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Ive Got to do Eveything Myself by SheShavedMe

Ive got to do everything myself!

My girlfriend and i have been together for a year and half and we enjoyed every minute of it
I had just recently popped the question to her and she enthusiastically said "yes"
I felt like i was on top of the world
Getting engaged to the most beautiful woman that was perfect for me
Since we were engaged my fiance started to plan the wedding and the stress was really getting to her
She started to become a different person and i didnt like it
I wanted her to enjoy our time before we made it official but she felt she had a mission to make this the best wedding ever thrown
I tried to tell her we could make it a small gathering but she wouldn't have it
It had to be big (and expensive) which i didnt understand
But it was her wish and i didnt want to screw it up so i went along with her
The day of the rehearsal dinner she told me to go get my head shaved before the big day
I always went and had my head shaved once a month at the barber because i liked the look and feel
I went once a month because i couldnt keep shaving it everyday myself and i wasnt going to go once a week to the barber
It was a good system and i always knew my girl loved it when i came home freshly shaved
I told her i was going to after my morning shift
I kissed her goodbye and left for my work
All went as planned until i left at lunch time
The traffic was terrible for some reason and i couldnt make it to my regular barber in time at the current pace
My fiance had a couple errands for me to do in the other part of town so i hoped it would be better there
It wasnt, infact it was worse but i had to do these errands
It took all the free time i had to get back to the house with out my haircut
I knew she'd be pissed but there was nothing i could do
My fiance was in the bathroom when i got home
She had just gotten out of the shower and was in her panties and bra standing at the counter in front of the mirror doing her hair
She looked so hot and walked over to her, pulled her hair away from her neck, and kissed her on the side of her neck
She enjoyed the feeling until she opened her eyes and saw me with hair on my head
She pulled away and yelled at me "why didnt you go to the barber like i asked!?"
"I told you it was very important to me!"
I hung my head and told her "i know, i know babe. But the traffic was so bad i couldnt make it to the barber and do the errands"
"i wouldve been late to the dinner and you wouldve been fuming at me."
She just gave me a pissed off look and said "Ive got to do everything myself."
And she opened a drawer and told me to sit on the stool
I did and she pulled my head back so i was looking at the ceiling
I realized she had clippers in hand and she flicked them on with a click
She placed them on my forehead and ran them back over my head extremely fast
I couldnt believe how fast but smooth she was shaving my head
It was like military induction cut fast
Hair was tumbling down on the floor and she said "now im gonna need another shower because im all hairy now"
Even though i felt bad i couoldnt make it to the barber i enjoyed the quick rough shaving she was giving me
In two minutes she had me buzzed down
She set the clippers down and pulled down her panties and took her bra off
I undressed and joined her in the shower to save time (there was unfortunately no time for fun)
After the quick shower we stepped out and she started redoing her hair
I put on my deodorant and lotion looking at myself in the mirror
As she combed and dried her long chocolate colored hair naked next to me she sternly told me "you better lather that head up and shave it smooth"
I said defeatly "yes my queen" and did as i was told
I found it quite hot shaving my head bald while next to my beautiful woman playing with her long gorgeous locks
After i shaved my head twice i just stood and stared at her finishing her hair naked in front of the mirror
She glanced at me and smiled seeing the shine of my head
I smiled back since i was obviously out of the doghouse for the moment
After we exchanged knowing glances i walked out to the closet and got dressed
Then we left and had a great dinner
The wedding the next day went exactly as she had planned and we were officially married
We went on to have a great marriage and life together
She would continue shaving my head for me on occasion because we were both turned on by it
That will forever be a night i will cherish


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