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FASCINATION - Chapter VI by George Wheeler




I could not get to the table to pick up my scissors fast enough. With them in my hand I went back behind the chair where the golden carpet of 100 inches of indescribably beautiful hair. I took a deep breath â€" my cock harder than ever â€" bowed down an gather the 8 inches of luscious locks lying on the floor.

I lifted the fistful of priceless hair, studied it carefully. NOT a single unhealthy, dry, worn out stray of hair! Absolute perfection. NO objective reason to start trimming anything here.

However â€" trimming was not what is was about for me. Had never been. Trim had only been a soft, confident building word to make Peter swallow the bitter pill. What this was ALL about for me was cutting hair not trimming it.

"Peter" I could hardly say a word because of my extreme excitement. "I will now trim your ends. So, you will now hear the scissor blades open and close. It will not hurt, and you are in safe hands".

Before Peter could answer I led the scissor all the way up the 8 inches of totally perfect hair. OMG did I want to cut this beautiful hair. To destroy the beauty. To deprive my hair Prince of 8 inches of his most asset. He had soooo much hair and wanted to give him a haircut so desperately that I could not hold back anymore.

I opened the scissors around the wonderful mass of blond straight 8 inches long silk â€" and pressed the blades together! Peter was getting a haircut. OMG I was cutting off 8 inches of his shrine. 8 inches of extremely beautiful straight blond hair. Now it would leave Peter’s head and become mine.

I was now in control of Peter’s wonderful mane â€" just like I had dreamed of ever since I saw his bun for the first time â€" not Peter. This control was killing me. It was so exciting and a wonderful feeling.

Peter jumped in the seat when he heard the first sneer of the scissors into his beloved mane. I held the 8 inches so that he could not see it in any of the mirrors.

I opened and closed the blades again. Even though I used a professional hairdresser scissor Peter’s hair was so thick and in such perfect condition that the scissors had a hard time cutting through it. I moved on but did not make much progress.

"Peter my love. Your hair is so thick and dense that the scissors can’t cut through it".

I heard a deep sigh of relief from up above. "Neil, that’s fine. Just leave it there and I will have my usual hairdresser do the trim".

But in no way whatsoever I intended to let go of my hair victim so I told him: "Peter, I’ve been in this situation before where the scissors had a hard time cutting through very thick hair. But I had a solution to that, and I think we can use it here too".

I moved to the table and picked up my new clippers! Peter followed me closely in the mirror and the second he saw me pick up the clippers he almost cried: "NO Neil. NO clippers in my hair. NO, I will not.".

"Hush hush baby" I said. "No reason to the excitement. Clippers are what you do them to. A lot of hairdressers use clippers on clients with long hair. They trim their ends with the clippers because they are so powerful that they can cut a perfect blunt line across the hair even in hair as thick as yours". I sensed this would be an uphill struggle.

"Neil, I said NO. I have avoided clippers in my whole life. Clippers are horrible. I hate the cold metallic sound of clippers. I hate how short they cut hair. I will not have clippers near my hair. Put them away Neil!".

"Peter my dear. There is really no need to get so excited. Clippers can be used to cut less than an inch. They do not have a life of their own. The barber decides the cut not the clippers".

Peter seemed to think about my argument but said: "Neil, please don’t trim my hair with clippers. I have such fear of them. Had so all my life. Please put them away. I really don’t want them close to my hair".

So now he was more begging than commanding. It all developed my way. Just had to keep on pushing him.

"Peter, lots of people fear clippers. Bad memories from childhood when their father took them to the barber for a flattop or crewcut or some other very short hairstyle. Barbers using clippers on them in their youth even if they had asked for "trims only". But this is very different Peter. You will not get a clipper cut. You will get a clipper trim. That is two very different things. Think this way about it: With clippers Neil can trim my ends in a perfect blunt cut line. You can’t expect the same from a scissor trim" (which of course was rubbish but with his very limited knowledge and experience of haircuts how should Peter know).

