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Damian gives it all up by Manny

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Damian suppressed his irritation at Miles' insistence on the subject and said as calmly as possibly, "Maybe another day. I just don't feel like it today. And, really, like I've said before, I would rather not. I want to grow it out as long as I can while I'm between jobs...."

"Don't feel like it. Rather not," Miles sniffed with a tinge of sarcasm in his voice as he surveyed Damian's lush mane of thick brown hair that fell to just below his shoulders.

It was clear that Miles was not going to let the issue go. He was intent on honing his amateur barber skills.

When the two had the same exchange the evening before, Miles had made his position clear. If Damian wanted to continue enjoying the spare room rent free and have his meals provided by Miles while he was "between jobs," he should also be willing to let Miles cut his hair.

Damian shifted uncomfortably on the couch. He would feel humiliated, giving into his friend's pressure. But did he really have an option? He had absolutely no place to go. And, it was just hair...but it was hair that he was quite proud of, and rightfully so.

Damian had one trump card left, and he decided to play it. He would toy with moving their relationship beyond close friendship. Damian liked attracting both sexes, though he had a strong preference for making love to young, sexy women. He reasoned it might be fun to dangle a bit of intimacy in front of Miles to distract him his obsession with barbering!

He turned to face Miles and drew very close to him. "You are such a wonderful host, Miles, and quite a handsome one. Such a manly jaw line and thick, dark brows! The longer I've stayed here, the more I've felt like, perhaps, just maybe....." Damian gave Miles a quick peck on the lips.

"Oh, I liked that!" Miles cooed. He moved in for another kiss, but Damian instinctively dodged the advance.

Damian's face flushed red. "It's just that I'm a bit shy, Miles," he stammered nervously.

Miles stood abruptly, stung by the rejection, and said curtly. "It's just that your hair is a bit too long, Damian. I'm not going to play any more games with you. The barber shop will open in the kitchen in three minutes. Be there or be heading out the front door with your suitcase in hand."

Damian admitted defeat to himself. He swallowed his pride and pleaded, "Okay, but just a trim. Understood?"

Miles grinned. Handsome, proud Damian needed MUCH more than a trim. He needed to learn a bit of a lesson in life. The consequences of being dependent and in need.

Miles grasped a shank of Damian's flowing mane. "A trim? No, Damian. You need a proper haircut. I'm convinced this playboy look you've cultivated has been detrimental to your job search. When was the last time a barber took a set of fastfeed electric hair clippers to these locks?"

"Clippers?" Damian sputtered. "Oh, please, Miles! You can scissor off the length, but please, no clippers!"

Miles felt his cock stir. Watching Damian squirm was so satisfying.

"Oh, I think once you see what my Oster's can do, you won't mind a buzzcut!" Miles smirked. "Haircut time in the kitchen, buddy! And, prepare yourself for a big change. It's going to be short. VERY short! Understood, recruit?!"

Watching Damian slink into the kitchen a few minutes later proved far more satisfying that Miles every imagined. He had been humbled and been made submissive. His cultivated, pampered locks were close to the chopping block. Dancing about his shoulders in the neon light of the kitchen, they had no clue as to what awaited them.

Miles tapped the back of the chair impatiently. "No need to take off your shirt. I have a barber's cape!" He snapped open a huge white expanse of cloth and waited patiently to cloak his prey.

Damian run his fingers through the dense mane one last time and them flopped into the chair. He eyed the set of Oster's on the table. It looked so menacing. Then the penny dropped and Damian shuddered in horror. Miles had called him recruit!! He was heading towards an induction cut, like boot camp! Visions of his hair being stripped off and falling to the floor of the kitchen overwhelmed him. He would emerge bald! He would look and feel emasculated!! At the end of it, Miles would stand amid a pile of shorn hair on the floor and laugh at the baldy recruit exploring his clipped pate.

"Hold your hair up so I can fasten the cape, Damian!" the amateur barber snapped authoritatively.

Damian did as he was told. His leg jiggled nervously. When the metal clip held the cloth snuggly about his neck, Damian dropped his locks and sat quietly under the cape. His submissive posture almost suited him.

Miles took the brush and began plying it through the shimmering mane. "Such beautiful hair," he murmured. "So silken, so soft, so shiny. How long did you want it to grow? You said as long as you could...to your waist?"

"Oh, I don't think I could handle the bother. This length already requires so much work! I guess I had been thinking about growing it to my shoulder blades," Damian said wistfully.

Miles kept plying the brush through the long hair. He was feeling a bit sorry for poor Damian.

"At least I'll be saving on shampoo once it's all been shaved off," Damian murmured, warming to the idea of a radical divestiture somewhat. He thought about it all being shaved off by domineering Miles, and felt strangely excited.

