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Summer Short by SheShavedMe

When i was growing up my family would always go to the only barbershop in our small town
My dad and i would get a buzzcut while my mom got a small trim
I didnt mind short hair and i liked how it felt freshly buzzed
The lady barber that owned and ran the small shop was very nice
I always found it odd though that she never asked what number to use on the clippers when she gave us buzzcuts
It was either "you want it slightly longer or slighter shorter for winter and summer"
Which this wasnt a big deal for us even though somethimes the buzzcuts were varible from time to time
One day my mom noticed my hair was getting longer and made a appointment for me after school for my haircut
My dad couldnt make it so it was just me getting a haircut
Right as we pulled into the parking lot my mom got a phone call and told me to head in without her and she'd come after her call
I walked inside the shop and sat down in one of the waiting chairs that were in the small shop
i could hear the lady barber in the back room moving something around
after about 2 minutes she walked out and greeted me
she asked where my mom was and when i told she said we could start without her
I aggreed and sat in her chair
as she caped me she asked if i wanted it short for summer and since it was the start of may and i typically went shorter for summer i nodded my head yes
Grabbing her clippers she switched them on and tilted my head towards my chest
she started buzzing my hair like normal and started a casual conversation
she continued buzzing my hair around my head. since i liked haircuts i was enjoying myself
she always positioned the chair away from the mirror so you could never see your haircut being performed
this always bothered me. i wanted to see the hair that was left and the hair falling
after she was done buzzing my back and sides she attacked the top without changing the guard which was normal and after a couple more swipes was done
she told me she'd be right back and went to the back room
i was able to turn now to the mirror and was able to see my haircut
i realized that she buzzed it much shorter than normal
i could clearly she my white head undernethe my dark stubble
She walked back to me with the trimmer she used to cut my neckline and sideburns
when she uses these its always the end of the haircut so i put the shorter buzz out of my mind
She surprised me when she asked "you did say you wanted it summer short right?"
I replied "yes" thinking maybe she noticed my shock when i saw myself even though i thought she couldnt see me from the back room
she said "just making sure" and turned her trimmers on and cut my neckline and sideburns quickly
after she trimmed me i expected her to release me the cape but instead she placed the trimmers on my forehead and ran them back to my crown
she quickly made several more passes on the top of my head and then started on the sides of my head
i was to shy to say anything to her as she passed the trimmers over my head but i was certainly nervous
she finished after several passes over my head with the trimmers and removed the cape and i got to see the haircut i recieved
I couldnt beleive how short it was. i practically had no hair just white scalp.
as i stared at my new look my mom came into the shop
My mom didnt even look at me as she started talking to the barber
The lady barber told my mom "hes ready for hot weather now!" My mom just chuckled and said "good deal!"
After a couple more minutes of conversation my mom paid and we left the shop to head home
After we got in the car my mom commented that the barber had buzzed me extra short this trip and said it looks nice and will be good for the heat
now everytime i get a haircut my mom asks the lady barber to buzz me down like the last time and i always leave with a white head and sandpaper for hair

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