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No Chat Just Shaved by SheShavedMe

No Chat Just Shaved

After neglecting my hair for 2 months i couldn't stand brushing my hair out of my face anymore
It was hot, messy, and annoying to deal with anymore
I decided it was time to head to the local barber who was the only one in the small town i lived in
After a brief call to confirm she was open i drove into town
I walked into the tiny building that was the barbershop
It had 2 barber chairs on my left, one for cutting hair and one for styling and drying woman's hair
To my right was three two person benches that was the waiting area
As i opened the door the woman barber walked from the back room of the shop and greeted me
After saying hello she told me to come sit down in her chair
I walked to the chair and sat down relieved to be out the heat and in the a/c and ready to get this hair off
As she threw a large grey cape over me she told me "weather has been brutal hot, ive been shaving all the men that come in here."
I was a bit taken aback by the comment but figured id get my usual
Then she turned the chair away from the mirror and towards the door so she had better access to her tools
She grabbed her clippers from their perch and without saying a word started running them up the back of my head
Hair was tumbling down and hitting my shoulders before finally falling to the floor
She started another pass to the right of the first one and ran them up quickly
I started feeling the coolness of the air as she continued to run them up my head
I started to worry as she continued buzzing my hair down to the wood
Then i realized there was no turning back now and started enjoying the feel of the clippers taking me short
Then after the sides and back were buzzed down she turned the clippers off
I watched as she used a can of air to clean her clippers of my hair and she added some oil to them
After the short intermission she turned them back on and placed them on my forehead and drove them back over my head
I was enjoying the feeling of being buzzed down to nothing even though i didn't really want it that short
Hair was going everywhere while she buzzed the top
After she went over my whole head twice she turned the clippers off and placed them back on their perch
She grabbed a towel and went into the back room
I sat there looking at my hair on the floor
I couldn't believe all that had come from me
It put it into perspective that i had let my hair get out of control and the barber was taking me properly short
The barber lady came back and wiped my head down with a wet towel
Then she grabbed her trimming clippers from her apron pocket and said "Im taking you as short as i can since its so hot and you have been waiting longer for cleanups."
All i did was nod my approval
Then she ran the trimmers from my neck to my forehead
She made another pass and i could tell she was practically shaving me
She was pressing firmly with the trimmers making sure all my hair shaved short as possible
She took firm slow strokes with the trimmers and went over the area she just shaved multiple times
After another 15 minutes of buzzing she finally turned them off and placed them back in her pocket
She wiped my head down with the wet towel again and unsnapped the cape
As she removed the cape she smiled at me and said "all your beautiful hair is gone. That should keep you cool for summer."
She seemed very proud of her work
I finally saw my reflection and it took a second for me to comprehend i had zero hair on my head
Other than a fine stubble you could just barely make out i was bald
After a brief inspection the lady barber said smiling "that'll be $10 and i would comeback next week to get that re-shaved. Dont need to be hot this summer now do we."
I agreed, thanked her, and paid and left for home with the shortest clipper shave you could get
And after a week i went back to get it re-shaved just like she recommended
When i walked in she smiled and said "have a seat and lets get you shaved back down!"


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