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The Hair King - Part 3 by The Hair King

Part 3

After Donny took care of himself - and his little self - though he would never admit little HairKing was little!  He felt relieved and his tight jeans fit better now. 

He strutted out of the public washroom feeling like he had conquered the world. 

He knew Sal would be taking a shower at the gym and would he get a surprise.  Too bad he couldn't be there to see that as he washed some of his precious long platinum blond hair down the drain - well stuck in the drain and plastered to the wall.  Donny chuckled to himself. That'll teach the dude for saying I'm goign bald, he thought.  Like that's ever a possibility.  He stroked his huge mountain of hair - the pompadour that was not allowed to be called a pomp - and then wiped his hands on his skintight jeans to reduce the amount of hair product that constantly glistened on his fingers from fondling the proud hair. 

I am the f***ing Hair King after all. 

He hastened to the hair salon because he did not want to miss Sal when he arrived.  He was sure that the mouthy dude would quickly run to his favorite salon and try to rescue his long hair. 

Donny was thrilled at the idea and even though he had just wanked off, he felt stirring in his lower regions.  

"Down boy, down," he smirked. 

He did not have to wait long - unfortunately in a way - because he was tending to his huge mass of hair in the plate glass window.  Sneering and making cool faces as his long handled pink comb slid through the over processed black locks.  His hands sliding expertly over the dome and then along the sides and down the extra long back - moulded to perfection. 

Donny saw Sal coming and hid.  He wanted him to go into the shop first. 

Once he was in for a while, Donny sauntered in all innocent like except for the smirk on his face that was almost a constant anyway. 

Sal was already in a chair - an emergency situation.  

His regular hairdresser was in tears.  He could not believe that someone had done this to Sal's beautiful long blond hair.  He fondled the long hair that was left - still amazing flow and impressive, but when he moved to the side, Donny could see the very large bald spot - perfectly bald, shiny - hairless! 

Donny tried his best not to laugh.  

Sal was not crying.  He was furious.  He smoldered under the cape.  

"I could maybe do a hair weave.  I'm sure I can," his hairdresser said. 

Sal responded, "No.  It has to come off - all of it."  He sounded firm though a little shaky.  "Take it all off." 

"Oh my god," the hairdresser put his hand to his mouth.  "I couldn't.  I just can't do that.  Let me call someone who can help with this." 

Donny wanted Sal to be more upset.  He could hardly believe that the guy was taking it so well.  What does he mean by just asking for it to be all cut off.  

That's crazy.  Shouldn't he be fighting more for his hair?  

Donny looked in the mirror and saw Sal's face framed in the extralong blond locks.  He could see the anger in his face.  Then suddenly, he saw that Sal saw him.  The look changed, but Donny couldn't quite make out what it was. 

He held his gaze and so did Sal.  

Finally, Sal almost smiled or was it a grimace.  "You again," he said. 

"Dude, what happened?"  Donny acted all concerned.  

"How the f*** do I know.  Some asshole did this to me.  It's not like it f***ing happened on its own." 

"Jesus, dude, I'm so sorry. That's totally f***ed up." 

"You're telling me."  Sal ran his fingers through the super blond strands, flaunting his hair more than ever  - showing it off to Donny. "Still, I've been thinking of cutting it all off for a while." 

Donny could not believe his ears.  "No, dude, you have beautiful hair and it took you years to grow. Maybe they can fix it with a weave.  It should work." 

Sal kept splaying out the enormous length and flinging the swaths of blondness around himself.  Donny felt that maybe Sal was just enjoying his own long hair one last time, but it seemed almost like he was doing this for Donny's benefit - or torture. 

The Hair King was getting rather hot in his crotch and the jeans were tight enough already. 

"Yeah, this is about twelve years of growing hair - but it's got to go.  Short hair for me now.  It will be easier to keep anyway, especially when I'm working out at the gym." 

Donny nearly gagged when he mentioned the gym.  He wanted to stay away from that topic at the moment.  

Sal continued to fondle his hair pulling the long blondness over his chest and down toward his crotch - it reached! 

Donny wiggled like a little boy who needs a pee pee.  His face was burning.  

