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Amanda's Orders by SheShavedMe

Amanda's Orders

It had been approximately 1 month since my last haircut and I was really getting tired of my hair
My hair wasn't super long but whenever i let it get more than an inch my scalp got itchy and irritated
Also Amanda my girlfriend love it when i got a fresh short buzz
She loved running her hands over my #1 or #2 buzz-cut as we made-out
We were both young in our early twenties but we were madly in love
It was a easy going Saturday where we just laid around on the couch and watched some television
After we ate lunch i told Amanda i was going to go get my haircut this afternoon
She asked if she could come with me and do some shopping while i got my haircut
Normally she didn't come with me to the barbershop but since we weren't doing anything it wasn't surprising
So i replied "yeah lets go"
After we arrived at the mall I led the way to the barbershop
When i had gotten to the door i turned to Amanda and asked her where we were meeting up
She said "oh i was gonna stay and watch you get your haircut, is that okay?"
I was a little shocked at her announcement but told her it was fine
We walked into the shop and i saw the barber sitting in her chair
The barber was a slightly older lady probably 35ish and was really nice
She had short hair herself cut into a pixie
She had been cutting my hair since i moved out of my parents house
She greeted me and told me to have a seat in her chair
As i sat i introduced my girlfriend to her and they shook hands
After they had a quick chat the barber asked me if i wanted my summer buzz or slightly longer buzz since those were the only cuts i got
I was about to say my summer buzz since it was spring and hot weather was about to kick in but Amanda had other plans
Amanda quickly interjected "can you shave him up good for the summer? i think he would look amazing shaved."
The barber quickly replied "yeah i can do that, it will look good on you she said turning to me. You want peeled like Amanda wants?"
My mind was spinning a little realizing that i wasn't going to argue with both women and yet i didn't really want my head-shaved
My mind was still racing when i heard my mouth say "if thats what you want me to do babe"
Amanda smiled at me and then looked at the barber and told her "yep, take him down to nothing!"
The barber smiled and said "great you're going to love this!"
The barber turned the chair so i was facing Amanda and then tuck my head down to my chest
She ran her bare clippers up my neck to the top of my head and then quickly lowered them for a second pass
I looked up with my eyes to see my girlfriend smiling at seeing my hair tumble down onto the floor
I started to get erect as i realized this was a big turn on for me
After the barber shaved my back bald she tilted my head to the left and started on my right side burn
She forcefully pushed the clippers up from my cheek to to my crown
My girlfriend was able to see the damage inflicted and said "oh yeah thats nice and short" and she giggled
The lady barber replied "yeah ill clean him up after this so it'll be completely shaved!"
Then as she finished the left side she placed the clippers in the middle of my forehead and pushed them over my head fast
In about 15 secs she had finished my clipper shave and i was looking at my smiling girlfriend with a stubbly head
Then the barber came back and turned on a different set of clippers that had a quiet but higher pitched sound
She placed them on my forehead without asking anything of me and ran them back over my head pushing down hard making sure every hair was clipped
Amanda smiled even bigger and said "wow those get all the hair dont they!"
She got up from the waiting chair and ran a finger down the path that the barber just shaved
The barber responded "yeah these leave almost nothing behind"
"i use these when a good scalping must occur"
Amanda walked back to her seat and gave me another smile and told me i looked great
I was very concerned with how i would look shaved bald but there was nothing i could do other than take the brutal almost painful shearing
After she ran her clippers over my head twice she clicked them off and put them on the counter
Then the barber rubbed a heavy gel onto my whole head and she grabbed a double edge safety razor from a drawer
The barber asked Amanda if she wanted 1 or 2 passes over my head with the razor and Amanda told her "2 please"
The barber went to work quickly removing the little stubble she had left on my head and took me to skin
It was quite the relaxing experience and i started to enjoy myself
Amanda had starting thumbing through a magazine and i realized i enjoyed the experience of her telling the barber what to do to me
I watched her as she bounced her foot up and down with her legs crossed stealing a look over at me making sure i was getting shaved to her liking
After the 2 passes over my head the barber wiped my head down and asked if that was to her liking
She put the magazine down and walked over to me
She ran a hand over my head and then ran it back over my head in the opposite direction
After finding no resistance by any hair she said "yes, completely smooth, white, and shiny that'll do!"
I was quickly released from the cape and i payed for the haircut i had nothing to do with
I asked Amanda what shopping she had to do and she told me "it can wait, theres something more important to do now."
We went home and i found out just how turned on she was by the events at the barbershop
As soon as we got inside she was peeling my clothes off and feeling my shaved head
She couldn't keep her hands off of it
I realized i was in for quite the ride tonight and quit caring about how i looked
I carried her up to the bedroom where i stripped her clothes off and laid her on the bed
She seemed to like having a smooth shaved head between her legs
After A LOT of fun that night we finally fell asleep
When i woke up i went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror
I grabbed my shaving gear and lathered my head up
I started shaving my own head from front to back and found it quite enjoyable
When i was about done i realized Amanda was watching from the bedroom and she wagged her finger at me to "come-here"
I then realized i was never going to have hair again and turned and walked towards the bed...


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