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FASCINATION - Chapter V by George Wheeler



I let the camera run as I took Peter by the hand. He was still totally covered in his fantastic blond hair carpet and could not see a thing. I led him down to the end at the corridor. I felt dizzy and my legs like gel as I opened the door to my special room. I hadn’t had many "guests" in the room since it tended to scare my longhaired "clients" away. Now it was Peter’s turn to enter the room.

"We’re here Peter" I whispered and pulled him gently inside the room and closed the door. Peter still could not see a thing behind his thick hair curtain. I let go of his hand and walked to the camera tripod I also had installed in this room and turned on the camera. Then I went back to Peter.

"Are you ready to see my special room darling?".

Peter nodded and I turned on the light. Peter sill was blindfolded in his hair prison. I moved my hands to his face and started to pull the curtain aside " when I’d pawed the way to Peter’s face I kissed him and grabbed his cock behind the hair carpet and started to wank him. Then I moved a side and let Peter see my special room.

Peter just stood paralyzed from the sight. In the middle of the room I had installed and old traditional red leather barber chair with a metal footrest. To the left of the chair was a table with my newly acquired clippers, the professional scissors and a comb with broad teeth and a hairbrush together with numerous hair clips. All the walls in the room were covered with floor to ceiling mirrors. In the corner there was another table with folded capes, neck paper and a small broom.

Peter could not move or speak. I wanked him and kissed him. "What do you think of my special room honey" I whispered in his ear.
Peter neither did nor could react.

I continued kissing him and rubbing his cock that slowly started to grow.

"Peter, this is my special room. My barber shops. I think this would be the best place to trim your ends. I have all the things needed to make this an unforgettable night".

Peter moved slightly and all his hair set in motion like a cornfield in the summer wind. But still did not utter a word.

"Peter, I totally understand that this can be a bit overwhelming since you’ve never visited a male barber shop since your very early youth. You should take your time to let all the impressions settle. In the meantime, perhaps you would like to take a seat in the barber chair. It is very comfortable, and you could just sit there and relax and get yourself together. Remember our deal. Nothing happens in this room if you do not want it to happen. Your call".

I honestly could not grasp what went on in Peter’s mind and how he would react.

But then he took a first very small insecure step towards the barber chair! I held his hand tight to support him. He took another very small step and then another one. He was now halfway to the barber chair!

He paused and I feared that he would turn around and leave the room. But he did not.

Instead he took another step " this time a bit larger than the other - towards the barber chair.

When he reached the chair, he froze. I could feel my pulse galloping away.

For some seconds that felt like hours Peter did not move. But the he put his first foot on the footrest. The cold metal of the footrest against his naked foot made him tremble. His more than floor long hair got in the way and he stepped on it and got trapped in it as he moved on into the chair. As he took the seat there was already a lot of hair on the seat and he placed himself on it. It hurt and he made a small cry. He lifted his ass and tried to push away the hair " a las to no avail!

I assisted him and pulled the hair away from the seat and he sat down and leaned back.

Peter was now seated in my old traditional barber chair! I was so excited that I felt like fainting. This was all my dreams coming through. To have a guy with 100 inches long golden healthy thick straight locks! I almost lost my self-control trembling all over. I totally loved the sight before me " all that hair " in a traditional male barber chair " and he had taken a seat of his own free will (almost!).

I moved close to the chair and kissed Peter. "OMG my love. Thank you so much for letting me see your wonderful in my barber chair. You cannot imagine how much this means to me. You and your hair look so unbelievably beautiful. I grabbed the cock under the hair curtain in his lap " and now it was rock hard! I rubbed the hard cock surrounded by soft long blond locks.

We kept kissing and I sensed that Peter started to relax a little.

"Darling I will take you through every step now. And at every step you just say "stop" and I will do so immediately. First, I will gather all your wonderful hair and ask you to hold it in your hands above your head so I can put the barber cape around you. Is that Ok with you honey?"

Peter nodded and started to gather all his amazing 100 inches long mane " which was no easy task " there was hair EVERYWHERE in, on, under and behind the barber chair. I asked him to raise himself in the seat to get hold of all the silk he was sitting on. With that done I gave him the long locks to hold.

Then I asked him to lift his naked feet from the footrest " his feet were covered in wonderful soft blond hair up to his shins. Peter lifted his naked feet and I gathered all the fabulous long locks floating freely over them and the floor in front and beside the footrest and handed the huge amount of hair to him.

Peter now had so much of his own princess hair that he could hardly keep it in his hands. But he now lifted all the gathered hair above his head " I asked him to hold it as high as possible while I caped him.

My God what a sight. This beautiful guy with his glorious mane lifted high in the air over the barber chair revealing his naked body " and his huge hard on!
"Peter, can you keep it there please when I get the cape. Next, I will put the barber cape around you. Are you OK with that"?

