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Yeah, You Should've by SheShavedMe

I was relaxing on the couch after a short day of work
I had the TV on and was watching some detective show and enjoying being home and not at my typically demanding job
It was one of the few times i beat my girlfriend home from work so i figured i would start making some supper for us to enjoy when she got home
Just as i was headed for the kitchen my girlfriend came through the door and announced she was home
She looked distressed when i saw her and i asked her what happened
She said she it was about work but didn't want to talk about it
My girlfriend was a barber at the local barbershop and while she mostly did the women's hair she could also cut mens hair when they were busy
I could tell that she was more angry than upset but she still wouldn't tell me what was bothering her
I told her i was about to make a nice steak dinner for us and to go get some wine from the basement
She turned to me and said sternly "dinner can wait but your hair cannot, come to the bathroom and let me clean you up. I've let you get to shaggy."
This wasn't unusual as shortly after we met i turned my haircut and beard trimming needs over to her because she kept criticizing how i cut it
She seemed to get some sort of enjoyment out it though and that was enough for me to let her keep cutting it for me
She always gave me short buzz-cuts and fades and military cuts and i never voiced any complaints because, well, frankly she was out of my league
She just did what she wanted to my hair and i rolled with it
I followed her to the bathroom and she drug a chair to the tiled floor
I quickly sat down knowing if i crossed her in this mood my evening would not stay relaxed
She quickly got her cape and clippers from the cabinet and swiftly swung the cape around me and yanked it tight
This gave me great discomfort but i figured she just needed to blow some steam off from her day and i should just take it and not start a fight
She then grabbed her clippers and started telling me about her day
As she described how it all started she ran the clippers fast up the back of my head all the way to the crown
I wasn't hearing a word she said because i realized i was in for a brutal shearing and my haircut fetish was really kicking in
She was ruthless in the way she buzzed my head
I saw that the clippers had no guard so i knew i was being shaved
She typically gave me a short buzz and was very encouraging and kind when giving me a haircut
But today it was gonna be exactly how she wanted it and if i said anything id be in the dog house
She continued to explain her bad day and as she got to the real bad part she placed the clippers on my forehead and drove them back
The force and speed she used was painful but she seemed to get great joy and excitement making my hair go everywhere and giving me a little pain
After a quick 2 minutes she had clipper-shaved me and she turned the clippers off
She ran hands over my buzzed head and said "that makes me feel better babe"
All i could do was say "im glad"
Then she started the water running the tub and she started undressing
After she took her shirt off she looked at me just staring at her
She smiled and told me to take my clothes off for the bath
I complied and started taking off my clothes
I undressed quicker than her and i moved behind her to help her out of her clothes
I unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor
Then i placed my hands on her shoulders and gave them a small rub and then ran my hands down her sides to her panties
I yanked her panties down to her feet and she gracefully stepped from them
She turned around and told me to get into the hot bath
I obeyed and climbed in and waited for her to join me
I watched her as she fished through the cabinet for something while knowingly giving me a great view
After awhile she came over to the tub and climbed in behind me
I was now sitting between her legs in the tub and she was giving me a great head massage
After awhile she stopped and started applying something to my head
I asked her what it was and she replied "shaving cream babe, ive wanted to shave you bald since we started going out, you're gonna look so hot!"
I started worry a little bit as i felt her run a razor from my forehead to my crown
But i all i could do was try and relax and enjoy the sensation of my hot naked girlfriend shave my head bald
She had totally done a 180 in her mood after taking my hair down to nothing
So even though i was quite worried about being completely bald i was glad it was giving her joy
After FOUR passes over my head with the razor she announced she was done
she grabbed my hand and guided it to my head and told me to feel it
It was a very odd feeling at first but i liked the feel of a completely smooth head
I literally could not find one hair she missed
After she gave me a another great head massage i heard the clippers turn on again and i felt them make contact with my face
I looked up at her but she just told me to "relax, ill take good care of you."
I closed my eyes again i just prayed that i was doing the right thing letting her take control of my appearance in such a brutal way
After a couple more minutes of buzzing she put down the clippers and picked up her razor
I could tell by what she was shaving she was just lining up my beard and not completely getting rid of it which i was grateful for
After a couple more minutes of careful shaving she told me she was done
She then stood up, helped me up, and she started the shower
After we had a little fun soaping and cleaning each other up we stepped from the shower
We dried off and she took my hand and led me over to our bed
That night we had the best sex ever
The next morning when i woke up i rolled over and pulled her into my arms
She ran her hand over my still smooth head and said "i should've shaved you bald when we first met"
I smiled and said "yeah, you should've"


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