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Men's Spa by SheShavedMe

Mens Spa

I was out working in the heat of summer on my family's farm
The work was finally slowing down and i was preparing for a quick getaway
I was still in my early twenties but i had neglected myself recently and i was beginning to feel like an old man
I needed a getaway trip to replenish my health and have some "me time"
I decided to go to the city and do some shopping and have a bit of relaxation before the work load increased again
I checked into a nice but not expensive hotel and had a nice dinner delivered up to my room for the night
Beginning to feel relaxed from not having responsibilities i quickly fell asleep
The next morning i looked online for a place to get a haircut and stumbled across a mens spa
They only had one service package that included: hot tub, steam room, full body massage, and a beard trim and haircut
It seemed reasonably priced and i quickly made an appointment for the afternoon
I spent the morning getting some new boots and some things you cant get in rural america and had a fantastic lunch at a nice restaurant
Then i showered and headed off to the mens spa a few miles away
I parked in the large parking lot and made my way to the door
It was a large new building and it was very modern and fancy looking
I walked in and felt the chilly a/c and smelled the calming oils in the air and immediately felt another level of relaxation
i walked to the front desk where a young pretty woman smiled and greeted me
I told her i had a appointment for 2:00 pm and she quickly confirmed and told me to follow her
She led me out of the lobby and down a hallway with several doors on each side kinda like a hotel hallway
She stopped at a door and produced a key and unlocked the door and led me inside
When i got in the room I realized it was a glorified changing room
She showed me there were 2 closets one for my current clothes and one that had the spa's clothes for me to wear during my time here
After she told me this she gave me a piece of paper that was a schedule of all my services and a map for the building locating where everything was
I thanked her and she left to go back to the front desk
I looked at the schedule and saw that the hot tub was first
I hung up my clothes and opened the guest closet
There i saw multiple sets of clothes and i found the one that was labeled "hot tub"
In the set was just a oversized robe and swimming trunks with some comfy sandals
I quickly put on the trunks and robe and slipped on the sandals and followed the map to the hot tub location
After a few minutes later i found the door to the hot tub room
I opened it and realized it was actually in what would be the back yard of the building
It had large trees creating shade over a large hot tub that was extremely inviting with no one it
The scene was beautiful with flowers bloomed out in mulched patches with a gorgeous manicured lawn
I was very pleased with my choice of coming here!
I made my way to the hot tub and took off my robe and sandals and lowered myself into the water
It was an instant release of tension as i soaked in the warmth and feel of the water
Even the smell of outside air was amazing! It didn't smell like a city at all here
After about 10 mins of bliss i realized there was a button on the railing of the tub
It had no label so out of curiosity i pressed it
Nothing happened instantly so i thought nothing of it and went back to relaxing
Then after a minute or two i heard the door open behind me and i saw two very pretty woman walking toward me bringing out 2 trays
I wondered what was going when one said "you rang the bell so we brought out our best drink and food for your enjoyment!"
Me being surprised replied "oh wow thank you that looks great!"
And it did. With multiple fruits and crackers and cheese and several alcoholic drinks i felt like a king!
After i ate a decent amount of food and drink i stopped and had another 5 mins in the tub
Then one of the women came out and told me the time in the hot tub was over and i needed to get ready for the next service
I thanked her and stepped out of the tub and went back to my room
I found the next service was the steam room
Quickly finding a changing into the steam room clothes (which was just a robe and sandals haha) i made my way towards the steam room
It was pretty uneventful as it was just a small steam room made to clear your sinus's from any gunk which was nice since i work in dust A LOT
After returning from the steam room to my changing room i looked for the next service
After turning the page i found it was to be the full body massage
Ive been looking forward to this since i read about it and i was very excited!
I found the full body massage clothes which was again a robe sandals and a thing that looked like a loin cloth
I was taken aback by this but i put it on and went to the massage room
I walked into a dimly lit room with soothing quiet music and my massage therapist quietly greeted me
She was a very pretty lady but professional and helped me take off my robe and told me to lay face down
She started to gently massage me focusing on one part of my body at a time and increased pressure so she got rid of the deep muscle tensions i had
It was the best massage ive ever had and i almost fell asleep
After an hour she told me she was done and to go change and head to the next service
I thanked her profusely and walked back to the changing room
The haircut and beard trim was next
I needed a haircut since i usually kept it very short and it was about an inch long now
My beard wasn't completely full and it was fairly short but i wanted to see what a professional could do with it
I changed into the provided clothes which was a grey silk shirt and silk shorts and walked to the barbershop
I opened the door to the shop and found it to be a dark but warmly decorated room with warm yellow lighting
As i took in the room the most beautiful woman ive ever seen walked in from a back room smiled at me and said hello.
She had long wavy dark chocolate hair, a toned hourglass figure in a short dress ending in high heels, and kind intelligent brown eyes.
I somehow got out "hello" without sounding like a nervous wreck and walked over to her chair she had motioned for me to sit in
She asked me where i was from as she grabbed a cape and whisked it around me, her heels tapping on the wooden floor.
I told her i was from a farm in a rural part of the state and she seemed surprised.