Peter was silent. Eventually he gave in. "Neil, you know how dear and how sensible my hair is to me. If you are going to use your clippers on my ends please do it gently and careful. I couldn’t take it if anything went wrong" ("went wrong" ohh my love I don’t think we interpret those word the same way).
I reassured Peter that all would be fine and that he would enjoy the results of the clippers!

I could not help wanking when I picked up the clippers and turned them on. Poor Peter jumped even higher this time from the electric metallic noise of the clippers. He trembled all over his body.

Ohhh me. My naked Prince caped and with all his wonderful hair right in front of me and my clippers. I let go of my rock-hard cock and bowed to pick up the 8 inches of straight blond silk once again lying on the floor. YES, YES YES â€" I was going to cut of this extra male hair with my clippers. Forget everything about trims. This was about cutting long long sissy hair â€" nothing else!

How I loved the horrible metallic sound of the powerful clippers. Peter’s long silky beautiful princess locks were no match for the sharp metal teeth of the clippers.

I could not hold back any longer. I lifted the big fistful of 8 inches hair and brought the clippers to them. And slowly led them into the 8 inches â€" the clippers started to work as they cut their way through the wonderful mass of thick blond 8 inches long locks. The cut locks raced to the floor â€" ohhh what a wonderful sight. I could not wait to see it all come off and once again lie on the floor only this time NOT attached to the rest of Peter’s unique mane.

The clippers plowed their way through the wonderful hair and loads of blond straight locks fell to the floor. The clippers ended their job when they cut of the last few strands of 8 inches blond silk.

MY GOD. I let go of the hair in my fist and it swayed back to join the rest of Peter’s amazing hair carpet â€" but this time not hitting the floor â€" but swaying just above it!! It looked MARVELLOUS. Cut in a totally straight blunt cut line â€" extremely thick ends. WOW!

And now to the probably insurmountable task of explaining to Peter why I had decided as I did.

Peter just sat there high in the air in the barber chair paralyzed. He had not been able to see the actual clipping, but he had a free vies to his backside due to the all surrounding mirrors. He was frozen. Stoned. Numb.

I moved in front of him. Took his face into my hands and kissed him. He did not respond. I kissed him and caressed him. "My darling man. It is over now. And your ends look smashing. I have never seen ends so perfect. This was just the right thing to do. I’m sure you will appreciate them once you’ve gotten used to them".

Peter slowly looked at me. "How could you" he mumbled. "You promised. How could you ruin my hair like that"?

"Peter dear nothing is ruined. Quite on the contrary. Your hair looks overwhelmingly beautiful. No harm is done. None. Your ends have profited immensely from the clipper cut".

"You promised Neil. I trusted in you. You betrayed my confidence".

"Listen now Peter. I did nothing of the sort. Our agreement was crystal clear. I would take so much of the ends as I deemed necessary. No more no less. And I just took off what I deemed necessary. So, I cannot see how I betrayed your confidence. The opposite is the case." (I was not sure he would buy that line of reasoning, but it was the best I could come up with here and now).

Peter shook his head. "I don’t know what to say Neil. I feel betrayed. I was expecting a trim of ½ an inch or max. an inch. Instead you cut off 10 inches. I feel totally empty inside without my long hair."

"Peter, come on! I did not cut near 10 inches off. Maybe a few inches but nothing like 10 inches. And Peter you have not lost your long hair. Look" I picked up a handful of his wonderful hair and pulled it out in its full length of round 92 inches. "This Peter is not short hair. This is long hair. By most people’s standard it is extremely long hair. So, stop pretending I cut off your long hair and appreciate how splendid your hair and your ends look after the clipper’s work".

Peter sat discouraged in the barber chair surrounded and covered in his magnificent blond coat of hair. I kissed him and let my hand walk down to his lap. No life down there. I started to rub his lap and kiss him. He was very slow to respond. But eventually he reacted to my caress and kissed me â€" and the bulge behind the cape started to grow.

"Peter my love. I would love to have you down to me" and I let down the chair. Peter left the chair â€" still imprisoned in the giant cape and covered in his magnificent mane. Despite the loss of 8 inches the remaining 92 inches still reached his naked feet â€" and still covered them. No longer to the shins but his ankles were hidden in a sea of freshly shorn thick golden hair.