The bastard is doing that on purpose, he thought and saw Sal looking at him in the mirror and sneering.  With a huge flip he flung the sheafs of blond hair out behind in in a huge wash of hair that slid seductively back over the cape and continued to slide over the nylon for several moments finding an equilibrium. 

In through the door came a man that Donny knew well - or at least he knew of him.  It was Reggie from Reggie's barbershop down the road.  What the f*** is he doing here, Donny thought and then the realization came to him.  NO!

Sal's regular hairdresser came out from the back, "Thank god you are here.  Look at what someone did to him!"  

Reggie tried to be appalled but he was not accustomed to dealing with longhaired boys.  He was an old style barber who believed that long hair meant you has some hair left on your head -not touching the ears at all. 

"He wants it short." 

"You could have come into my shop, son," Reggie said and tugged at the long mass of hair not too gently.  

"We thought he would be more comfortable here, but we really appreciate your help.  You do a great job on the short styles." 

Reggie looked at the hairdresser and felt that he could do with a short cut himself, but still, the little faggot did call him in to do a job and he was complimenting him. 

Business is business. 

"Thank you, I have been known to take care of a few boys and men over the years.  He will look good with a short cut."  

"And you won't go too short," the hairdresser pleaded. 

The barber stroked the spot on Sal's head where there was no hair.  "You see this?  This is called bald.  If I don't take him down to almost nothing, what's the point? He will still look terrible.  This bald spot will glare out to everyone.  No, he needs to be down to a number one at least." 

Sal did jump a little at this and Donny saw a bit of fear pass over his face - and was that a tear in his eye?  Maybe. 

The hairdresser looked like he might faint. 

Sal recovered, "Take it all." 

Reggie smiled and then took control. 

Donny was having trouble with his tight jeans as the barber took total control of the awesomeness that was Sal's fabulously long blond hair. The clippers took on the hair without any trouble at all. They were Reggies own, and the took a strip out of the middle of Sal's pride and joy without even slowing down. 

Feet of hair slid off the cape and swirled around on the floor like massive blond waves.  The strip down the center of Sal's head was nearly as bald as the spot.  His blondness made sure of it. 

There was a shudder under the cape and a few silent tears slid down Sal's handsome nose.  

This satisfied the Hair King - no challenge from that corner now, he thought.  Look what has happened to the rock star with the long blond hair - Mr. cool dude with 'tude and massive hair- ha ha.  Not so smart now are you, Donny thought. 

In a few moments more and more hair piled up in a mountain on the floor and Sal's head was stripped of its former glory.  The halo of blondness reduced to a fine stubble. 

Reggie then sheared around Sal's ears without a guard and blocked off the back of the boy's head. The straightness of the line was so crisp it was as if he had taken a ruler to it.  As he circled Sal, the hair crept up higher and the nakeness grew from the bottom. 

The ears that used to be completely hidden from view by the long curtains of hair were now clearly visible.  They stuck out a bit - quite a bit, but to Donny's disappointment, he kind of liked them.   

He still had hair but very little and very short only at the top and some at the sides.  The symmetrical shape was geometrically perfected by the barber's skilled hands.  

With the hair so short, the bald patch was not nearly as noticeable. 

What was once a marvel of long blond hair to rival any boy or girl in town was now reduced to a stubble field of barely there hair. 

Meanwhile, the Hair King was squirming in the chair.  He was obviously uncomfortable and trying to find a way to satisfy himself.  Of course, he was full on smirking now that he had forced Sally to get his long fantastic blong hair cut off.  

The barber stopped and looked at the new boy in front of him.  He ran a rough hand over the fine stubble and tilted Sal's head to the left and right. 

"Well, that looks better than it has in years," he said. 

Sal's face turned beet red.  He had loved his long hair after all.  This was not really a choice.  Still, he did not say anything. 

"I could go totally bald if you like," the barber said. 

"No, this is good for now," Sal responded.  "I know where your shop is if I change my mind."  

"Or if you want to continue looking like a man for a while," Reggie pretended he was joking. 

A rocker looking dude in the next chair with curls almost in ringlets to mid-back looked like he was ready to bolt out of the shop if that old dude took one step toward him.  He looked like he might piss himself. 

Donny didn't have that issue, but his jeans weren't exactly pristine at the moment. 

