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FASCINATION - Chapter VII by George Wheeler



"Good Lord Peter. I never in my wildest dream imagined you would look so fantastic with shorter hair" I moaned. "Your hair looks absolutely amazing. It is swinging and swaying like a field of summer flowers in the wind. How does it feel? Isn’t it nice to have gotten rid of all the extra length? You will not stumble over you over long hair anymore".

Peter shook his head and his hair really looked even more perfect than before the cut. This length really added to his mane’s glory.

Peter took a walk around the room all the time shaking his head and looking at it in the mirrors. It was obvious that he enjoyed what he saw and how his new shorter hair felt.

Peter kissed me and rubbed my bulge. "Thank you, Neil darling. I am glad I listened to your good advice. I didn’t think I could part from one inch of my mane but now I see that it actually looks and feels more wonderful than ever."

"I’m so glad Peter. I too think your looks profit immensely from having all the hair that dragged along the floor cut off. You look so much more graceful now. In fact, you’re nearly perfect" (I knew Peter would react to those two small words).

"What do you mean Neil "nearly perfect?"

"Oh, forget I said it Peter. You ARE perfect as you are now".

"No, what did you mean by "nearly perfect?"

"All right if you insist. But I really that you look perfect now. But I just had this idea " and I have had it for a long time " that you might look very handsome with bangs and your hair cut just below your sexy ass. But as I say. Forget it. You are perfect as you are now".

"Bangs. Do you really mean that? Bangs. Bangs are for little girls, aren’t they?"

"Well I think you should just forget it all".

"No " I must know if you really mean that I would look good with bangs?"

"If you insist " Yes I do think you would look smashing with bangs. But once again. I love the way you look now with your hair free of the floor".
"Honestly, Neil. I think I would look stupid with bangs. I am not a little girl. I do not think I would feel good having bangs and I do not think it would suit me. I think I would awfully be feminine with bangs".

"Peter, for the last time. If you do not like the idea of having bangs, I think we should consider the topic closed and so should you" (that should make him insist….)

"Neil, if you honestly think bangs would suit me, I’m ready to try them. Anyway, I can grow them out if I don’t like them".

"Are you absolutely sure Peter? You should not do it for my sake. I want you to be happy".

"Yes Neil. Let us do it". Peter took a seat again in the barber chair.

I spun the chair around and placed myself between Peter’s legs. I started brushing his long hair forward and once again Peter was imprisoned behind his heavy hair curtain. I had a giant hard on, and I noticed Peter was wanking while I brushed him.

I got two hair clips and gathered hair behind his right ear and the left one. I brushed the frontal hair that was left in front of Peter’s face down over his stomach and onto his lap. I took hold of it and put it under the cape and twisted it around Peter’s rock-hard shaft. Peter would wank in his own over long bangs that would soon turn into cut off hair.

I picked up the scissors and placed at the right side and pushed them up Peter’s forehead " higher and higher. I did not stop until I was approx. 2 inches above his brows. And then I started cutting.

Peter sat wanking behind the heavy hair curtain that was about to fall. The blades cut their ways through Peter’s thick straight blond hair and shorn locks slid down the cape and onto Peter’s lap and onto the floor. I had a hard on like never as I cut my way across Peter’s forehead way about the brows. First his left eye was liberated from the hair prison, then the right one. TONS of hair sliding down all over the cape. I finished at the left side " and there was lovely Peter with baby bangs!

What had I done! Peter looked horrible with the micro bangs. Like a little girl and not a grown-up man " just like he predicted. But he also looks awfully cute. I was mad about his bangs. I LOVED them " I could not help kissing ever so much.

"Ohh my darling. You look wonderful with bangs. Just what I hoped for. I hope you like them too". I turned the chair around so Peter could see himself in the mirror before him.

He let out a deep sigh. Looked completely chocked. Could not believe what he saw. He looked ever so cute " and at the same time totally wrong for an adult " with his extra short thick baby bangs high up and straight across his forehead.

"Peter, I love you more than ever. You are the most beautiful guy I have ever seen. You’re sexy and wonderful and beautiful " and you’re more than ever the guy with the world’s greatest hair".

Peter was not convinced. But it was too late to regret.

I used the moment to introduce the second part of my recommendation, that Peter had not responded to.

"Peter, remember that I told you were nearly perfect. I mentioned having bangs. But there also were a second suggestion. Do you remember".
Beautiful Peter just stared at me with the cutest face framed by those awesome baby bangs.

"I told you that having the length reduced to just below your hot ass would make your make over perfect".

Peter was at the point of breaking. I did not think he could take any more. So now was exactly the time for the final move.

I went behind the chair, pulled all of Peters ankle long mane and started to brush it. Peter seemed paralyzed. His head went backwards with the moves of the brush but apart from this he did not move or speak a word. I did not mind. This was my lucky hour and I intended to use it fully before Peter managed to react.

I moved in front of the chair and smiled at my little bang’s princess. "Darling please come with me". I took his hand and pulled him out of the chair and onto the floor. My darling princess stood caped with his mane flowing down to his ankles " and those ridiculous micro bangs.

I told Peter that I would now remove the cape and I did without any reaction from Peter. "I need to see you naked dear to be sure that I cut your hair just below your wonderful sexy ass".

There he was standing naked with all his wonderful straight blond hair all around him to the ankles " and baby bangs.

I moved behind him and gathered his hair behind him. I brushed the hair carpet through. He looked so sad and so dear with all that golden girly hair and the little princess bangs.

I put the brush aside and picked up the clippers. I turned them on. Peter winced at this. I placed the clippers just below Peter’s hot ass and moved it slowly from right to left straight across his thighs. TONS of wonderful blond hair raced to the floor as I continued cutting off a good 30 inches of Peter’s adorable mane.

When I turned off the clippers " my darling Peter was standing amid a mountain of shorn blond silk. Naked. Shocked. With his long blond straight hair thicker as ever blunt cut across his back just under his huge sexy ass. He looked so inviting. So sexy. And those horrible wonderful beautiful baby bangs.

My oh my. This had been the fulfilment of all my hair dreams " and I still had lots of hair to enjoy. And I would keep my clippers oiled….

Peter moved as in a trance. I embraced him and kissed him and told him how wonderful he looked. But all he could focus on was the TONS of shorn blond hair in my private barber shop. I was looking forward to hour and hours of wanking watching my two videos of my loving longhaired sissy boy " and his hair.

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