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Taking my boyfriend to the barber by yopotamo

The Prequel

As long as I can remember I always been attracted to men with short hair or shaved heads. Everything started when I was around 10, was on holiday with family and my cross a guy around 20 with medium length hair. In front of an authentic barbershop. Been intrigued by this weird shopper per it was the first time I saw one.
The guy enterrée barber and... we left for the grocery store. Later, my dad remembers that he forgot to buy cigarettes so he park the car in front of the barber and left for to find some. And what a surprise to see the guy buzzed to nothing than getting a wet shave on his HEAD! The barber removes the cape and apply some products on his head, I was impressed how shiny a head can be!
My dad came back and I end watching the guy walking outside while our car was going far away.
Around 12 my dad takes me to a barber and the barber give me a flat top, my memory is kind of blurry, but I only remember that I was shocked every time I saw my shadow because my head was square!
Later, around my 15 I got very long hair, but the trend was to have short spiky hair so everyone was making fun of me saying I was weird (school stuff). One day I take my dad beard trimmer and shave it off. I end in trouble with parents and people at school still bad like calling me cue ball. Only a group of guy "accept me" in their team (later they reject me because I was gay lol) so I discover that no matter what you do never try to change for the others!
Maybe around a week later I go for a full razor shave! Was a complete disaster I never use a razor before! Cut myself a lot hopefully it was holidays so everyone leave me ok!
Later, my hair grows a little and my dad suggests to get a haircut. The barber was very nice and keep my hair short for a year I experienced some haircuts first was a bald fade, but didn’t like it, then I got a short tapper with spike and keep it. Finally a day getting my hair cut the barber and I were talking, dad was out to do some shopping, the cut was about to end and he told me that it’s gonna be my last cut because he have to move to another town. He takes a mirror show me the back and ask if it was ok. I lie and ask for a shorter haircut just to make this last cut last longer. I think I had a "crush" on him, he was so nice to me. I think talk with him help me to gain confidence about being gay (I never know if it was).

The Story

10 years later, I’m now 25 have a boyfriend and still love shaved men secretly! My man has very long hair into a man bun with a long beard, even if it’s not my taste and love him and it’s ok! My ex was bald, but grew his hair when we together were kind of sad, but never asked him to shave again.
And one unexpected day he told me that he need to cut it very short because he was tired of them.
We look for barbershop around us online (even if I had secretly already visited all the Facebook page to see some head shave transformations).
He asked my help to choose a haircut and I cannot resist telling him "shave it all off can look good! Manly look! Good with beard! And he told me that he wasn’t ready for it and prefer to go step by step!
I was so happy! It’s now possible to get him bald one day! I end kind of pushing him to a shaved sides haircut.
I finally decided to offer him his cut and came the day we goes to the barber!
It’s been a very beautiful shop white wood and iron furniture, the barbers were well dressed and the boss was a handsome bearded man slicked hair shirt and tie!
He invited us to sit in the waiting area until a barber came to us. He was around our age, slicked hair and shaved face.
He has shampooed my boyfriend then caped him and turn the car off from the mirror!
He showed a picture of what he need and asked to keep the sides longer!
The barber proceeds to a first big chop with scissors was impressed by how much hair hit the floor!
I feel like I start shaking, but I work hard to control myself to not scream "shave him!" Then he made a shampoo again towel his hair and start working on his beard. Unfortunately the barber chair I was sitting on having to be use so have to get back to waiting area so no view on the cut. The boss offers me a coffee, being too shy to talk a lot with him so I prefer to go outside and enjoy a cigarette. Then I start to hear clippers and foil razor and start to feel bad like "if he doesn't like it that gonna be my fault". But my thoughts been stop by the boss telling me to come in because my boyfriend was ready while we reaching the barber chair he told me "was a huge work but it’s finally over" I first saw all the hair on the floor then my boyfriend with shaved sides and short curly top, according to the towel on his shoulder he must have been wet shaved on the sides, and his beard was a lot shorter than before. The barber uncapped him and he starts rubbing his sides "feel so great I love it thanks so much!". We paid and left, I take a lot of pictures and made before and after to show to friends and family! When we get home, he asked me to shave his neck and back tiny hair I enjoy doing it! Later he gets back to the barber for a trim, but didn’t get the sides shaved because it was winter and he didn’t like to wear hats.
I still secretly hope for a full shave and I hope it’s gonna happens soon!

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