Sal got out of the chair and turned to look at himself.  Donny had to admit that the dude still looked f***ing hot. He was in good shape and the haircut suited him somehow - but then so did the long hair - some guys are just lucky that way. As Sal preened in the mirror, Donny noticed how tight his jeans were on his cute ass, how his legs arched perfectly and how the ass was perfectly raised by the heels on his boots.  

Sal turned to Donny and half smiled.  "Your turn, dude," he said.  "Reggie, we have one more customer for you." 

Donny gagged at first before he could speak. 


"You need that huge armadillo shorn off your head and all that ridiculous over-processed hair off the back.  It takes you hours to take care of that mop." 

"Yeah, and I'm proud of it, dude.  No f***ing way," Donny laughed nervously, stroking his enormous slicked hair with his palm while his other hand hovered over his crotch trying to hide the mess he'd made. 

"Come on up and I'll keep the recordings to myself," Sal whispered now as he stood nearer to Donny.  

The Hair King stood so that he would be on more equal footing.  "What the f*** did you say?"

"Get up in the chair and shear that faggot mess off your head, or I'll show the recordings from the gym." 

Donny swallowed hard.  "Wha...wha...what?"

"You aren't exactly the brightest bulb in the chandelier, are you?" 

"What the f*** does that even mean?" Donny was stuttering and flustered.  

Sal laughed.  "Yeah, you just proved my point." 

Donny took a quick look over at Reggie and the old man looked like he was salivating to get his hands into his super proud mop of glistening locks. 

"I don't know what you're talking about." 

"You thought you turned off all the cameras, but you didn't.  You f***ed up, dude. I know what you did.  The owner of the gym knows but he has agreed to let me handle this. I could have you arrested.  I could do lots of things to you with those recordings, but I thought a haircut would be best." 

Donny's face was red with embarrassment and rage and fear.  "Dude, please, I can't."  His hand went back to his volumous hair.  "Dude, I just can't do that to myself.  I don't want to look like a f***ing nerd," he blurted almost in tears.  

"You think I look like a nerd, boy?" Sal asked. 

"No, no, no," Donny shifted on his feet squirming more in his skintight jeans and wishing he could move his rod from the wet spot.  "No, you look hot," he sputtered.  Why had he said that?  He wondered. 

Sal smiled, almost a nice smile.  "You do?" 

Donny was not sure where to go with this, "You look good dude.  Really good." 

"Hmm," Sal was thinking - or pretending to think.  Donny noticed that every time he stroked his huge pompadour, Sal shifted in his jeans as well.  The dude had to be attracted to his hair, the Hair King thought.  He then fondled his hair more, pulling at the face lock that hung seductively from the pomp, and stroked the longer strands that fell from his collar now that they weren't caught up in the massive back sweep. 

"But do you think I look hot?" Sal asked smirking a Donny smirk. 

Donny was shaken.  "Yeah, you look hot, dude - really hot." 

Reggie was becoming impatient.  "Is that hairball getting in the chair or  do I have to look for another customer?" He spoke loudly.  His words made the rocker dude in the next chair tremble and look with fear - his ringlets bouncing off one another.  Reggie smiled in the mirror at rocker boy. He wondered how long he'd been avoiding his father. 

"Maybe I can find some other use for you," Sal said. He threw an arm around Donny as if they were besties, and leaned his crotch into the frightened boy. "You will need to come home with me, however, and behave - really behave." Sal could feel Donny trembling beneath his muscled arm and knew he had this hairball boy in his control. 

"I will," Donny said without thinking much- but then that was not his strong suit. He could feel Sal's reaction and he was struggling to hide his own from everyone, though he would not mind hooking up with that rocker dude.  He'd been keeping an eye on him as well. 

"You will do as your told?" 

"Yes, of course - anything, dude, please."  

"Don't beg - well at least not yet," Sal laughed a little. 

Donny was flustered but hopeful. 

"Not today, Reggie.  Like I said, I know where your shop is, so we can find it if we need to later," Sal said and walked over to pay the barber.  He gave him a big tip. "Just in case I need a favor in the future," Sal winked at Reggie. 

The old man was impressed and winked back, "Any time." 

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