We moved all close to each other. I sensed that Peter was beginning to feel a little excited â€" I was at the point of exploding. We kissed â€" my lovely Peter all imprisoned in cape and hair. And found each other’s rock-hard cocks. We wanked each other and kissed until we both came.

A quiet mood of reflection, exhaustion from the overwhelming impressions, relieved of our excitement filled the room. We stood close to each other, embracing, kissing. The atmosphere was relaxed and tense at the same time. All the time I had a free view to Peter’s back in the mirror behind him. What a sight.

Peter was fully covered from behind in awesome hair all the way to his naked feet and beyond. My dream mans. My cock started to move. I got horny again. And a diabolically idea took root in me.

I kissed Peter and caressed his amazing mane â€" and rubbed his lap â€" and the slightest sign that something down there rose to life.

I pulled Peter’s hair a little hard. His head followed my pull backwards. I held it there for a few seconds feeling his mane in my command.

I bit his earlobe and rubbed his bulge and pulled his long hair â€" and whispered: "Peter dear, it has been such a wonderful experience. I think you enjoyed it too judging from your excitement just before. Maybe we could try a little more". I pulled his mane harder and rubber his bulge harder.

Peter sighed. Visibly getting quite excited Peter moaned: "What do you have in mind Neil?".

I kissed him and grabbed his rock-hard cock from beneath the cape and started to wank him.

"I was thinking maybe you would like something that would make your life easier".

"And what could that be" Peter sighed as I wanked him and kissed him.

"Maybe take a little of the length" I sighed.

"How much" Peter whispered.

"I was thinking to cut off the hair reaching the floor and lying on the floor. To be honest I do not think it looks very graceful. And it is now very practical. I have seen you step on your own long hair many times. And there is also the hygienic aspect. Your hair gets rather dirty from dragging along the ground".

"I’m 6 feet tall. So, you would cut almost 12 inches of my hair. That’s a lot of hair Neil". He squeezed my bulge very hard and kissed me.

"I think you would love to have your reach your feet and no longer. It would add immensely to its attractiveness".

"I can see how excited using the clippers on my long hair made you. That made me horny as well. I think I will take a seat in the barber chair again".
I was not sure I really grasped what Peter said. It was far too good to be true.

But Peter did take a seat again. And I started to pump him high in the air again. I could see that he was rubbing the huge bulge under the cape now!
I started to brush Peter’s exceptional mane shining like the sun, wavy like the sea, long and thick and simply wonderful.

When I finished brushing his amazing mane, I put down the brush and picked up the clippers!

"12 inches right dear" I said.

"12 inches" Peter whispered.

I turned on the clippers and the 2room filled with the dreadful metallic sound. I went behind the barber chair and stood there for a while admiring Peter’s amazing mane. He sat up there in the chair caped and helpless. 12 inches. It would be so easy and so tempting to place the clippers just below Peter’s shoulders and push them right into the splendid mass of silk and d destroy it before Peter could even move. And by then it would be too late…

Well we might end up there eventually â€" by Peter’s own free will â€" so I placed the clippers at the right side 12 inches from the ends of Peter’s princess hair and pushed it into the hair I loved more than anything else.

Immediately 12 inches of wonderful thick straight blond hair loosened and slid down to the floor. I moved the clippers to the left in a perfect blunt cut line. TONS of Peter’s wonderful hair raced to the floor where it piled up.

All the while Peter sat with his eyes closed and rubbed his rock-hard cock. The clippers plowed their way across Peter’s unique mane and left a trace of 12 inches cut hair.

When I reached the end of the left side Peter’s hair hung well above the floor! I had to put down the clippers and wank. I could not stand the sight of the freshly clipper blunt cut perfect line straight across Peter’s hair. He looked sexier and more appealing and beautiful than ever.

I let Peter down and he stepped out of the chair. When he saw his back in the mirror and how much cut hair that covered the floor he started to tremble. He was chocked. His hair now reached his heels and no longer covered his naked feet!

Thicker and more glorious than ever.

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