the direction I wanted.

After a silent while Peter said with a very low voice: "Maybe I would like to see that special room before going any further".

BINGO! Second part of my plan successful! First Peter accepted to talk about a possible trim. Second, he accepted to see my special room. Now to phase three!

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