Miles put down the brush and picked up the clippers. He examined them closely. The teeth were sharp and menacing. No lock could withstand their power. "Shaved off? Your gorgeous hair?!"

He set the machine back down on the table. "No, it's part of you. In fact, it was wrong of me to try to force this haircut on you." Miles began unfastening the cape. "You'll see yourself as a real Samson yet, Damian! Tall and proud with gorgeous thick hair streaming down your back!"

Damian jumped up from the chair. "Really?! Oh, Miles! Thank you! Thank you!!" And impulsively, he planted a passionate kiss right on Miles' lips. Strangely, Damian found himself enjoying the intimacy and passion. In fact, he could not stop! For the next hour, the only person in the world who mattered was Miles.

"Wow, that was a dramatic change, from Mr. Shy," Miles laughed after they both finally emerged for breath. He ran his fingers through Damian's long, sexy mane.

Damian eyed the Oster's on the table. It seemed he was safe from them. His trump card had salvaged his treasured hair from the dust bin.

Despite the relief, there was an ironic sense of loss. Damion would miss out on the boot camp experience, emerging from the chair looking shorn and feeling vulnerable. He would not see his treasured locks strewn about the kitchen floor or feel a tightly clipped pate.

"How would you like a vigorous shampoo and blow job?" Miles asked sweetly. "Come, a nice steamy shower is what you need, Samson!" Damian was led away from the kitchen.

The next morning while still in bed, Damian received a text. It was from a company he'd interviewed at several months ago. "Congratulations on being selected for the position of assistant manager!"

He sat up. "Look at this, Miles! I can't believe it. Finally, a real job! Salary and benefits. I'll be able to afford my own place, at last!"

Miles didn't like that last observation at all. "But, why move out now? This new relationship was just beginning to blossom. And your beautiful hair is safe," Miles interjected. He stroked the lush mane with deference, almost awe.

Damian leapt from the bed. He pounded out a reply text. Then he turned to see how sad and dejected Miles was . "Oh, sweetie, don't act like it's the end of the world. I'll just be happy to earn my own way and not be dependent on you or anyone else." Then he took a brush and began working it through his hair. He looked like a Greek god with his flowing mane that still exuded health and vitality from the vigorous washing he'd received the evening before.

"I'll tell you what. Let me make breakfast for you. I'll call you when it's ready," chirped Damian.

As he entered the kitchen, his eyes were instantly drawn to the Oster fastfeed electric hair clippers on the table, as well as the white cape and barber shears. An image of Miles standing triumphantly in the center of piles of his hair on the floor and himself rubbing the nubs of his shaved head flashed quickly through his mind. His cocked sprung to alert at the idea. He walked over to the table and picked up the machine. Then he snapped it on. The vibrating teeth mesmerized him. How he long to feel them being plowed up the back of his head.

Before he knew it, Damian was struggling to fasten the cape in place around his own neck. His hands trembled at the thought of the scheme he was setting in motion.

"Miles, I need your help with something in here," he called out.

"Coming," Miles replied.

When Miles walked into the kitchen his jaw dropped open. There was Damian, in the makeshift kitchen barber shop, swathed in a white barber cape grinning widely.

"I'm ready for the clippers, ready for the radical change, Miles," he declared. "Recruit Damian needs is astern barber to put an end to his girly hair."

"You're kidding me!" exclaimed Miles.

"No, I want this all shaved off," Damian replied, reaching out from under the cape and grasping a shank of his hair.

"Down to the wood?" Miles asked incredulously.

"As short as you can take me!" Damian confirmed.

"But your Samson look?" Miles pouted.

"Stripped off!" Damian ordered. "By a very, very sexy Delilah!"

Miles strode with purpose to the chair where Damian sat. He grabbed Damian by a shank of hair at the nape and ranked his head back forcefully.

A click set the Oster's purring to full throttle. Miles savored the moment with the chattering teeth poised to inflict massive damage.

The first drive down the center of Damian's head sent both fellows into organismic delight. Lovely brown hair fell to the cape in torrents. Long, soft, shimmering shanks raining down. The clumps of cut hair began to pile up on the white cape.

"You are going to look so sweet with a naked head!" Miles chattered. "Oh, the virgin scalp is as white as the cape!"

When Miles took the clippers to the nape, Damian exploded with delight. "Oh, Miles," he groaned. "You are one helluva barber!"

"And you are one helluva chromedome, Damian," the barber replied.

Damian looked so different without his sexy long locks. A small head with a dazzling white scalp was all that remained when Miles clicked off the Oster's.

"Come, a nice steamy shower is what you need, Damian," Miles said as he led his new recruit away from the kitchen. "Shaving foam and a razor will finish the job and leave your virgin scalp silken soft."

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