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Shelter Buzzcuts by NBW

This is a story relating to my girlfriend Barbara volunteering her Barbering Skills to provide much needed haircuts to homeless men at a nearby Homeless shelter.
Barbara is a college lecturer by trade but as dedicated christian lady she is always willing to help out the local community. She has some good Barbering skills which she had learned back in her birth country of Nigeria and over our time being together she has provided me with good quality Clipper Cuts.

During the end of last year with xmas fast approaching she volunteered to cut the hair of the residents of the local mens homeless shelter along with a few visitors who had been rough sleeping. I remember it was a Saturday morning and even though I was going to go along and support Barbara with her haircutting event, i said I would come along a bit later during the day as I was resting after my own long working week.
Therefore, she made her own way to the shelter which was a 5 minute drive from our flat.
I arrived at the shelter around lunchtime and my god there was no shortage of takers for Barbara's service. There was one elderly resident who was sitting on the chair caped up, whilst Barbara was busily chopping away on him, but there must have been about 20 other poor souls waiting for their turn, all who looked unkempt with a severe need of a tidy up and even a good meal. I thought to myself how is Barbara going to cope with this workload. However, she didn't seem to be unduly stressed as most of these guys only required Grade 1 clipper shaves and as I went into the cafe area to make a coffee and catch up with a few people, I could hear Barbara shout out Next Please with regular occurrence. I must say it was so good to see these guys look so happy with their new looks and then gratefully accept the food and refreshments on offer and then leave with Food Parcels. The Haircut queue was worked through by Barbara by early afternoon, where she was able to get a rest and some lunch. However, word must have got round with the other homeless in the community and the queue began to grow again. I said to her, you have been at it all day, finish now and tell the guys the service has finished. However, she said, I will continue as God would want me to this. She got busy again and spent at least another hour caping up and cutting away. I could see the reward she was getting for her efforts and from the happy faces of her victims. Eventually, her session did finish and she looked at me in the eye and said Next Please, she mean't me. I said you only did it a about a month ago. She said it doesn't matter, just sit down and I will go a bit shorter. I reluctantly agreed and before I knew it Barbara had me caped and wrapped. All I could hear was the clippers set at Grade 1 coming to life and then connecting with my thinning locks and the hair falling onto the sheet. She went over the top and back again and then went for the sides. When the clippers stopped I could hear the clattering of the heels of her over the knee brown boots she was wearing which were over her blue Jean's. Barbara then adjusted the clippers without any guard and carefully shaped around my ears and the nape of my neck. She then said that is you done, we can ready to go home now. In the meantime Barbara's son who was a personal trainer at the gym just over the road from the shelter popped over to see us and I thought he will be Barbara's final victim of this remarkable day.
How I was wrong, he said there is no way that I would let my Mum cut my hair. How contrary from the 40 or so gentlemen from earlier in the day who Barbara had tended to.
The Homeless guys had been so grateful .

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