"Yes" Peter whispered. I was not sure that he was all that OK with that but that was not my problem…

I got the largest of my capes " a white nylon cape. I went behind the chair. I could see Peter " with all his long hair high above his head " staring at me in the mirrors all around him. He looked awfully scared.

Well a cape does not hurt. So, I unfolded the giant cape and threw it around him. The cape covered him completely. All you could see of his body were the naked feet on the metal footrest.

"Can you hold your hair just a few seconds more" I asked Peter as I moved to the floor and picked up the neck paper. I had "forgotten" to tell Peter about the neck paper. I was not sure he would be confident with that. Was that necessary for a trim of the ends at his 100 inches long hair.

Nevertheless, I oved behind the barber chair and quickly put the paper around his neck and before he could speak, I said: "Great Peter. You are doing super. I will just fasten the cape now". I quickly tied the cape " rather tight " around his neck and closed it. Peter was now "imprisoned" in the huge white barber cape. And he was all mine.

"Now please let your hair loose" I told Peter.

Peter opened his hands way above his head and what followed was the most beautiful and exciting view I had ever seen.

TONS of golden, thick, straight, healthy 100 inches long locks started to unfold and rained down all over Peter like a waterfall. All his hair tumbled down all around him and covered him totally in blond silk. The giant cape was hardly visible!

Eventually all the magic locks have found their way down over Peter and the barber chair. Peter sat in his hair prison unable to see a thing and held prisoner by the cape and all his wonderful more than floor long hair.

I moved in front of the barber chair and looked at my "victim" in the barber chair. Some longhaired " not too many " had been seated in the same chair. But compared to my hair monster Peter they had almost had short haired.

"Peter my love. You have gone through the first phases very successfully. Now I will gather all your wonderful hair and let it drop behind you down the back of the barber chair. Next, I will start to brush it. Are you OK with this?" I noticed a nod from behind all the hair in the chair.

I went behind the barber chair and started to gather Peters extreme mane from all over the chair. I took some time to get hold of all this golden silk. But eventually I had it all in both of my hands and I moved them behind his head and let his hair drop down the back of the chair onto the floor.

From behind you could not see the barber chair. It was totally hidden from the long blond hair that floated from the top of Peter’s head down over the back of the chair, below the seat of the barber chair and further onto the floor " where it piled up around my feet up to my ankles and covered them completely.

"Peter, now I will just pump up the barber chair to make access to your ends easier for me". I started pumping Peter and all his hair high into the air. I had made a special arrangement to the barber chair that meant that I could pump up the barber chair much higher than a usual barber chair (I hoped to have longhaired client and wanted to be able to enjoy the view of all their hair hanging freely behind the chair free of the floor).

When the chair had reached its max. height Peter was lifted almost 35 inches above the floor. Despite of this his incredible hair still reached the floor where it spread out approx. 8 inches.

I got the feeling that Peter was somehow embarrassed to sit so high up in the barber chair " feeling helpless and uncomfortable. If that was right it only added to my excitement.

I picked up the brush and started to brush Peter’s extremely long wonderful mane. I brushed it all the way from the top of his head down over the backside of the chair and all the way to the floor. I had to lift the hair that was lying on the floor to brush out the ends.

Peter was awfully quiet during this. I could see his face in the mirrors " he looked pale and horrified " not comfortable and safe at all. I continued brushing and his magic hair coat hung totally straight, blond, healthy, thick, and WONDERFUL all over the backside. It was an epic view. My cock was so hard it threatened to explode. I could not take my eyes of this fantastic sight.

Peter sitting high up in the huge white barber cape that only left his naked feet on the metal footrest visible. And with his amazing mane hanging freely down all over him in the back. I was in love with that princess mane.

I had to pull myself together to move on.

"Peter, now I will trim your ends that we agreed. I will use my professional scissors. I will only cut what is necessary to keep your ends in the same excellent condition as the rest of your fabulous hair. Again, I ask you " is that all right with you?"’

From high up Peter whispered: "How much will you cut off?"

I trembled and struggled to stay calm as I answered: "Only the necessary " nothing more nothing less. I will not do this if you do not trust me. You must have confidence in me making the right judgement. Otherwise we will stop here".

Peter paused for a time. I could sense he was not comfortable at all with my elusive answer. Finally, the words that I had been waiting for since I saw Peter’s awesome bun in the canteen half a year ago came: "Neil, you can cut my hair. But only the ends and no more than needed. Do you promise me that?"

My heartbeat like a drum, my stomach ached, my throat was all sore, trembling legs " almost out of control. But once again I managed to calm down myself and said: "Peter, our special hair relationship is built on trust. If there’s no confidence there’s no relationship".

"OK" Peter whispered.

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