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Something I would never imagine, part II by Storyteller

This story is a continuation of "Something I would never imagine". I recommend reading that story for a better understanding of this.

A week after my first extremely short haircut, under my father's orders, I was back at the barbershop, this time alone, for a cut. Little could be noticed of hair growth at the top, but on the sides and back, after a week, there was no longer the perception of shaved hair, and that whole area was covered with short stubble.

I arrived at the barbershop and, as always, politely, I greeted the barber "Good morning, Sir" and he said "Good morning, son". I said "I came for my weekly haircut" and he showed the barber chair.
I sat down and he put the cape around me with the neckstrip around my neck. He asked me "How do we do, son?" and I reminded him that my father had ordered my second cut to be shorter on top than the first had been. He said "Right" and took his clippers with blade # 1.

He started running the clippers and it was very different than the previous time because this time I only saw little hairs flying when the clippers moved and although the cut was being shorter it was not noticeable that much difference, but I could notice that the scalp was getitng more visible on top as the clippers passed.
It was very easy for him to run the clippers over the top of my head and soon the whole area was reduced to # 1 length. He then turned off the clippers and put them back in place.

He then took the shaving brush and started preparing the shaving foam and, as soon as he had produced a good amount of foam, started spreading it all over the sides and back of my head. I looked in the mirror and it didn't seem so different to me anymore. And the pleasant scent of foam was also becoming familiar to me.

He then held my head tight, took his razor and started to scrape the stubble on the sides and back. With each pass I remembered how it had been a week ago and I had even forgotten after the stubble started to grow. For me, this way it looked more clean and tidy and I smiled at the barber.

When he finished with the razor, the barber asked me "Are you enjoying the cut like this, son? Are you getting used to it?". And I promptly said "Yes, sir, I think it's excellent, besides pleasing my father" with a smile on my face. He showed me with a hand mirror, behind me, how the final result was and I nodded in agreement.

The barber used the duster brush to dust my head and, then, he put aftershave in he shaved area. He then opened the cape and I got out of the chair thanking him for the cut and, a little embarrassed, I remembered that my father had already paid for the cuts in advance, to which he said "Yes, son, don't worry".

After a few days of strangeness, from me and the people I knew, my haircut quickly became a normal thing that people no longer found strange. The only thing is that strangers asked me what military school I was in or things like that. This fact, which at first was strange for me, brought a curiosity on me and I started to research a little bit about militarism and military schools and I started to know about the subject that until then I ignored.

The weekly visits to the barber were becoming usual and after that second cut the others were always the same, the barber just confirmed if it was the same cut I wanted. On one of my trips to the barbershop, just after I sat down in the chair and the barber put the cape around me, a customer arrived. He was a man with a military uniform and short hair, more or less my style. He sat down, said "Good morning" and sat on the waiting couch. The barber asked me "the usual?" and I said "Yes, Sir".

The barber started cutting the usual way and the uniformed customer kept watched the cut. The customer then said "Son, am I not recognizing you from the Military School?" And I replied "Sir, sorry, I'm not from the Military School" and added, "Are you from there?" he answered yes and I said "Wow, what an honor, Sir, I have read a lot about Military School" He said "Great, son" and stopped talking while he watched the barber cut my hair.

When the barber finished my cut and I got off the chair, the uniformed customer stood up and said, "Son, do you mind waiting for my cut? It will be quick. I would like to talk to you later" And I said "I don't mind, Sir, I will wait for you" and went to the waiting couch while he went to the barber chair. That customer's cut went quickly, it was very similar to mine. When it was finished, he paid the barber and said to me "Come with me, let's have a coffee, I want to talk to you". I said "Yes, Sir" politely and said goodbye to the barber.

We went to a coffee shop that was very close to the barbershop and started talking, he introduced himself and asked me my name, my age where I was studying and what grade I was in school at and what my school performance was like. I responded to everything promptly and politely, reinforcing the fact that my school grades were the best. He then said to me "Son, what would you think about studying at the Military School?" and I said that I thought the idea was very interesting and that I could prepare myself for the rest of the year for the exams and before I completed the sentence he said "No, son, I am asking if you would like to join the Military School, NOW". I didn't even think that possibility existed, even because of what I had already learned about the Military School, but I would not question the knowledge of that military man and I said "Wow, it would be a great honor, Sir"

He then said "If you have your parents' permission, your documents and school report cards we can arrange this right now" And I said "Well, Sir, I live in that building, over there" pointing to the building where I lived "If you don't mind waiting a while, I can talk to my parents, who are at home now, and provide the documents". He then said "Son, if you think it is appropriate I can accompany you to your residence and talk to your parents myself" and I said "Wow, Sir that would be an immense honor"

We then walked up to my building, went up the stairs and I was a little embarrassed and said "Sir, don't mind, we are a simple family" and he said "I am sure it must be a decent and honest family, son" and I said "Thank you, Sir". Then I opened the door and invited him in. I said to my parents "Dad, mom, I met this military man at the barbershop and he made me an offer and I would like to talk to you and if you accept I would need to get some documents"

My parents were surprised and my mother made sure that he was comfortable. He then explained to my parents that given his position at the Military School and given my attitude and academic performance and my interest in military studies, he could provide me with an immediate admission to the Military School. They said that if that was indeed right and if I was interested they were in favor.

I provided the necessary documents and then we went to the Military School. Once there, he took me to an employee who was going to arrange my immediate ticket and said goodbye to me. The employee made all the arrangements for my admission to the School, generated my school documents and took me to the uniform room, from where I left already in uniform. Then he looked at me, laughed and said "I think it will be wasted time, but I need to take you to the school barbershop" I just said "Yes, Sir"

He introduced me to the barber and said "New student". I said to the barber "Good morning, Sir" and he ordered me to sit in the chair. He put on the cape and told me "The initial cut is mandatory" and I said "Yes, Sir" and he started to run #1 clippers all over my head, but no hair came out. He just ran his hand over the shaved part and said "It's ready, new student" and I said "Thank you, Sir"

I then started my life at the Military School to which I adapted perfectly, having a great relationship with my new colleagues, with teachers and employees. There I maintained the excellent school performance I already had, without losing contact with my friends from my previous school. As for the barber, I kept going weekly to the barbershop near my home, but at school I offered to work as an assistant to the barber on the free shifts I had, which was very good for me.
And so I followed my routine as a military school student ...

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