This didn't surprise me as i am a decent looking guy that had a fit body without working out in a gym and i dont fit the "country boy" stereotype
After a few more questions about my life and me trying to sound articulate and smart (which probably didn't work) she asked how i wanted my haircut
I was about to give my answer when she looked directly at me in the mirror and said "just my suggestion, but i think you would look great with your head completely shaved".
I was caught off guard by this and replied "well i dont know about that, i usually just get a short buzz-cut."
She wasn't fazed and said "if you get a short buzz already a head shave isn't a big deal. People freak out over the word shaved."
And then she added "dont worry I will take good care of you" and flashed a brilliant smile at me.
I couldn't help it and smiled back and said "whatever you say!"
She grinned even bigger and grabbed her clippers off the counter and turned them on.
They were guard less and she looked at me one more time and said excitedly "are you ready?"
I nervously smiled and replied "i guess"
Then she walked behind me and gently pushed my head down in my chest and placed the clippers at the base of my neck
She used a moderate pace as she made the first pass up my neck and plowed up to the top of my head
She moved the clippers off my head and hair came tumbling down.
It surprised me and she offered encouragement with "already looking and feeling better arent we!"
I caught her eye in the mirror and we both smiled
Then i relaxed and let her caringly and gently move my head around as she peeled the hair off my head
She took care around my ears as she shaved my sides and continued to ask me about my family's farm which i appreciated
After going over the areas twice she then tilted my head up level and said "now for the best part!" and placed the clippers on my forehead and pushed them back peeling away the hair on the top of my head
She giggled as the hair fell backward and said "there it goes, but its looking just how i thought it would, fantastic!"
I was still in shock but said "im glad you think so"
She finished taking the rest of my hair off and turned the clippers off placing them back on the counter
She took the cape off and told me to take a seat at the shampoo station to my left
I obeyed and tried to conceal the slight erection i had at being shaved by this gorgeous woman
She gave me the best scalp massage of my life when she shampooed my stubbly head.
I could tell she was enjoying her handiwork as much as i was
And then she leaned the chair forward in the upright position and grabbed a towel from the self
She wiped my head dry and placed a clean towel into my collar
She then grabbed a shaving brush and filled it up with hot lather from a machine and started covering my head in a thick warm lather
I figured she would do this but it still shocked me
I said "you weren't kidding about a complete shave were you" and i laughed
She giggled and said "no i wasnt and you're going to look so good with a smooth head!"
I replied "I hope you're right" and began to enjoy the new sensations
She quit talking to me as she focused with her straight razor and shaved my head with the grain
She gently moved my head around and scraped the razor across my head in slow and precise strokes
All i could do was enjoy her caring hands take all my hair off my head
After she made the first pass she lathered my head again and started shaving again but against the grain
It felt great really feeling my hair shaved to the skin but i worried how i would look
After she finished the second pass she applied yet another layer of lather to my head and told me "this is to make sure you are totally smooth and for sure wont have hair for 2 days"
At this point im in a trance of relaxation so i simply say "sounds good"
After the 3rd and final pass she lowered me back into the shampoo station and cleaned my head with cold water and then wiped it with a towel
Then she applied several different creams to my head and gave me another great head massage and i felt no resistance from my head to her graceful hands
Then she told me she would clean up my beard for me and since i was almost asleep i said "yeah do what you want"
She rubbed some shaving gel into my beard and she gave a great beard line up even though it wasn't fully grown in yet and had some problem areas
She even trimmed it with her clippers to even up those problem areas and made it look really great
then she said "you're all done and you're looking very smart and handsome" and she raised the chair up and showed me to the mirror
I really couldn't believe the way i looked! I had been a pretty decent looking guy but now i looked and felt like an upgraded version of myself!
My head had no hair but i still had a dark outline of where my black hair had once been and it looked great!
And she somehow made my beard look sharp and full even though i had trouble getting an even growth!
I turned around and smiled at her and said "ok im sorry i ever doubted you, I look great, and i dont know how to thank you!"
she just smiled and said "i might have an idea" and then she slowly walked towards me, looked into my eyes, and she leaned in and kissed me.
She ran her hands across my now smooth scalp and i ran my hand through her silky long hair
I was pretty much in heaven at that moment and after a few more minutes of fireworks we stopped and i immediately invited her out to dinner
She of course said yes and i went got my clothes from the changing room and drove her out to a fancy restaurant i was going to eat at after my spa trip and we had an excellent evening
After dinner i drove her to her apartment.
I walked her to her door she kissed me some more and she ran her hand over my scalp again. she pulled away and said "i think i missed a small spot, you better come in and let me take care of that" and she winked at me
It was a magical night that i will never forget
We spent every evening together until i left for home and after a couple months of me traveling back and forth from country to city every weekend she moved out to the country to be with me
She opened up her own barbershop and was immediately a success
after a few more months of bliss we got married and started a very happy and successful life together.
She still insists on shaving me bald every night when i get home and im very happy to have a woman in my life that loves me enough to do that for me


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